6 Benefits Of The Bulgarian Split Squat

| by Truth Seeker |

1.Unilateral strength

The Bulgarian split squat develops unilateral leg strength because each side works independently. This property makes the movement useful for preventing imbalances.

When you squat with a barbell, one side could easily do more work than the other. Eventually, this could lead to an improper technique and injuries. The Bulgarian split squat could be used to remove the discrepancies between the two sides.

Video by: Christian Finn

2.No need for a lot of equipment

The Bulgarian split squat requires a bench, straps and dumbbells. Of course, you could also do the exercise without additional weight, but when you reach beyond 20 repetitions per set, you are essentially doing endurance training for the lower body.

3.No need for a spotter

The Bulgarian split squat can be done safely without a spotter. Never do Bulgarian split squats with a barbell. You can easily lose balance, twist and blow out your knees. Stick to dumbbells and use straps. The goal is to work your legs, not your grip.

4.One of the best glute exercises

Without a doubt, the Bulgarian split squat will make your glutes scream for mercy. The stretch is insane, and most people are usually super sore in that area after doing the exercise for the first time.

5.Develop knee stability

The Bulgarian split squat will improve your balance and knee stability.

6.A positive effect on your jump

jumping is largely dependent on your posterior chain muscles – hamstrings and glutes. The Bulgarian split squat targets those muscles and mimics the starting position of a jump. That’s why many people include it in their “jumping routines”.

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