How To Develop Superhuman Grip Strength

| by Truth Seeker |

1.Towel pull-ups

Towel pull-ups are an effective way to strengthen your grip. All you need is a strong towel and a pull-up bar. More than likely, your grip will fail before your back or arms.

Another great benefit of towel pull-ups is that they allow you to perform the so-called neutral grip pull-ups which reduce the stress on the wrist and elbow. Below is an instructional video by BeastLifestyle on how to do towel pull-ups.

2.Deadlifts with overhand grip

Deadlifting with an overhand grip results in a stronger grip. If you want to make the exercise even harder, you could use a thick bar.

3.Hanging from a chin-up bar

If you don’t have a lot of equipment, you can simply hang from a chin-up bar for time. To make the exercise harder, use a towel and/or hang with one arm at a time.

4.Sledgehammer levering

There are many grip exercises that you can do with a sledgehammer. All of them usually fall under one common name – sledgehammer levering. Never try advanced sledgehammer drills if you are not ready. Breaking your head is not the goal.

Video by: GTSPerformance

5.Hex dumbbell holds

A good way to work on your grip is to hold heavy Hex dumbells for time. Grab a pair of dumbbells by your sides and hold them. This will strengthen your fingers in a hurry.

Video by: anwnate

5.Farmers walk

Another effective way to work on your grip and forearms are farmer walks. Grab a pair of heavy dumbbells and start walking around. People may give you weird looks, but what do they know?

Video by: Performance U

6.Train your grip like Bruce Lee

A while ago we presented an article revealing how Bruce Lee trained his grip. You can try some of his moves.

Video by: Tony Valente

7.Use a bucket of sand to strengthen your grip

An old-school way to strengthen your grip are rotations, squeezes and hand openings in a bucket of sand.

Video by: strongergrip

Important tip:
People often associate forearm size with grip strength, and while there is some correlation, the key to a strong grip is finger and tendon strength. That’s why powerlifters don’t rely as much on wrist rollers and focus on direct finger and grip exercises.

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