How effective are steroids?

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Many naive souls question the power of steroids. People want to believe that anything is possible naturally, but it’s not. Training and nutrition can only do so much. Here’s a study that has examined the power of steroids in great detail.


The Effects of Supraphysiologic Doses of Testosterone on Muscle Size and Strength in Normal Men


The study took 10 weeks. The researchers divided 43 guys into four groups.

Group 1: no exercise, no steroids;

Group 2: no exercise, steroids;

Group 3: exercise, no steroids;

Group 4: exercise, steroids;

The steroid group injected 600mg of testosterone a week.

The participants who exercised did the same workouts.

The nutrition of all 43 guys was the same.


Group 3 (exercise, no steroids) gained 4lbs of muscle in 10 weeks.

Meanwhile, group 4 (exercise + steroids) reported 14lbs of muscle gain during those same 10 weeks.

Group 2 (no exercise, just steroids) gained 7lbs of muscle in 10 weeks.

Conclusion: Steroids are more effective than exercise when it comes to building muscle.


Another way to showcase the power of steroids is given to us by the female bodybuilders. If a woman can transform from a delicate flower into a mass monster, don’t you think that roids are highly effective.


Moreover, many professional bodybuilders detransform after retiring. Usually, retired bodybuilders shrink pretty fast and turn into normal human beings.

In the picture above, you can see the extremely gifted bodybuilder Kevin Levrone who was one of the best during his prime.

Many consider him one of the so-called “uncrowned Mr.Olympias”. You can see that his physique went downhill once he stopped the drugs. In the after photos, he looks like an average guy who workouts from time to time.

Conclusion: Steroids are highly effective when it comes to gaining muscle mass. Bodybuilders use them to acquire muscle size beyond the natural potential.

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