Bodybuilding Seminars Are a Waste Of Time

| by Truth Seeker |

As you already know, is not a conventional bodybuilding web-site. I often post articles rejecting the mainstream bodybuilding claims which most of the time are just tactics scamming the noobs. Bodybuilding seminars do not make an exception.

Professional bodybuilders, as well as the gurus surrounding them, often organize bodybuilding seminars to earn some extra cash. Of course, they want you to believe that they are doing it to spread knowledge and wisdom, but this isn’t true.

Most of the mainstream bodybuilding seminars misinform the public by spreading conventional bodybuilding ideas (blue pills) such as “eat big to get big‘, “lift heavy”, “feel the pump…etc. In other words, those gatherings are nothing more than politically correct nonsense.

In the video below, for example, you can hear the bodybuilding legend Ronnie Coleman claim that he’s never used steroids.

This is obviously not true since Ronnie Coleman competed as a professional bodybuilder for decades.

In the next clip, you see an old seminar with Phil Heat, Flex Lewis, Dennis James and Larissa Reis. 10 minutes into the video, a guy from the audience asks them how to gain weight. Dennis James tells the man to eat carbs with every meal. Why are people paying money for similar advice?

Why are people paying money for similar advice? Because of a little thing called emotional conditioning.

At the end of the day, the pros are simply feeding the fans with unrealistic expectations and blue pills upon blue pills. I am almost sorry to inform you, but this kind of info is garbage that gets you nowhere.

Honestly, those bodybuilding seminars resemble a circle jerk dedicated to muscle worship. The guys from the crowd are often ridiculed for asking “stupid things” whereas the men alluding to the truth are labeled as “haters”.


Most mainstream bodybuilding seminars are no different than the get rich quick events promising easy money to the audience. I am sorry, but the only individuals getting richer are the organizers, the promoters, the speakers and the sponsors. As always, the little men are reduced to cows that ought to be milked.

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