Charles Poliquin’s One-Day Arm Cure Debunked

| by Truth Seeker |

The Canadian strength coach Charles Poliquin and the bodybuilding web-page T-Nation often present fast ways to build bigger arms. Every month if not week there’s a new article supposedly containing the secret to big guns.

Most of the time the information is deprived of logic and targets the ignorant people new to the bodybuilding world who believe that a man can add an inch to his arms very quickly.

This is scammy for the following reasons:

1. It takes at least three months to add an inch to your arms.

If you are a beginner bodybuilder, you might add an inch to your arms in three months. When you are an advanced or intermediate lifter, it may take over a year or more. People don’t want to hear that and often start looking for shortcut routines. This is a wrong move. By trying to cut corners, you are actually wasting time with inefficient training.

2.The goal is to sell supplements.

The process is simple. T-Nation presents an arm routine written by a guru such as Charles Poliquin. The articles are always full of advertisement and images of enhanced lifters such as John Meadows. As a result, the inexperienced bodybuilders are misled into buying products that rarely do as expected. Consequently, Charles Poliquin and T-Nation make money while the the noobs suffer losses.

Who is to blame?

The disinformation sites and the fake gurus are the biggest part of the problem. They have the knowledge, but instead of telling the whole truth, they only show small parts while knowing very well that the lifter is doomed to fail in his quest because the set goals are impossible to reach naturally. The whole industry is built on that very mechanism.

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