Can bodybuilders fight? Are Big Muscles Scary?

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Can bodybuilders fight? Are Big Muscles Scary?

Few people would be willing to fight Ronnie Coleman in his prime.

Undoubtedly, one of the main reasons why people start lifting weights is to look intimidating. After all, nobody wants to start a fight with a big guy. However, are big muscles enough protection? Are muscular men that scary? Does it matter how big your biceps are if you have zero fighting abilities?

It’s not a lie. Big muscles look scary and will keep many potential attackers away from you. Obviously, small nerds with big wallets are better targets than huge bodybuilders. Question is, are the big guys that scary in the first place?

Experts say that a man could “neutralize” big dogs by breaking their self-esteem and acting dominantly. Does this method work for bodybuilders? Can smaller guys take advantage of the inherit mental weaknesses presented by the majority of muscle-men walking around in tank tops and seeking validation from others? In many situations, the answer would be yes because a vast majority of the big guys are simply insecure men who count on their muscle mass to protect them from everything. This insecurity is explained with the lack of a strong male figure in their lives – a common trend among bodybuilders.

Another big problem for bodybuilders is that they don’t know how to fight. As a result, even the fighters from the light weight classes can smash big bodybuilders.

Real fighters have skills and can tolerate more pain than bodybuilders thinking about roids and protein all the time. They have stronger chins and can take heavy punches while bodybuilders only know how to pose.

In the video below, you see Rich Piana lose a fight against a smaller guy. The clip shows that fighting skills are more important than size in a similar situation.

Final thoughts 

Professional fighters will demolish bodybuilders who don’t know how to fight. Nonetheless, in everyday life, muscle size will keep many attackers away from you. Truth be told, if you are a big bodybuilder, you are unlikely to meet many ordinary guys willing to challenge you. Just a glance at a bodybuilder’s biceps is enough to scare many people. Most individuals don’t know how to fight and neutralize anyone, let alone 220lbs+ mass monsters.

So, yeah! Big muscles are scary, but be careful in front of whom you are flexing them!

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  1. gilbert

    say that to columbu sigmarsson and patera

  2. Garret Rodriguez

    It’s mostly to do with them training the wrong way for fighting, if they did lighter weight or trained in body weight mixed with martial arts training, add a little endurance training boom a beast.

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