Dave Goodin – Natty or Not?

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The professional bodybuilder Dave Goodin has a physique that makes 20-years-old boys deeply jealous. He is lean, muscular and dry. Goodin claims that he is a natural bodybuilder, but if you look at the facts, this statement seems highly questionable. The factors to consider when deciding whether Dave Goodin is natural are:

1. Dave Goodin is not exactly young

Dave Goodin is currently 55 and still has an amazing physique. Age has a negative impact on your muscle building capabilities. The older you are, the less testosterone your body produces. If you are not big at 25, you won’t suddenly get bigger at 55, provided that your training and nutrition are the same during both periods.

Honestly, it makes absolutely no sense to have a similar physique at 55. There are natural 25-year-old men who train super hard and never get even close to that level of development. Dave Goodin is either a mutant or is using synthetic hormones.

2. Dave Goodin has the Photoshop look

Dave Goodin has a physique that looks composed in Photoshop. He is highly muscular, full and dry.

3. Dave Goodin is bigger than former Mr.Olympia winners

Dave Goodin is 5’7” (170cm) and weighs 180lbs (81.8kg). His body fat is 4%. In comparison, Frank Zane, competed at 5’9” (175cm) and 185lb (84kg). Zane was younger at the time too.

The conclusion from the data above is that Dave Goodin is two inches shorter than Zane and 5lbs lighter. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

4. Dave Goodin is a professional bodybuilder

How can a man stay competitive in an environment where the majority is taking steroids? How do you beat the competition when its on drugs and younger than you?


http://bodyspace.bodybuilding.com/davegoodin/ (visited on March 20, 2014)

Special Note: On August 12, 2014, Dave Goodin contacted nattyornot.com. We are posting the letter unedited as requested by Mr. Dave Goodin.


To who ever writes this garbage,

Have you ever met me? Have you ever seen me in person? Have you seen what I look like standing next to pros who are using steroids? Put my best picture next to Frank Zane and there’s no comparison. Plus you obviously haven’t done your research on me. My heaviest ever competition wt was 178, which was last yr. I was heavier because I didn’t get as lean as my usual bodybuilding shape of 2.3-2.6%.
If you had done any reading at all you would know that it too me 20 years to gain 30 lbs of muscle. That’s an avg of 1.5lbs per year. You don’t need drugs for that. For the last 12 yrs I was able to maintain my weight. I don’t miss workouts and I eat pretty darn clean all the time. That’s the big secret!
If you have any credibility or morals at all you will post this rebuttal. There are a lot of natural for life competitors who are a heck of a lot bigger than me!
And, when you start judging natty or not by photos, you need to decide if you think I was photo shopped and not that good, or if I’m really that good and thus “must have used steroids”.
I also noticed that you don’t have the decency to put you name on the stuff you write. My guess is that you are bodybuilder wanna-be. Therefore every great natural bodybuilder is a threat to your Man Card.

Dave Goodin

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  1. helvetius

    Dave, babe, at those numbers you gave us, your FFMI is almost 27. Get the f**** outofhere, lol

  2. Gladiator

    Hey Dave, whom are you trying to kid? Not everyone on this planet fails to see the bs image you are trying to project. You are angry because you have been exposed by people way smarter than you are…lol

  3. sLayeR

    Oh my God, another fucking lier talking about morals? What’s the problem with all these fucking roid addicts? At 55 and that body is natural, haha, fuck you decrepit bitch

  4. Kevin Culpepper

    I have had the opportunity to have competed on the same stage with Dave. He has always displayed a quality physique and very professional. It’s unfortunate that we as natural bodybuilders are just hatted on because of our great genetics. Everyone cannot develop nor build the type of physique Dave has. Just like everyone is not capable of being a medical doctor.

  5. Robert

    So glad Sites like this expose people like Dave Goodin. What does he think we’re, idiots?!!

    1. Vince Wood

      I have competed in same same natural organization as Dave and talked with him on a few occasions. Dave is 100% natural. I feel bad for the people who don’t believe that……their minds have limited their expectations.

  6. Anonymous

    Dave’s response “If you had done any reading at all you would know that it too me 20 years to gain 30 lbs of muscle. That’s an avg of 1.5lbs per year. You don’t need drugs for that. For the last 12 yrs I was able to maintain my weight. I don’t miss workouts and I eat pretty darn clean all the time. That’s the big secret!” However, take a look at these “before and after” photos. http://www.ironmanmagazine.com/before-after-photos-4x-muscle-mass-gains/ In both photo’s Dave looks over 45 years old. Thus, Dave’s “I gained muscle gradually over 20 years” makes you wonder what happened in those before and after photos. Not saying this proves steroid use, but these photos taken in close proximity in time (my speculation based on the photos), leads to a question about his multi-year defense. I must also add, that he seems to have a lot of muscle in that before photo. But to get ripped from there, while getting all that ripped muscle, is not an easy thing to do, which was not done in 20 years – per the photos comparison and estimated ages in those photos.

    1. Nick

      Those linked photos put it beyond doubt.

  7. Paquito

    Natty? LMAO. The before and After 14 Weeks pics Show steroid use. Why the horrible shape After shoulder surgery? And Then after only 14 weeks big and ripped? And that in the mid 40s?? Come on… a real disciplined natty athlete wouldnt Allow himself to lose His shape so drastically after a shoulder surgery

  8. adam

    ive seen him look like total shit shoulder to shoulder hes a quick talker too i call bullshitter

  9. Steve

    I cannot believe people on here think Dave Goodin is not natural; he is the classic hard-gainer who only achieved as much as he did though sheer force of will. He’s trained and eaten clean consistently for decades. He’s a pretty strong albeit small dude; anyone on here who put in half the effort that Dave put in would definitely be bigger. Perhaps not as shredded though, Dave IS gifted here.

    As Dave is a small guy, to give a fair comparison, let’s compare Dave’s contest weight to some of the smaller bodybuilders who were competing nearer his era who had access to similar training and nutrition:

    Dave Goodin – 5’6” – 170lbs
    Porter Cottrell – 5’6” 215lbs
    Shawn Ray – 5’7” – 210lb
    Dexter Jackson – 5’6” 220lbs
    Johnny Moya – 5’6” – 210lbs

    Dave Goodin is 40-50lbs in stage weight lighter than small-framed steroid-using bodybuilders of the same height competed during the same years.

    Dave is a good natural bodybuilder because of his combination of muscle and conditioning, but his levels of muscle mass are very achievable for even the most average of lifters.

  10. Ed

    I’ve known a couple of guys over the years that were absolutely ripped and definitely not on anything. Rare, but they’re out there.

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