Part 2: 7 More Signs That You Are a Delusional Bodybuilder

| by Truth Seeker |

1. Thinking that people who don’t lift weights are total losers

Many humanoids delude themselves into thinking that they are saving the world by lifting weights in the gym. Consequently, those who don’t fight gravity on purpose are labeled as losers unworthy of oxygen. I am almost sorry to inform you that this line of thinking reveals severe insecurities. I can assure that many people who don’t lift weights compensate by doing other things that are just as hard. Let them choose their front.

2. Thinking that politics are not a large part of bodybuilding

Have you ever wondered why bodybuilders who look terrible often place higher than they should? It’s called politics or in simpler terms – behind the scenes money distribution.

3. Thinking that steroids users get the girls and the cash for free

Steroids facilitate the construction of muscle mass, but this does not happen for free. The users still pay the price in the form of side effects. Moreover, the bodybuilding lifestyle is not really appealing to the mainstream woman. Not every girl wants to make protein meals for her big baby, excuse me, husband.

4. Dirty Bulking


When you are a natural bodybuilder, dirty bulking results primarily in fat gains There is plenty of evidence showing that diets like GOMAD end in FatsoLand.

5. Fear Of Cardio

If your cardio volume is not beyond the point of no return, there will be no muscle loss. Moreover, high-intensity cardio like sprinting actually helps you build muscle.

6. Thinking That The Prizes In Bodybuilding Are High


Most bodybuilders, even the best ones, don’t count on competitions to make real money. When you compare the annual drug bill of a professional bodybuilder to the actual prizes, you may consider donating.

It’s not uncommon for professional bodybuilders to spend USD 20,000 a month before a big contest. Food, anabolic steroids and growth hormone cost a lot. That’s why many bodybuilders start business ventures in the industry such as supplement and clothing companies.

7.Trying To Get The Girl By Building More and More Muscle


Having a great physique is certainly a huge bonus, especially in the quest for a one night stand, but beyond a certain point, it starts working against you. Money, face and height open the doors of Pussy Heaven wider than big biceps do.

Part 3 coming someday but not so soon.

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