Can You Really Shape Your Biceps?

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Big biceps have been a symbol of strength and muscle for a very long time. That’s why every commercial gym is equipped with endless amounts of preacher benches, EZ curl bars, arm isolation machines, cables…etc. The owners want to make sure that the customer’s desire to pump his arms is fulfilled. A satisfied customer is a paying customer.

Larry Scott had amazing biceps shape due to genetics - not exercises

Larry Scott had an amazing biceps shape due to genetics, not exercises

One of the most frequently asked questions between bros in the gym is how to shape the biceps. Believe it or not, you can’t change the shape of your biceps. Muscle shape is genetic and besides some sort of surgery nothing will ever change it. Even if you do every exercise in the world, your biceps will not change their shape regardless of what the guys in thongs say in their ghostwritten articles.

The only way to actually change the look and to some degree, the ‘shape’ of your biceps would be to build mass in that area and lose overall body fat to improve your muscle definition.

The same stays true for any other muscle group – chest, back, legs…etc. The shape of your muscles is pre-determined by your genetics, and there’s nothing you can do to change that. This is one of the reasons why shaping exercises are a waste of time and a scam for the most part.

In short, don’t fall for the magic exercises out there promising to reshape your arms in no time. You either have good muscle shape or you don’t.

Life goes on.

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