Lower Abs Training: All Myths Revealed

| by Truth Seeker |

Here are some of the biggest myths surrounding lower abs training.

1.Spot reduction

There isn’t a training method that will remove fat specifically from the lower abs. The only way to acquire detailed abs is to lose body fat. Even if you have the strongest abdominal muscles in the world, they will not be visible until you lose the gut. Spot reduction doesn’t work. Losing body fat is the key.

2.You need to exercise your lower abs more because they are weak

The abdominal region works as one unit. Trying to separate small portions of it is a ridiculous idea that only brainwashed fans of men in underwear can categorize as rational. The rectus abdominis is essentially one large muscle group. Treating it as five separate entities is anti-nature. 

The reason why most people classify their lower abs as the weakest link is that the area stores the most fat. Therefore, it gets lean last.

3.Crunches are a good exercise for your lower abs

Crunches suck. They are a gimmick exercise popularized by Hollywood propaganda and moronic commercials counting on human ignorance. The best exercises for your abs are based around isometric stabilization – planks, L-sits, planches…etc. Of course, dynamic work also has its place, but definitely not under the form of crunches.

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