Is Alon Gabbay On Steroids?

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The alleged natural bodybuilder Alon Gabbay is a proud member of the so-called aesthetic crew. He has a physique that many would classify as divine. However, can a man actually achieve a body like that naturally? Let’s investigate.

The Photoshop Look

Alon Gabbay is dry, full, aesthetic, thick and shredded. The combination of those qualities makes him look almost unreal and composed in a digital photo editor such as Photoshop.

Unfortunately, natural bodybuilders rarely look so full and lean at the same time.

Alon Gabbay is as big former Mr. Olympias

A quick online survey reveals that Alon Gabbay is as big as former Mr. Olympia such as Frank Zane. The body stats of Alon Gabbay are as follows:

Height: 5′ 9.29″ (176 cm); Weight: 187lbs -200lbs; Body fat: 5%-9%;

In comparison, three times Mr. Olympia Frank Zane had the following body stats in his prime:

Height: 5′ 9″ (175 cm); Weight: 185lbs; Body fat: 5%;

Conclusion: Alon Gabbay is as big as former a Mr. Olympia.

Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? How are modern naturals getting as big as former pros who have competed in times when roids were widely available and the norm?



The Natural Deception

Most of the guys from the so-called aesthetic crew are not natural. They, however, prefer to keep that fact hidden in order to make money in the corrupt fitness industry by selling false hopes and inefficient muscle elixirs. Whether this is right or wrong is up to you to decide. After all, everybody has to make a living somehow and there are no saints on this planet.

However, constantly telling lies to aspiring bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts is a bit much. Many of the disinfo agents justify their behavior the following way: “If the kids don’t know the game, they deserve to be scammed.”

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