21 Things That Successful Fitness Models and Bodybuilders Have In Common Outlining The Profile Of Muscle Heroes

| by Truth Seeker |

Factories covered in gloom produce 1000s of phones every day. All devices have different names, branding, product numbers, technical characteristics, and form, but as long as they are part of the same class, the fundamentals do not differ. The processors, the chips, the technology and even the price tags are similar. You know one; you know all of them.

What if I tell you that humans are subject to comparable classifications?

Identical goals single out identical individuals.

The journey to the top is a sculptor. People who become successful in a field share similar physical qualities, mindset, motivation, fears, insecurities, and culture.

Below you will find 21 traits that successful fitness models and bodybuilders have in common.

1. Organ Resilience

The lifestyle of modern fitness models is not limited to Instagram-induced nirvana, festivals, lifting, coins and an endless stream of submissive bitches. Professional constructors of thick muscles are subject to heavy pain originating from the highly toxic substances cruising through their arteries.

Many unaware individuals think that steroid powered fitness models and bodybuilders don’t do tough work, but this is simply not true. The pros work way harder than the natty soldiers, just not in the gym but in the lab – the place where 21st-century muscle mass comes to life.

Bodybuilders and heavyweight fitness models take enough steroids to put a horse to sleep, but they survive by virtue of their high-end organ resilience. Every successful muscle warrior has organs of steel.

Everyone thinks that a cycle or two will turn him into a YouTube sensation, but this is not the case. Most people don’t have the necessary will and physical hardness to endure the sufferings of the chemical war. If your body is not compatible with modern anabolic steroids, you are on a suicide mission and will never join the group of the chosen ones.

Immune to Side Effects

The members of the muscular bourgeoisie do not experience nearly as much side effects as a regular gym rat. Only a few are built to last. Some get huge muscles; some get acne, insomnia and cramps. Those who succeed are the individuals with a higher tolerance and an uncanny response to drugs. If your entire face and back are covered with pimples and boils, you don’t belong on the cover of a magazine.

2. Daddy, where are you?

A strong reason to become a mercenary fighting gravity is the lack of a successful male mentor figure in your life. Young men who decide to hop on TRT [ Testosterone Replacement Therapy] are actually on DRT [Daddy Replacement Therapy]. Your big muscles are meant to be the father you never had.

When Tyler Durden said that we’ve been raised by women, he wasn’t joking. The real man died a long time ago. Today, most boys grow in front of a screen. Your heroes are YouTube content creators; your idols are Instagram models.

When there’s no one to show you how to fight life, you develop insecurities. Building a muscle shield is one of the many ways to compensate. In muscle filaments, we see a way to regain the masculinity that the system has extracted from us through globalist propaganda, unfair monetary system, destruction of the family unit and degradation of the male to an organic dildo and a walking ATM machine.

Nonetheless, having someone to call dad is not enough. Many men have fathers and yet still fall in the inferno of self-doubt. You don’t need someone who is just there. You need a winner; a male figure that can show you how to own the world. Stumbling upon a real tutor is as rare as finding a diamond in a hot-dog.

3. A Harem

9 out 10 women will tell you that big muscles are “disgusting”. Yet you can be certain that if a fitness model takes off his shirt, the same women will let the spirit of lust and desire conquer them. I am yet to hear about a man who can’t find a girlfriend because his body is aesthetic. I understand why a female would dislike an IFBB pro, but fitness models are an entirely different product line. Need evidence? Go to the Instagram account of a fitness superstar – you can be certain than the millions of followers are not just men.

Similar denial is less common among the younger females product of the hookup culture and Snapchat. Many fitness models have a harem of girls willing to lick their shredded abs in public. A popular aesthetic captain with a few years of fame behind his back has probably penetrated more girls than the average man talks to in his entire life.

4. Extreme Self-Awareness

Muscle addicts are extremely self-aware. Their thirst for approval results in a metamorphose – all body sensors unite into a 360-degree camera capturing the world around. Every external look and movement pass under the microscope. The driving force behind this behavior are insecurities and a strong desire to put ”wow” in the mouths of the crowd. As a result, fitness models maximize the impact of their appearance with the help of tanning beds, revealing designer clothes, aesthetic beards, and hair products.

5. Supplements? Bro, do you even brain?

Professional muscle constructors don’t consume bodybuilding supplements. They consider protein powder, creatine, BCAA and glutamine fodder for the plebs. You cannot join the inner circle of fitness models and bodybuilders until you stop consuming the products you are advertising.

If a member of the muscle club sees you snorting protein powder when you are not filming a commercial or a YouTube video, prepare yourself to be ridiculed and even excluded from the brotherhood. I am serious, man. There isn’t a single pro that rushes to the locker to get his/hers protein shake after a workout. It’s all a joke to them because they are enlightened.

6. Dieting? Not even once.

If you think that the pros are obsessing over a cheeseburger, you need to check yourself for autism. Don’t listen to their fairy tales about “religious” nutritional plans. Most Ministers of Muscle consume a notorious amount of junk food and get away with it thanks to the mass they carry and the highly potent flotilla of drugs in their blood. The only dieting takes place right before a show when the competitors are trying hard to improve their muscular definition through fat and water weight reduction.

In addition, the pros don’t rely on legal fat burners. They know that those products are as effective as a cup of coffee. Instead, they take hardcore body fat cutting agents like clen, T3, ephedrine, Trenbolone, cocaine… enough said.

The process ends with a cover-up called IIFYM [If It Fits Your Macros]. According to this principle, your food choices are irrelevant as long as you supply your body with “the proper” ratio of fats, protein and carbs.

“The body is not equipped with a detector that can reveal whether a macro nutrient is coming from grass-fed Argentine beef or gene modified chicken raised in a shoe box,” explain the follower of IIFYM.

While there is some truth and fundamentals behind IIFYM, it’s mostly used as a smoke screen for atrocious nutrition.

7. Bow Down





Rumor has it that the anabolic elixir Trenbolone /tren/ is derived from the seed of a demon and produces a look known as 3D PhotoShop: Let’s-Break-Da-BeD Edition that no other drug can match. Tren’s peculiar properties made it a staple and a highly admired drug in professional bodybuilding and fitness modeling.

The downside is that the magic comes with some of the nastiest side effects you could experience from injecting steroids. But when there’s a strong desire to build an otherworldly physique vacuuming admiration and validation, that fact is easily overlooked.

8. Strong Poker Face

Becoming a masterful pathological liar is a must when you have a high-paying job in the muscle construction sector. To preserve your status and coins, you have to lie to everyone – your family, your fans, your friends, yourself. The good news is that eventually, this task becomes natural and easy. In due course, all fake natties evolve into deceivers.

If you are one of those emotional souls experiencing electrical shocks when lies come out of your mouth, you desperately need to upgrade your deception game and become numb. Otherwise, you won’t last long. The more you inject, the more you have to lie.

9. Excessively long justification.php file

Humans always find a way to justify their actions and choices. Drug lords consider themselves entrepreneurs; dishonest politicians are misunderstood diplomats; crooked cops say “you can’t beat the criminals unless you play by their rules.”  Fitness models do not make an exception. Below is a justification.php file stored in the cranium of a typical muscle model.


Fuck the world. I need to take what’s mine.

Those protein powder boys should know better. We are teaching them a life lesson.

If I go to hell for lying about steroids, where will the cowards living like mice go?

Nice guys finish last.

You Only Live Once [YOLO]

I pay the price by suffering extensive side effects.

Prodigal sons > Bitches obeying since birth just to go to heaven

I will die anyway.

Test occurs naturally in the body. Therefore, injecting testosterone and its derivatives makes me even more natural.

If people had balls the size of mine, they would be injecting too.

Hair is for faggots.

No one earns money 100% honestly. There’s blood on every dollar.

I am mainly harming myself. Yes, the noobs will get some gas from taking protein powder, but they’ll be alright at the end.

I am helping the world by showing how pretty the human body can become when the right compounds are injected. I am serving beauty and aesthetics. Only God can judge me.

10. Bodybuilding magazines? Not even once.

I am sorry, but the pros don’t bore themselves to death with bodybuilding magazines and other forms of muscle fiction. They know that the routines outlined there are irrelevant and written by underpaid ghost writers. They know that following a proper steroid cycle is way more important than nonsense like sets and reps. A real bodybuilder buys bodybuilding literature only when he is on the cover – 5 or 6 copies are given to friends and family; one goes in a secure safe labeled: ”My Struggle”.

11. Solidarity/Share the knowledge

Eventually, the muscle heroes accumulate enough experience and wisdom to transform into sages operating on a higher frequency. This transformation is expressed through motivational videos on YouTube, tours across the globe, inspirational quotes on social media and seminars.

“Why should I deprive the world of my deep knowledge of muscle construction,” says the fake natty to his conscience while welcoming the visitors of his 1000 dollar seminar entitled ”How To Get Big and Shredded Like Me, Naturally”.

12. Let’s Google Me

The CEOs of Muscle are narcissists of the highest order. They start each day by googling themselves and checking their social media accounts. Fitness masters yearn to learn what the ordinary citizen thinks of them. But the obsession does not end here.

The architects of muscle acknowledge the fact that the real bodybuilding fans are part of the ”misc”. Consequently, many fitness models and bodybuilders lurk the message boards until 4 in the morning – sore eyes; painful heaviness in the head. When the opinion of the crowd is unacceptable, a wave of sadness drags the affected muscle hero into a stupor, and he/she creates multiple accounts to defend his online honor. PRs are rarely hired because muscle heroes prefer to operate in solo mode and experience the Internet adventure first-hand.

13. Squat, Bench, Dead? You crazy? Heavy is for naturals!

Intelligent muscle constructors are well aware of the fact that their muscle mass is a direct result of drugs, and therefore lifting heavy is an unnecessary risk. When you know that you will look the same with or without hefty barbells, the incentive to lift heavy weights evaporates into the stratosphere. Would you work double time for the same salary? Makes no sense. As a consequence, lifting heavy is left to the naturals brainwashed by the 5×5 mafia.

14. Kings of the Selfie

Becoming a master at taking selfies is a must for every fitness model and bodybuilder. You need good pics like a businessman needs a neat tuxedo. Your selfies act as solder connections to your fans. Without them, all hope for appreciation is completely lost. If you have lived an hour without taking a single selfie – you are doing it wrong.

FAQ: What makes the perfect selfie? First, you need a phone with a decent camera. Then, you have to make sure that your photos include your best body part and/or your shredded abs. Those are the two elements that immediately catch people’s attention. You can also increase the intensity by tilting your head slightly to the side and squinting like James Dean. This is the so-called playboy look. Rumor has it that it reaches virgin souls and extracts them.

15. Max on Money

If you are a popular biceps head, and you are not maximizing your streams of revenue, you are a still a noob who has a lot of evolving to do. All prosperous professional fitness models exploit every available source of income. This is how they build their empires. Luckily for them, there are many ways to generate money with your muscles:

1. Promote muscle related products – supplements, wife-beaters, bermuda shorts, tank tops, shakers, shake weights, books, dick amplifiers, abs shredding machine… enough said.

2. Get sponsored by a supplement company.

3. Develop a large following on Instagram and product position your way to a Lamborghini.

4. Build a YouTube Channel.

If you have the looks, all you have to do is film your meals, arm workouts and a few conversations with your girlfriend or a female pretending to be your girlfriend. Works every time.

5. Striptease [online or offline]

6. Online coaching [charge noobs USD 50 for a meal plan that you can copy/pasta to all your clients]

7.Offline coaching [choose a commercial gym because the members are more likely to pay you more]

8. Find a sugar mommy.

9. Audition for roles

10. Photo shoots


16. Godlike Online Status

It’s hardly a surprise that all successful fitness models and bodybuilders have a large following. After all – tits, arms and six-packs rule social media. If anyone is going to break the servers of Instagram, it would be a horde of male fitness models with razor-sharp abs and females with booties that need the unified effort of five writers to be described properly.

Nevertheless, the godlike online status of popular muscle men and girls is not the sole result of looks. Fitness models and bodybuilders invest a lot of time and effort into their profiles because they know that strong social media presence is the road to power in modern times.

17. Complete Enhancement

Cover worthy fitness models and bodybuilders use every trick from the aesthetic manual to enhance their physiques for photo shoots and everyday life. After all, what is the point of being big, if people can’t see it? Dress to impress. You don’t want to be the pretty girl in sweatpants. You want to be the pretty girl in the red dress. Maximum enhancement is where it’s at. Your clothes, accessories, jewelry, breathing, body movements and eye control have to reinforce your aura of an atrophy assassin. Otherwise, you are leaving money and ego food on the table. Enhance yourself.

18. Hate The Haters

If you don’t have haters to hate, you are not successful in the human world. Supporters are nice, but without haters, the pleasure is just not the same. Reading only positive comments is a boring experience.

19. Fake Health

All popular fitness models promote the so-called healthy lifestyle. “We lift. We exercise. We eat right. We teach others how to do the same,” they say. Nice joke.

In reality, bodybuilders and fitness models create only an illusion of a healthy body. They look good on the outside while their internal organs are desperately begging for mercy.

20. Status? Natural, of course

Few are willing to admit their addiction to steroids. There are three main reasons for that. First, in many countries, steroids are illegal for recreational purposes. Getting caught means troubles with the law.

The second reason is financial. If a person admits that his/hers development is the result of synthetic hormones, the sales of supplements will suffer. (Surprisingly, this notion does not hold true all the time. Men like Rich Piana are openly talking about drugs, and yet people continue to purchase their pre-workouts drinks.)

The final reason to remain a crypto-user is the ego. Fitness models and bodybuilders see themselves as the horsemen of muscle who look like deities solely due to hard work and spaceman discipline. Admitting the opposite hurts.

21. Philosophy

Sooner or later, all great CEOs of muscle become philosophers and start spamming their fans with basic life ideology and trivial motivation such as:

“Seize the day.”

“Shut up and squat.”

“How bad do you want it.”

“You can be anything you want to be.”
“It’s all about heart.”

“If your dreams don’t scare you, they are not big enough.”

“My mom said I could not gain muscle; I proved her wrong.”

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

“Make today count because you will never get it back.”

“You don’t have to be great to start. But you do have to start to be great.”

“When you want to quit, think about why you started.”


Muscle heroes have been relying on similar slogans to fire up their fans since the dawn of Facebook. The method works because motivational content carries a powerful emotional load, and people are more willing to share it. According to the ascended fitness scholars, the ultimate goal is to develop a “killer mindset” and live the life of an alpha unit.

Sometimes I wonder whether fitness models would preserve their motivational prowess if all drugs are extracted out of their systems. I doubt it.

Everything is just an illusion, kid. The right brain of the modern humanoid is always up for the taking.

To find out more, get the book A Hater’s Synthesis.

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  1. Raven Starre

    Your a fucking lying cunt! Your just not willing to put in the hard work like these models do because your skinny and weak like all the little peasants and trolls that are jealous

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      You are right.

    2. Virginia Plain

      This almost needs a REEEEE in there.

    3. Jai

      as long as there delusional foolish and pathetic nincompoops like you, fake natties will always thrive… your either a joke on wisdom or you are some partner with a fake natty…
      I have done courses on steroids… I know how people who take them look… a natural cannot have the photo shop look, immense vascularity. the full look with super low body fat and paper skin at the same time..
      When you comment, know what you are saying.. general things like ” you are jealous, you are weak” etc just show how moronic you can be.. You are not even worth getting angry on or reacting.. you sound like a joke…

    4. Brett

      Raven you are way to angry to be natural. Do not be so quick to label people on this site. A lot of us are actually bigger than you would believe, we just got it the hard way. Maybe 16 inch arms are skinny and weak. On the internet maybe. In real life, another story. By the way, choosing Raven Starre as your name shows how immature you are. Wake up from your fantasy. Oh wait, I just remembered that I doint give a shit whether you do or doint.

  2. R

    Good Lord, I love how you write. So smooth and precise, like a laser cutting all the truth.
    I also find that point about “organic dildo and walking ATM” pretty interesting. Not 100%-true but close.
    And about “an illusion of healthy body” – you’re goddamn right.
    Thanks for great article!

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      I am happy that you say that. But sometimes when I read my posts, they sound boring.

  3. Jakob K

    One of the most important things nobody tells you is the following: Even if you did everything the exact same way as the fitness models do (training, eating, drugs), you wouldn’t look anything like them. That’s because “genetics” are not only your hormones but rather the insertions of your muscles and your frame. To look aesthetic, your whole body composition needs to be adequate. If it isn’t, no drug in the world will turn you into a fitness model! There are natural guys who are skinny compared to the average gym rat that injects, but look a lot more attractive and appealing. ….. Oh and btw: When do you publish the article about Connor Murphy? 🙂

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      1. Yes, you are right. But roids at least guarantee more muscle mass.

      2. It’s done, but I haven’t planned an exact date.

      Thank you for the support.

      1. MB

        Do you talk about body composition in point 1?
        Like when for example someone has a great upperbody and regular lowerbody.
        And when that person takes drugs he or she becomes over his/her total body much bigger, but the upperbody will always be dominant to the lowerbody, even when the lowerbody becomes big after using the drugs. Is it that what you are saying?

    2. iii000

      Yea right, even without the existence of roids the top IFBB pros will still be the biggest guys, because of genes.

      1. Truth Seeker Post author

        This is not true. Many unimpressive natural guys have a great response to drugs and become something else when roids are introduced to their system.

        1. wordtobigbird

          True story. Just look how Kevin Levrone changes back and forth; it’s like hulk and banner.

  4. Gangster warrior

    “Seize the day.”
    “Shut up and squat.”
    “How bad do you want it.”
    “You can be anything you want to be.”
    “It’s all about heart.”
    “If your dreams don’t scare you, they are not big enough.”
    “My mom said I could not gain muscle; I proved her wrong.”
    “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”
    “Make today count because you will never get it back.”
    “You don’t have to be great to start. But you do have to start to be great.”
    “When you want to quit, think about why you started.” Hate people who keep making it as if we don’t put in the work to succeed in life knowing very well that there is more to success than hard work alone. Before I bow out article on Mike Matthews…

  5. Yannick

    Great article as always! Off topic question to you truthseeker: Do you think rack pulls is Ok After Chin ups, or Too dangerous for lats, biceps tendon? Thank you for your great work!

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      I personally would not do it. I think rack pulls first and pull-ups later is better. I don’t like doing barbell pulls with fatigued arms.

      Thank you for the support.

      1. Yannick

        Thank you for your answer. What do you think about rack pulls with wide grip aka snatch grip? Have been doing these for a while and have great improvements in my upper back strength. Do you see any joint problems with that grip once the weight gets heavy? I would like to suggest you a topic for another article. I have always problems to program smaller exercises like curls. Can you recommend a good periodization? Thank you!

        1. wordtobigbird

          I used to do a lot of rack pulls when I was powerlifting a long ass time ago (before I knew that the records are all roid results) and I found if I pulled with a wide grip it really ruined my neck and not in a good way. I’d advise against myself.

  6. Masoud

    Although you have very good points in your posts I think your basic thought system is somehow wrong, but it needs a lot of words to be told. Besides you take these people, i.e. models and bodybuilders, too serious. In my experience most of them are just low life losers in real world. Honesty who cares about your physique? In a modern society your status is not relevant to your physique.

    1. iii000

      What do you mean by low life losers in real world ? No jobs, no actual skills besides bodybuilding or ?

      1. Truth Seeker Post author

        If he is talking about regular gym rats, he may be correct. But the popular fitness models are not low life losers according to the mainstream definition.

        1. Marco

          agree. at least in this shitty system most of the people consider them winners.

    2. Fatman

      “In my experience most of them are just low life losers in real world.”

      This is a pretty big statement. How many successful models and bodybuilders do you know personally?

  7. Masoud

    I don’t agree. Even the most successful models are not actually considered winners outside a small circle of fans.

  8. Masoud

    You have a lot of good points in your posts. However you mixed them with some irrelevant ideas that make me confused. There may be some other people who feel similar. For example when you talk about “real men”.

  9. Donne the Conquerer

    As always, lots of truth there, though I would argue that men who have the best quality and quantity of young and attractive women are the ones with the most “game” who have put in the field work (of course having a killer physique does make it sort of fall in your lap, no pun intended, though it doesn’t replace having the persona). Ironically, the guys that I’ve seen with the most breath taking women are really not much to look at, not that tall nor good looking, nor rich…they just have “it”. It being hard to explain but easy recognize when you see what I describe. Your thoughts Truth Seeker?

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      I think looks are more important than game.

      1. Donne the Conquerer

        Initially sure, what else do you have to go other than looks? But a clueless mannequin will never triumph a master cocksman with crazy skills. I’ve seen it happen (though it’s fair to say that most of these enhanced “model” types that you mention generally do have the confidence and required aggressive nature to succeed with women, so that must also be taken into consideration as I don’t want to portray a carte blanche comparison between the two).

        Also, it needs to be said that if you take proper care of yourself, stay super fit, clean cut and dress very well, even with average looks…believe me, game will take you a very long, long way.

    2. Brett

      A mans body definitely improves his chances with the opposite sex. Its all about the law of averages. The better looking you are and the hotter your body the more the numbers will tip in your favour. Your friends just approach a lot of girls, that why they seem successful, they have been rejected many times, but you only remember their hook-ups.

  10. Dave

    I’ve gotta thank you. I’m not sure how long I would have been stuck inside the Matrix if I didn’t stumble upon this site. I was this close to becoming a permabulker but realized the idiocy before I gained more than 7 or so pounds, thankfully.

    Directed towards everyone else, now: The negativity in these articles may seem thick, so it’s easy to label the author nothing but a jealous hater, but I think you miss the point. First of all, many of the comparisons used are relative not to the average big guy at your gym, but the average fitness model or IFBB pro. When the author says “you will never be big” it does not mean that you cannot achieve a good physique. It means that you can look good, but you still won’t hold a candle to the guys you see on Instagram. Sorry, but it’s the truth. The sooner you can accept that fact, the sooner you can feel alive in the gym.

    1. jaycdeez

      And when you accept that fact then the quicker you can start the cutting program to lose all of the fat that was gained when the gear heads told you to eat like a horse to gain muscle. Sure you need more calories but if you eat what they recommend you’ll get fat. Period. You’ll be a “shirt guy” for life. You’ll have muscle but you won’t see it at all. If a natty wants to look good, they need to shred up as much as possible and then work to gain natural muscle without over eating and gaining fat. You can look good but like you said – forget the Instagram high life. It won’t happen but you’ll feel better and look pretty good regardless.

  11. Xenonym

    Nice article, didn’t appreciate the autism reference. It spoiled an otherwise entertaining article making fun of people who deserve it, by making fun of people who don’t deserve it.

  12. Donne the Conquerer

    Even though I love these posts, look forward to them and admire the direct and honest nature of the writing, I have one important observation – and that concerns the one theme that occurs and reoccurs in these posts, which is the unspoken portrayal that there are generally two characters:
    1.) The average Joe Schmoe that goes nowhere (personally or professionally) in life, is ugly and unimpressive looking, and will never, ever be happy, or good looking, have money, have a girlfriend, nor is acknowledged by anyone important in life.


    2.) The juiced up toxic waste factory, who has cast a Faustian deal with the devil, who for the endless money and poontang, is all about killing it and making bank, popping grade A hoochies, pimping his body for external praise and the financial/materialistic rewards that go with being jacked and cut beyond human belief, while living fast & dying young (YOLO!), and leaving behind a great looking corpse.
    My issue with this that there is an entire ocean of difference between these two comparisons, and a lot of folks that fit into countless life boats within that ocean.
    For example, what about the rational enhanced lifter, who chooses to use only a mild dose (TRT/HRT) of 200-300 mg of test cypionate a week, while eating right, taking care of his body, working out smart and hard, and living a healthy lifestyle for maximum longevity and vigorous health; can’t he look and feel amazing, be healthy and happy, and very successful, personally and professionally, without selling out his soul, morals and organ function for greenbacks, false glory and promiscuous sex?
    And what about the young (possibly genetically blessed body wise) guy, that is naturally tall and good looking, has social skills, charisma and charm, all of which make him loved and adored even among strangers he meets for the first time?
    My point is that I don’t want folks reading this site to think you have to destroy yourself to be happy and successful (with money or the opposite sex), nor to even be good looking, as there are more than two categories and levels here.
    True, looking like a Kali Muscle or CT Fletcher type jacked up freak, or an IFBB pro, will require major health risks and sacrifices that (IMO) you would be foolish to accept when looking at the big picture, but I would wager that a head turning physique (aka, a Men’s Health type body, for example) is at least generally attainable by most people without a horrible premature death being imminent.
    Likewise, both overall happiness and success in life are equally molded by the mind as well as the body; there have been many men out there, of average lineage, that have been astronomically successful with money and women without destroying themselves with drugs, immoral practices (whatever your definition of that is) and illicit behavior, so it’s no fluke and is possible.

    But it all starts with the mind, not the body.

    1. Yen

      Lol you are so full of shit. Do you actually lift weights?

      1. Donne the Conquerer

        For over 25 years actually, thanks for asking, and I’m almost fifty years old. And I only need two one hour workouts a week to retain my strength, as well as maintain a build that’s better than 95% of the guys half my age (or less). But thank you for your concern anyway.

        You may go back and remeasure the length of your wanker now.

      2. Fatman

        No one here actually lifts weights. If we lifted weights, we wouldn’t be so obsessed with anti-steroid whining.

        1. Brett

          Speak for yourself. You might only be talking about yourself.

    2. Fatman

      “the unspoken portrayal that there are generally two characters”

      Not to mention, Character #2 does not exist. Even Mr. Olympia winners make laughable amounts of money and are largely unknown to the general public. Instagram likes can’t be sold for cash.

  13. MB

    Excelent article. The ifbb pro’s may be great on instagram, but Truth Seeker is great in writing the reality in a fun to read vivid way.

  14. Glove

    very good article.
    Concerning the idol function of IFBB pros and fitness models as sex symbols I have my doubts. I more agree to Masoud and Donne. I can´t say anything about youtube-stars, facebook-followers and all this staff. I´am too old for this. In this virtual world maybe these fitness models are stars. Seems to be that they can make a lot of money. But how about these guys when the enter the “real world”? When the mix up with other people? Do they really get the hottest girls? A good looking body definitely helps to pick up women. Everything what is freakish doesnt. If these models have a lot of money it can be helpful to attract women. But these fitness models are not the only ones who are good looking and wealthy. My personal experience is that guys who are “too good” looking seldom have very attractive (female) partners. For a simple reason: beautiful ladies want to have the attention in public for themselves. And not for their partners. At my active times I saw most of the bodybuilders (who had often the look of the fitness models of today) with average looking or even unattractive women. They were far away from beeing sex symbols. That doesn´t mean that not some of them had a lot of beautiful women. And: times have changed!
    Nevertheless my opinion: to be a real ladiesmen it needs more than muscles and money. Whether the attributes to be added are ingredients of a good and nice character is a different question…

    1. Donne the Conquerer

      Like I said before, I’ve noticed this too Glove. The hottest women I’ve seen were with guys who were the furthest thing from fitness models or bodybuilders.

      1. Brett

        Then there might just be hope for you Donne. keep that in mind the next time you see a attractive girl on the street, think about approaching her, over think it, over analyse, get in your own head, and then avoid her altogether. You will go home and tell yourself that there is still hope for you, girls date average guys all the time, doint they?

        1. Donne the Conquerer

          Thanks for the words of wisdom Brett, but I haven’t played that field in a long time (though I still meet and verbally tease such ladies all the time). I have been happily married for years, with a beautiful wife I sometimes feel I don’t deserve, along with three kids I can’t wait to wake up to and see every morning. In short, I’ve done my thing as a bachelor, belt retired.

          I will however part you with some wisdom of my own: That super attractive girl on the street that you mentioned? She is nowhere near as unapproachable as you pretend, and you would be surprised at the results of just talking to her in a way that she isn’t used to (the opposite of the way most “average” guys would, in other words). When it comes to the opposite sex, one piece of knowledge works wonders when approaching such a woman…beauty is only there to disqualify those easily impressed by it. Think about it.

          An pretty exterior is fancy wrapping, it’s the core processor you engage with strong biological verbage.

  15. MB

    I think an article of female ifbb pro’s would be interesting.
    There’s an evolution there too since the introduction. And it changed a lot with the combination of PED, social media and ultra-high standards and expectations.

  16. wordtobigbird

    Honestly, this stuff just gets better and better despite it being the same damn thing over and over; quite the paradox really.

    I just started going to a commercial gym instead of a community center and it’s incredible to see the pinners there. Skin bright red, veins popping, hats pulled low to cover baldness at age 27, arms bigger than my waist while lifting wights disproportionately light with zero ROM or strict form. It’d be a joke if it wasn’t so sad.

    The saddest I’ve seen so far is a guy and his girlfriend who come in together. In their 20s, roided to the max. It’s the girl I feel bad for. Fake breast, the start of man jaw, sunken dark eyes, tons of makeup to try and hide her bad skin. It’s really sad.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Would love to train in that gym. Great characters for writing inspiration.

      1. Donne the Conquerer

        Someone doing that kind of damage to their body at such a young age is sad (especially a young woman), but generally speaking, why do you feel sad for someone who chooses to use steroids through their own free will?

        Similarly, do you see a man smoking a cigar and think, “man, I feel sorry for him and his esophagus”?

        Do you see a man at a pub drinking a glass of bourbon and say, “man, I feel sorry for him and his liver”?

        So why feel sad for your typical juicer, especially if they are old enough to make up their own mind and their own decision about whether or not to indulge in anabolics?

        I hear people say that the average gym rat using performance enhancing drugs is “cheating”, but it’s pure nonsense. Who exactly are they cheating, except maybe themselves for not learning how to train and diet naturally first, and then making their mind up about whether or not they should use going forward?

        In a sense, I’ve always felt that using to early is the biggest downside to (recreationally) taking steroids, as they rob you about learning about training and eating correctly. Once you start that way it’s hard to go back and train without gear, finally realizing that the gains come so slowly and that the workouts that work may change dramatically and are harder to recover from.

        However, it’s also fair to say that most juicers. that I’ve noticed and known over the years, are casual users; just twenty-something year old guys who use small to moderate doses (come the warm weather) for their summer beach body. Most these guys don’t even work out, much less use these drugs, once they hit 30, and whatever they did during their college days, or shortly thereafter single bachelor years, is way behind them. In short, their life moves on, no biggie.

        While the biggest wild card with steroid use is the potentially long term (particularly cardiac) side effects of these drugs, 90% or more of these users don’t use long term and nothing even close to what the fitness models or bodybuilder wannabees (constantly mentioned on this site) use, as those aforementioned guys are a minority. As such, let’s be careful not to overly generalize and misconstrue that every user falls into the category of these few walking chemical experiments making money from their physiques.

        1. Bhaal

          I totally agree with you, i like Nattyornot posts because is one of the few who talks the truth but is necessary to be careful not to overly generalize to us the guys who use it just for own decision. I live in a country where steroids are legal and cheap, i dont need to sell my soul or to do creepy stuff to get them even i dont need a prescription. And talking about doses, you can get big with a TRT dose 200/250 mg Test/Week, just see all thouse guys who are on TRT and all of them are healtier in genarally and in the other hand see those guys who are on theirs 40´s who dont excercise with low t and all of them have mayor risk of desease because that low t. So Test is not that bad only if you abuse like Pro´s. Also i understand that those Fake nattys must be expose.

          1. MB

            But how can you expose them if they all lie? They will never admit that they use ped.

        2. wordtobigbird

          Actually yes, I do feel bad for someone smoking or doing anything that harms themselves. Many people end up making poor choices because they didn’t have proper direction in their lives at crucial times. Having been on both sides (not having direction vs. having direction) I have sympathy towards most people for most things. Ultimately, yes, it is their choice, but it’s hard to pass a test on differential calculus when the people in your life responsible for teaching you math neglected to even start with 1 +1. You know what I mean?

          1. Donne the Conquerer

            OK I see what you are saying, but most (adult) people know the risks that go with certain behavior but do so anyway because they want to. How much direction do you need to have from the beginning, at any age really, not to know smoking or excessive drinking is very bad for you?

            It’s their choice, they know the fall back, so if the short term satisfaction or pleasure is that important to them then that’s their decision.

          2. wordtobigbird


            I still feel bad for them when they’re adults. Think of it like this:

            Imagine you go your entire life being taught that something is an acceptable behaviour (say 28 years, for argument’s sake) and then you learn that it is not. You’ve got 28 years of behavioural programming to undo and then recreate. That’s incredibly difficult especially without any proper direction or support. The catch 22 of it is that the people that need the help the most are least likely to have it, because if they had it in the first place they probably wouldn’t have developed such bad behaviour to begin with. It’s not teaching an old dog new tricks that’s the hard part; it’s getting them to unlearn the tricks he already knows.

        3. Fatman

          “Who exactly are they cheating”

          No one. The alleged side effects of steroid use are hypertension, poor blood markers, liver problems and maybe baldness. I.e. the same problems affecting just about every male over 40 on the planet. So the steroid user builds muscle and looks better while sacrificing nothing health-wise (compared to his peers). Not to mention, if he’s taking drugs, he’s also probably exercising – another benefit. Kinda makes you wonder who’s really cheating themselves, eh?

          1. Brett

            Fatman everything you say is fucking stupid. I can only assume you are a troll. Cant imagine how someone could say the shit you say with a straight face. If you are what your name suggests then it all makes sense.

      2. wordtobigbird

        The best is this sort of “duel” i see going on every time I’m there. The two biggest guys, one black one white, both obviously pinning, and they just kind of make cracks at each other like they’re going to fight one day or something. Then they go talk smack about each other with their own little group. It’s gold. Anyone with a brain knows neither of these dbags are going to lift a finger towards eachother but they posture like mad. Such a joke.

  17. MB

    How addictive are steroids actually? Is it like smoking? Or like drinking coffee?
    And do the steroid users keep using it because they want to stay big or more because it’s addictive?

    1. Bhaal

      Addictive, the answer is Yes, i have been in the bodybuilding for 10 Years and i trained for 7 years naturally and then it comes a moment when you will not progress anymore and you will not look as you wanted, so thats the moment when you have to choose between to paths, Path 1 dont use steroids and you will never grow anymore maybe be stronger but not more musclar or Path 2 you use it you get stronger, more mass everything and you can get what you wanted from the begining. When you start to use it you will see results and everthing becomes good, performance and also mentally, just imagine that you can achive what you wanted and you are progressing in something that you love. And its addictive because you want more and more maybe not as a Pro but the mental part is the strongest one.
      Now about side effects you eventually will have low t so why not to use it?

      1. Bhaal

        Something i want to add is that steroids are not addictive like cocaine its not a recreational drug, the addictive part is the mental part, progressing and looking as you want thats it. when i was naturally and been training for 6 years the progress is almost nothing, its sad, depressant and boring going to the gym because you know that you will not progress, so whats the point? why you are not giving to you what you want? people who refuse to use it its because they are afraid of the side effects but if you use a “kind of” TRT protocol you will be ok, im using a trt protocol and monitored by an endocrinologist, the problem is when those pro´s abuse on the dose and they add insulin growth hormone and those compounds from underground labs.
        As i said you eventually will need a TRT when you are on your 40´s.

        1. MB

          Thanks for your comments Bhaal.
          I think it’s a decision that everybody has to take for himself / herself.
          Reasons not to use are: it’s illegal (at most places), it can be dangerous for your health, expensive (from what I heard), …

          1. Bhaal

            Good call, sadly it´s illegal at most places, if you are monitored by a doctor you will be ok, i think is not expensive i can buy in pharmacy 1ml of 250mg of Test-E Bayer for about 7 dollars.

          2. MB

            @Bhaal but then you’ll need a prescription from a doctor and they only give that for medical reasons. Right? Not to improve performance.

        2. Glove

          Hello Bhaal, I understand your motivation to use TRT perfectly. A few words to the side effects: the short term side effects might be detected by the doctor. The long term will not. It´s true that at a certain stage in life there could be reasons for the doctor to prescribe TRT. Could be for a number of reasons. But this is no argument to use TRT before. Because one thing is for sure: people take a negative influence to their natural hormone production by taking TRT before they really need it.

          1. Bhaal

            Actually in my last visit with my doctor i was talking with him about de Low-t and he told me, that many men who are on theirs 20´s and 30´s have low-t its because the enviorment and what we eat, for example if you take a glass of milk you are taking along a lot of estrogens, another factor that has not been researched is the stress, many of us work in a office for about 8-10 hours and that´s a big factor on your Test levels. And as you said i could have a negative influence in my natural production but im this game of Bodybuilding, im taking care of my self by the doctor and monitored so i think is the best way to use Steroids and not abusing like Pro´s protocols.

          2. Bhaal

            That´s the problem with being illegal i dont know where are you from but i´ve heard that some clinics in USA can prescribe you between 150-200mg Test Week, and with that dose you can get results, even with 150 mg week. And i think is easy to get a prescription. You just need to be below the normal Test in blood and its easy to cheat those results.

          3. MB

            Thanks for the respond.

        3. Brett

          You forgot to mention that after you lay of roids for a year or more, you lose all your gains that you made while on them. Sounds like a shitty deal, you get big, but loose the size when you stop taking the test, while you do irreparable damage to your body. Doint sell a half truth.

  18. adi

    probably the best blog I’ve ever read. Or one of the few at the top anyway!

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the support.

  19. Rafael

    Cocaine? Lol now that was a big surprise for me.

  20. MB

    After studying the information on this website (and others) I realized that a few friends and people I know, are using PED – or at least a few cycles. One of them even lied directly to me about it when I brought the topic up. I didn’t talked about it anymore with the others, because I probably will had the same respond.
    They are nice people, but the fact that they are lying about PED bothers me enormous. I understand why, but it bothers me.
    Sometimes I don’t know what to think about it or how to respond.

  21. allen

    one of the best and true article.
    well done.

  22. John Smith

    Taking steroids to achieve to achieve body perfection is not putting in “hard work” any more than taking out large bank loans to live a lifestyle beyond your means, is “hard work”. The “rewards” from both are illusory and temporary and there’s a massive price to pay at the end.

    It’s true that hard work at your job doesn’t guarantee a big pay off, especially for people in regular “work to pay the bills” jobs, which is most of us. However doing a TRUE sport (not body building) for health and enjoyment, as a natural athlete, has numerous pay offs that are lasting.

    An awesome physique maybe a bi-product of that but there’s also the physical, mental, and social benefits of being a NATURAL athlete, even at the local level. You can’t put a price tag on that. The earlier you invest in making physical activity part of your lifestyle the bigger the pay off later.

    I speak from personal experience as someone who has seen my sporting “hard work” as a lifelong natural finally starting to . . . pay off. . . in my physical appearance. Medically I’ve always been very healthy and fit. I’ve looked athletic all my life but so do millions of other dudes. After years of training a range of sports, I reckon I could hold my own against a field of roiders in a “fitness model”, BB contest. Might not win but I’d be competitive. I suspect though, that there are very few fitness models who could hold their own against me, in a 3 round boxing contest. Boxing is hella hard work. Try it. It works absolute wonders for the male physique. If you in decent shape and have a meso/endo bent to your physique, boxing sculpts out the fatty layer covering the muscle and reveals an almost roidian 3-D look to your delts. If you’re more ecto based, boxing thickens and hardens the muscle. Same effect. Try it.

    I don’t do steroids because of the risks and I don’t like the idea of having to inject myself with powerful toxic drugs everyday. I’m squeamish like that. Does that mean I’m a coward who’s too much of pussy to do what it takes to achieve “greatness”? lol Well I don’t even like taking prescription drugs. I only take em when I have to and only because they may accelerate the healing process or ease pain. So how am I an anti-YOLO pussy for that? lol

    How does reality get flipped on its head so that people who need the crutch of performance and body enhancing drugs, are thought of as bold pioneers, while people who are constantly innovating and searching for ways to push past natural limits, NATURALLY are weak, pathetic, risk averse losers. lol smh.

    As an older man (over 45) I guess I have some memory of the masculine virtues that people tried to instil when I was a kid. Looking back I can see that, then like now, only a few men actually lived up to them. The difference between then and now is that at least back then, words like honour and integrity came with consequences. They were words that policed male behaviour. If you were found to have behaved dishonourably you’d be seen as something less than (a man). You’d have to go hide somewhere and do something to restore your honour. You wouldn’t be yapping up your YOLO-ness. In short, you’d rightly be cast as the bitch you are until you proved otherwise.

  23. MB

    I have a question: Why do PED bodybuilders often have a harsh texture skin with a yellow tint?
    The harsh texture is probably because the low fat – correct me if I’m wrong – but why the yellow tint?

    1. trystero

      I’m not sure I’ve noticed a yellow discolouration, if there is one it may be a tan (real or fake) or jaundice due to the liver disease caused by androgens.

  24. Brett

    So what if there are girls on instagram showing how sexy their butts are. If there weren’t we would all be complaining anyway. I doint care that people are taking steroids or lying to the masses or whatever. Im not fased anymore. I look good as a natural. Im goodlooking. I have a job. Im starting my own business. girls find me attractive. I have sixteen inch arms. Im 6’1. I used to care. not any more. What’s the point of wasting time talking about this. Id rather be in the gym, cold calling clients, working on my business. If you want to turn your life around, you doin’t need steroids to do it. stop wanking, stop wasting time on social media, start working out, start approaching girls on the street, research a concept called the law of averages, start your own website, put yourself out there. Then once you have done that, you can read about how people think you are a cheat. by then it wont matter, because you wont give a fuck. you will be too busy working your next business. you will just feel nothing. while they sit behind their computers hating on sexy girls in yoga pants. By the way, nice article.

    1. MB

      @Brett – I don’t think this site is about complaining. It’s about revealing the truth. Right?

      1. Brett

        Cant do one without the other.

  25. Cesqui

    Great article! Young people who want to lift weights and congregate at gyms need to be oriented about what to REALLY expect from their efforts. There are thousands of ads out there SCAMMING them with magic potions and making them believe they’ll have the physique of AAS users, without mentioning that no “supplement” rivals PED’s. People like “Truth Seeker” reaches an auditorium that I’m sure will be grateful to know a bit of the truth behind those scams.

  26. Harvey

    Hi everyone,

    Very interesting reading some of the comments here, particularly Donne and Bhaal regarding TRT. It seems as if many readers here have naturally low test, barely make gains and are seeking explanations for their failure, myself included. Natty or Not, it doesn’t seem like you’re a proponent of any unnatural regimens, but it seems like TRT could be the answer to many of our problems and it would be great if you could write a more detailed article on the topic using your expertise.

    I want to emphasize Donne’s point about the two characters that recur in your writing: the beta loser who will never get a nice body, money or hot women (us, the reader) and the roided fitness model who is bestowed with these gifts in life because he made an immoral choice to enhance himself, albeit with may side effects. The message I get after reading some of your articles is ‘your life may be shit but at least you can be mentally content with being natty’. Perhaps a more positive narrative about how we can improve our situations would bring wider appeal to your blog? I am still a huge fan nonetheless, even if you disagree.

  27. MB

    The should make a movie version of this website. That would have an impact on the fitness industry.

  28. Vin

    Lots of butthurt fake natties in these comments who can’t accept the fact that the modern-day drugged up fitness model is no different than a used care salesman. Without the drugs you’re nothing.

    1. gangster warrior

      so you don’t believe you can get to 6’1 be184+ lbs at 10% bf???

  29. trystero

    You forgot the biggest one. Gay for pay.

  30. MB

    Question: Do steroids make bones grow for women? I read something about that. There aren’t many women-specific articles that I can find on this website.

  31. MB

    Is online personal coaching not a good idea then? (serious question)
    They do more than copy-paste a foodplan.
    Looking at your goals, making a personilized training plan, following with videochat, looking at your performance during exercises and correct you when necessary, …

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