The Things That Bodybuilding Can Teach You About Real Life

| by Truth Seeker |

If you stick long enough, the fight against gravity will tell you a lot about the world and may even change you. Here’s what I’ve learned so far.

People are narcissists of the highest order.

From the first to the last, all humanoids deeply believe that they are the best thing that has happened to the planet and demand unconditional love. We live in a world where everyone is “special”. Proof? Social media.

Bodybuilding is one of those “me” activities designed to make the crowd go “wow” because of you. The highest pleasure that a bodybuilder can experience is when normal people are “miring”.

The mirror density in gyms is so high for a reason. The goal is, of course, to admire yourself. Once the yearn for validation based on your muscular development is deep within you, every shiny object will transform into a mirror.You will start seeing your reflection everywhere in -shop windows, Coca-Cola cans, badges, iPhones…etc.

Money rules.

Money is the uncontested king of the human world. It can give you everything that a human shop has to offer and influences the way people perceive you. Just look around. There aren’t poor people who enjoy great respect.

The world of bodybuilding is also ruled by money. The industry is designed to generate cash by selling dreams in a bottle called supplements. Undoubtedly, most lies in bodybuilding exist solely because they are lucrative. Since the early days, the muscle world has been injected with deception playing with the right brain of the crowd.

People make things complicated.

The world of bodybuilding causes paralysis by analysis. People constantly overthink trivial details in an attempt to find ”the perfect routine”. I am almost sorry to inform you that there is no such thing as a perfect routine. Every program that works follows the same principle – fight, recover, fight. All else, are details that make for a nice conversation but have little power over the end results.

The same obsession is observed in others field of life. People lose sleep over trifles such as Facebook statuses or similar value deprived activities that at the end of the day do not matter one bit.

Mental strength has no rivals

The fight against gravity puts everything to a test of the highest order. The deadlift, for example, is a simple lift that does not require exceptional technical abilities, but a lifter who has ever maxed out knows that the whole Godfather trilogy plays in front of your eyes during a heavy attempt. That builds mental strength and teaches you how to be powerful.

Unfortunately, the modern life does not offer many similar experiences. Simply put, our lives are dark, empty, and there are little positive adventures.

Perseverance will take you a long way 

Starting is easy. Finishing is hard. Lifting will teach you that perseverance is the only way to reach the highest level of performance. Only people who have fought all the dragons can take the treasure. Your love will be tested many times. Are you ready? If you want to be on the throne, you better be.

You are not special, my friend.

As much as we want to be unique, we are all living in the same human form. If I jump from the 8th floor, I will get smashed. If Donald Trump tries it, the same will happen.

This idea is expressed in bodybuilding too. There are people with good and bad genetics. And yet nobody can compete on the big Olympia stage naturally. Why? Because the human potential is not that high.

At the end of the day, we are all humans and share similar vulnerabilities and strengths.

You can’t fight nature.

There are many different ways to scam somebody thanks to our social structures, but you can’t fuck with natural law. On this site, we have focused extensively on exposing people using steroids and yet claiming to be natural. And while we still consider those guys cheaters, they only cheat people like you and me. They don’t cheat nature and can’t escape from natural law which acts like gravity.

You can take all the steroids in the world and convince some illiterate fools that you are natural, but you are still going to pay the price. You will have to face a lot of adversity and side effects.

Nature always seeks equilibrium. You may get to play for a little while, but sooner or later, you will pay the price.

Political correctness still wins

Those who dare to criticize the status quo are immediately labeled as “haters”. That’s how the rich keep getting richer. The controllers brainwash people and produce happy slaves.

The happy slaves are among the most dangerous individuals. They represent a peculiar group of people sharing the common characteristics of a slave with a smile on the face. The happy slaves love their servitude because they are getting a present from Santa.

A good example of a happy slave would be a typical rich person from the U.S. or Western Europe who works a good job, gets paid reasonably well and is in good health. This person has the ultimate potential to become a happy slave because he or she is living the good life and has little need to shake the powers that be.

The same is observed in bodybuilding. Modern competitors have turned into pregnant pigs in thongs, and yet the circus continues because it’s tolerated by the majority of the crowd as well as the management working behind the scenes. The guys that can make a change do not care because they are still getting their paper, and the wheel continues to spin until a site like takes out the bazooka.

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  1. Paul

    “there’s no doubt that the highest pleasure a bodybuilder experiences is when normal people are ‘miring’. ”

    I’ve always hated that. When I was young and even today people I’ve met just seems to perceive another person but the real me. I never liked to be confused with a walking flesh.

    “The happy slaves are among the most dangerous people. ”

    Brilliantly said. I just love the philosophical part of this site. Keep doing so.

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