The Abuse Of Synthol In Bodybuilding

What is synthol and why are bodybuilders using it?

Synthol is a site enhancement oil (SEO) meant to create the illusion of a developed muscle. Due to its cosmetics properties the substance is used heavily in bodybuilding, fitness and modeling. Bodybuilders rely on synthol to hide a lagging body part which may not be responding well to training. Synthol is often infected in the muscles of the lower leg (calves), the visible shoulder muscle (deltoids) and the muscles of the upper arms (biceps and triceps). The use of oil to cover a weakness is commonly referred to as “fluffing”.

 According to THIS research synthol consists of: oil (85%), lidocaine (7.5%) and alcohol (7.5%).


The oil used in synthol is normally based on medium-length MCT chains, because it’s believed that this gives the best effects. The lidocain in synthol is a local anesthetic designed to reduce the pain commonly associated with site injections, while the alcohol is meant to sterilize the mixture. {source}

Bodybuilding requires the development of proportional and symmetric physique. However, while some muscle groups are developing nicely as a result of regular training, other will lag behind and the balance levels will be affected negatively. The factors that cause this phenomenon are: genetics and exercise technique.

In the sport of bodybuilding genetics play an insanely important role. Most experts in the field believe that whether you will succeed in the sport or not, has been predetermined the night mommy and daddy made you. They are right. Everybody can get big by using anabolic steroids, but big does not always equal better and there are more judging elements to consider – muscle maturity, proportions, muscle bellies, insertions, muscle shape…etc. Many of those are depending solely on your DNA.

What most bodybuilders notice when they first get involved in the sport is that some muscle groups get bigger much faster than others. Sometimes, this is so pronounced that those specific muscles remain prominent even if they are trained with less intensity and frequency than the lagging ones. A good example would be the muscles of the lower leg and specifically the calf muscle.

Many famous bodybuilders such as Dexter Jackson, Dennis Wolf, Flex Wheeler and many more to count had trouble developing muscular and powerful calves muscles despite all the training, abuse of anabolic steroids and the best bodybuilding coaching in the world. In similar situation, where the muscle just doesn’t grow no matter what, bodybuilders often start injecting the problematic muscle group with site enhancement oils or use muscle implants in order to reduce the obvious weakness.

Exercise form

Bodybuilders, unlike powerlifters, are not judged by how much weight they can lift. What matters the most is the level of muscular development and conditioning (low amount of body fat). For example, the fact that a bodybuilder can lift a lot of weight on the bench press does not mean that his chest will be developed. When performing compound exercises such as: barbell bench press, deadlifts, squats, barbell rows, pull-ups and others there are a lot of different muscles involved in the movement. In the bench press, for instance, the primary movers are the chest, triceps and shoulders. However, some people will notice that the their chest musculature may not be growing as a result, while the triceps and shoulder are – or vice versa. How you do an exercise has a large effect on which muscle works the most. Different techniques can shift the stress from one muscle group to another. A wide grip on the bench press will target the outer part of the pectoral muscle (chest), while a closer grip challenges the triceps and the frontal deltoids more. How a person does an exercise is determined mostly by his anatomical structure, injury history, goals, general training knowledge and experience.

95% or more of the IFBB pro bodybuilders in the world use synthol to hide a weak muscle group and over the last decades synthol has become a stable during the preparation of an IFBB stage ready physique. However, sometimes the use of site enhancement oil may not be as apparent and the untrained eye of the fan may even fail to spot it.

For example, in the picture below former IFBB pro Nasser El Sonbaty displays an arm loaded with site enhancement oil. What makes it obvious is the unnatural shape of the arm flexor (biceps), the lack of muscular definitions and the overall “dead” look of the arm muscles. Some people may not be able to spot all of that, because they just don’t know how synthol looks unless the abuse is extremely obvious.

Image via:

Image via:

More and more young and ignorant people are becoming “synthol victims”. The usage of site enhancement oil is, of course, more popular among boys who want to look strong and impressive for the girls and are constantly searching for social approval and acceptance. In most cases, young men are injecting synthol in their biceps mainly because of vanity and the reason that big arms have become the symbol of muscle and strength in the human world. The picture below illustrates this phenomenon more vividly.


Image via:
The “bodybuilder” Moustafa Ismail and his 31-inch arms powered by synthol and stupidity.

Synthol and SEOs in general restrict the flow of oxygen and blood into the muscle tissue, depriving it of essential nutrients. This “starvation” causes muscle atrophy – the biggest fear of every synthol user.

Note: When a bodypart is loaded with large amounts of synthol, the oil can only be drained out through a surgical procedure performed by a medical professional.

Interesting fact: The most popular bodybuilder to abuse site enhancement oils is Gregg Valentino. However, according to Gregg himself he did not use synthol in order to become the ugly monster he was/is. His official version is that he injected steroids into the muscle itself – to inflame it and make it bigger. Later on, he had to undergo surgery to get his life back.

Image via: Gregg Valentino - famous for destroying his body.

Image via:
Gregg Valentino – famous for destroying his body.

Recommendation: NEVER USE SYNTHOL. You don’t get bigger, nor stronger through the use of synthol. The only thing that’s happening is you making a fool of yourself for the sake of vanity and fake social status. Synthol users look funny and risk their health and dignity for nothing. In brief, they are ignorant fools incapable of making a difference between shit and muscle. Don’t join the club!

Disclaimer: does NOT support the usage of illegal substances. The content above is solely for informational purposes and is NOT written by a medical professional. The website is not responsible for any kind damages that may be caused by the uploaded articles – the very same way a knife seller is not responsible for the actions of his clients. Be wise – love yourself and your body.


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