Part 1: 7 Signs That You Are a Delusional Bodybuilder

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1.Thinking that you can become as big as Ronnie Coleman naturally.

Many moons ago, a “genius” on the forum of T-Nation expressed one of the most brainless bodybuilding ideas ever. The individual in question said that anybody can become as big as Ronnie Coleman naturally if there was no aging and the lifespan of human beings was longer.

If this is how Ronnie Coleman looks without taking steroids, can you imagine how big he will be on steroids?

I am almost sorry to inform you that even if you live 5000 years, you won’t get as big as Ronnie Coleman naturally.

In order for the body to acquire this level of development, the testosterone levels have to increase and catalyze an extreme synthesis of protein. If that condition is not met, it’s impossible to achieve anything beyond your natural genetic potential regardless of how long you train.

Naturals are not on the smaller side because they don’t have time. Naturals are small because the pre-programed synthesis of protein within the body does not reach the highs where steroids can take you.

2.Thinking that powerlifters are natural because they lift heavy.

The initial goal of all lifters is to build muscle. Even the guys who switch to powerlifting secretly hope that heavy lifting and the big three (bench press, squat, deadlift) will make them huge.

Many delusional powerlifters believe that they can overcome the limitation of natural training and achieve the impossible. There are even unaware individuals who assume that the mass of powerlifters is simply the result of heavy lifting and “ground-breaking” programming. Well, sorry. Powerlifters are not natural. They use tons of gear.

Kirk Karwoski, as natural as Ronnie Coleman

Kirk Karwoski, as natural as Ronnie Coleman

In the image above, you see the famous powerlifter Kirk Karwoski. In the photo, he weighs about 280lbs at 5’8″ @ 11% BF.


3.Thinking that anything under 200lbs is small

Many of Mark Rippetoe’s followers believe that a man under 200lbs represents a fragile bitch of the highest order.

Well, sorry. A man can weigh less than 200lbs and still carry a lot of muscle. To tell you the truth, unless you are 6’3″ or more, you will never be over 200lbs naturally unless you are fat.

Lu Xiaojun - about 170 lbs; Small?

Lu Xiaojun – about 170lbs. Small?

Former bodybuilders like Frank Zane, Sammir Bannout and Rich Gaspari competed in Mr. Olympia while weighing under 200lbs.

Don’t be a slave to numbers. Quality over quantity.

4.Hoping that the pros will show you the road to mass.

Many patients who keep on swallowing the blue pill think that they are small due to their “inefficient” routines and listen carefully to the big bodybuilders

I am almost sorry to inform you, but you are not small because of your routine. You are small in comparison to your idols because you are natural.

Moreover, the pros will never tell you the secrets in public. This is why I consider most bodybuilding seminars a blue pill of the highest order. You are paying money to hear that the squat builds legs, the bench builds chest, and the pull-up builds lats. Get serious.

5.Extreme Fear Of Muscle Imbalances

Each week there’s a new movement designed to prevent an imbalance. As a result, people get confused and do too many exercises.

Don’t be scared. If you are doing a pull, a push and a squat, you won’t suffer from any imbalances. Only add exercises when you know with certainty that you are getting something in return.

6.Believing that you can build 18-inch arms naturally.

Most natural bodybuilders don’t have arms bigger than 16 inches in a lean condition.

Of course, there’s always a guy who supposedly has 21-inch biceps “at no more than 10-15% body fat”, but when you actually meet the guy, it usually turns out that his arms are actually 19 inches measured with a loose tape after a hardcore pump whereas his body fat is 25% if you close one of your eyes.

7. Suffering From Protein OCD

Many bodybuilders go into panic mode after spending more than a few hours without a source of protein. Thankfully, the body is more resilient than one might think. You will have to starve for a lot longer to lose muscle. Get rid of your protein OCD.

Part 2 coming soon

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  1. Real

    This is just dumb. I’m 5’11 and 225 ripped as hell playin football D1. Never even thought of taking roids. Just cus you can’t do it doesn’t mean other people can’t.

    1. Tyler

      Unless you’re mom fucked a gorilla… I’d say you are exaggerating terribly.

  2. Richard

    True you won’t get as massive as Ronnie Coleman naturally, but you can still get pretty big.

    I am 6’2″, 225 — with shredded 17-1/2″ arms. I am carrying a little fat on my belly, but I have been ripped at 230 in the past. I am almost 52 now. I have never taken a steroid or anything.

    1. Brad Weilmuenster

      Thats awesome for you’r age. Im 46, so im close behind ya. The key to a serious athlete or trainer is still getting it after the new wears off! LOL

  3. Brad Weilmuenster

    You forgot the most important factor….GENETICS! Most truley massive pros were big humans to begin with. If you want to say your natural, be natural! If you do juice, just remember you’r heart is a muscle also. An enlarged heart is a struggling muscle. Google pro bodybuilders that died before age 40. Scary! Heart attacks at 25-30’s. Just saying. The most important advice i could give any human would be, just train hard, never give up on you’r goals, and be happy in you’r skin!

  4. Craig

    Sorry but this is just wrong, I’m 46, 5’10, 225 lbs. Not only am I natural, but I’m a Vegan, a practicioner of Kung Fu and have been like this since about 22-23. I was always skinny and 18 started gaining weight I was 200lbs with some extra Fat. By 23 I was a ripped 175. By 25 I was 225, could leg press 750lbs. Shrug 250+ Crank out 50+ chins, and non stop pushups. My chest was and still is 50, waist 31. This isn’t to brag, but to show big can definitely happen naturally and even plant based. I’ve never taken a vitamin, drug other than Tylenol, don’t drink.
    It can be done with self control, dedication, lots of food and hard work constantly challenging yourself and not hitting the gym do much you burn the muscle you add and strengthen

    1. Tyler

      So full of shit. Lol. I’ve met a lot of guys who lift over the years. I know what it takes to look like that. As a former steroid user myself, I know… but I guess you the son of zues or something lmao

  5. Meade

    ” To tell you the truth, unless you are 6’3 or more, you will never be over 200 lbs naturally, unless you are fat”. BULL . Not true at all. For example, Roderick Strong on ROH is 5’10 and he’s 210 lbs. He’s very lean at that weight. Not overtly muscular, but definitely not fat.! Bone structure has a lot to do with it. Just one example.

  6. Gringo

    Haha nobody over 14 stone, natural and lean? LOL
    200lbs!?! There are genetically gifted superfreaks who are very strong and have a natural ability to gain muscle easily and are at 250lbs easily with no juice, and yes with 19inch arms. Even 275lbs. You must be a teenager writing this.

  7. Ex

    Whoever wrote this should not be writing about things they know nothing about. Most of this information is incorrect. I’m a nutritionist and pro BB.
    Please do not read this article.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      You are a pro?

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