The Life Of a Fake Natural Bodybuilder – Muscles And Money

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According to the videos on YouTube and the posts on social media, the popular natural bodybuilders live one of the purest forms of existence. They work day and night to reach the highest echelons of human achievement and perfection. In a sense, they are modern heroes.

The Sacrifice

Natural bodybuilders sacrifice everything. Their mission requires it. Every minute matters to them. A common saying among naturals bodybuilders is ”A minute of eating the right food, takes you 60 seconds closer to your goals.”

The only pleasure that the dedicated natty bodybuilders are allowed to experience are the few minutes of rest between the sets.

Losing your integrity or paying the price to be the boss?

Many people consider fake natural bodybuilders a disgrace because they inject anabolic steroids in their shredded glutes and still claim that they’re natural. However, fake natural bodybuilders don’t see it this way. In their heads, if you are injecting anything under 1-2 grams, you are natural. Moreover, the fake natties believe that the drugs are simply an unwritten requirement to make the dream a reality. The goal justifies the means.

The Brains

Natural bodybuilders are not only muscular, they are smart. Many of them have higher education and rely on strong diplomas to push away the accusations generated by the pathetic weaklings bathing in whey and creatine powder.

In addition, a successful natural bodybuilder is not just about muscles. He is also an entrepreneur. An entrepreneurial vision is needed to keep the money printer going.

The image of the successful natural bodybuilder is completed by his philosophy. You can never reach the peaks without understanding life. That’s why reading the summaries of philosophy books is needed to acquire the aura of an ascended being.

The Haters

Every now and then people will criticize you. You have to understand that those individuals are nothing more than jealous haters who have failed to achieve your levels of success and want to take you down with them. Don’t let them do this to you. You have to protect your empire. Who are they to question your natural status? A group of nobodies who should go full seppuku and stop flooding the gene pool with weak bodybuilding genetics. Those people are worse than cockroaches, and you should mislead them into buying bodybuilding supplements and metro-sexual clothing.

Muscles & Money

Muscles and money should be your highest priority if you want to be a successful fake natty. Thou who has no love for muscle and money does not deserve the power of the universe and shall forever burn in hell.

By Their Shredded Glutes, You Will Recognize Them

Besides hot girls, the only individuals that a true fake natural bodybuilder communicates with regularly are other men with shredded glutes. If you are seen in the company of people who don’t have shredded glutes, you are no longer worth more than a bottle of protein powder. You shall seek castration. Oh, wait. You have already lost your natural testosterone, so you can skip this part if you wish.

Ultimately, all men with shredded glutes should support each other like the left cheek supports the right. If one of them falls, you lose symmetry and the power of the shredded glute will leave you right away. You should always maintain your shredded glutes. That’s why the creator has created clenbuterol and trenbolone. Drugs are a gift from heaven and your best tool in the fight against the kingdom of atrophy.

Trust is for the birds

As a fake natural bodybuilder, you shouldn’t be honest with anybody on this planet, except your dealer. You should never reveal the secret behind your big muscles under any circumstances. The minute you do so, you will lose the support of your friends from the Shredded Glutes Club. Why would you shoot yourself in the glute?

It does not matter how much your family loves you. Don’t tell them that you are injecting sacred muscle elixirs. This must remain hidden from your wife, children, parents, even your cat should be kept in the dark. The only matter on the planet allowed to know the source of your secret power includes the syringe, the bottle, and your dealer.

Who’s the king now?

Once you reach the highest level of natural bodybuilding, consider yourself a king living the purest life on Earth. The rest of humanity consists of humanoids who are not worthy of giving you water between the sets.

What’s better than having muscle and money? Nothing except maybe more muscle and more money.

Once you are at that level, you don’t need to worry about anything. Let the rest of the world figure out why they suck so bad and fail to be as alpha as you are.

This is the life of a professional fake natural bodybuilder. Can you handle it?

Note: This is an old post. I have written a new one on the same subject that provides more information on the topic. You can find it here.

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