Matt Ogus – Natty Or NOT?

Matthew Ogus is a popular bodybuilder on YouTube. He claims he is “natural” just like his friend Jeff Seid. However, his 3D Photoshop look is pointing somewhat in the opposite direction.

The main factors to consider when deciding whether Matt Ogus is natural are:

1.Matt Ogus’ off-season weight is way too high for his modest height;

In this link Matt Ogus himself says that his bodyweight in the picture below is about 192-193lbs (88kg). The photo clearly shows that at 193lbs Matt Ogus has a clear six-pack of abs and is very lean. No more than 10%-11% body fat.

Matt Ogus Natty or Not


Being 193 lbs at 10%-11% body fat when you are only 5’5 tall is a clear indication of what’s going on.

Note: Matt Ogus he has the following stats:


5’5.5” (166 cm)

Off-season weight:

193 lbs (88 kg)

Competition weight:

155+lbs (70 kg)

3.The 3D Photoshop Look;

While being heavy and muscular is the biggest sign of steroid abuse, there are others way to detect it. An obvious clue is the so-called 3D Photoshop look. You don’t have to be Ronnie Coleman’s size to be on steroids. For example, the Chinese weightlifter Lu Xiaojun, who won an Olympic Golden medal in 2012, is only 169 lbs/77 kg at 5’8” (172 cm).

All Olympic weightlifters are on steroids. There is no other way to compete with the best of the best and train for hours every day. It’s impossible. There is absolutely no doubt that Lu Xiaojun is not natural. Yet, he is not super big and similar to Matt Ogus he has the 3D Photosop look that screams anabolics. Of course, in Lu Xiaojun’s case his strength is even a bigger indicator.



4.Bodybuilding relies on the ignorance of people to make money;

The money in bodybuilding comes from the naive.

In general, people are not interested in taking steroids. Quality gear is expensive and finding the right information requires a lot of time and effort. The side effects should not be taken lightly either. Consequently, the majority of the fitness crowd wants to stay natural and “pure”. That’s why supposedly natural bodybuilders like Matt Ogus are put on pedestal. If he was to admit steroids use, he will lose fans, possible contracts and a lot of money. More information on why bodybuilders deny steroids usage can be found here.

5.Bloated (moon) face;

Another sign of steroid usage is water retention causing the so-called bloated or moon face. Is some of his pictures Matt Ogus shows similar tendencies.

Matt Ogus - Natty Or Not


The most likely hypothesis: Matt Ogus is using low to medium doses of anabolic steroids  to maintain his aesthetic physique.

Our advice – Open you eyes and see what’s been going on. The whole bodybuilding industry is corrupt and relies on lies and disinformation to make money.

Interesting fact: Matt Ogus is famous for performing G4P (gay for pay) activities in front of a web-camera.

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  1. nadir mhamdi

    that is silly
    i am 88kg i eat shit all the time i train hard i am at around 13% bodyfat yet i have never been on roids
    i sometimes even don’t have enough money to get a supplement
    i am not saying he is natty
    but your arguments are just off

  2. Tyler

    The information given is so opinionated…. “All Olympic weight lifters use steroids.” Under what proof? I’m not disagreeing fully, but your facts are not facts. Also, put into fact how long Ogus has been training, how long his cutting phases are (23 weeks), and where he stores his fat. He always has shredded abs, but in off season, his lower pack stores a lot. I like this site, but not when the information given is shit….

    1. Get rekt

      “He always has shredded abs, but in off season, his lower pack stores a lot.”
      It is called cycling dumbass

  3. Aj Iwobi

    This is crap I’m 6’2 235 have trained my body since youth, and NEVER TAKEN STEROIDS. I stopped using protein powdereds as well and am more shredded than many individuals lifting for competitions. Moral is those that put in the work, sweat, tears, pain, and sacrifices, get the results they want. While those who can’t see themselves doing the same amont of work eagerly try to tear them off there pedelstals. If you would work half as hard as I did you wouldnt being trying to falsifiy others who did the same. By the way get relevant data, the body appears bloat due to carb and vegetable consumption…happens every time throughout the day, and you wake up shredded in the morning

    1. TheBeast

      You’re gotta be kidding me😂. I know there are many people like you that think they are shredded or big but in reality they aren’t. Saying that vegetables and carbs cause bloatation shows how little you know about the subject, lol. Why don’t you just go and eat your veggies to make some gains.

  4. Tanner

    6’2 235 natural and “more shredded than people lifting for competitions” so mayber 10% body fat at most? Ffmi of almost 28 lol right…..

  5. Michael

    Ahahah, your page is such bullshit, There were people with an FFMI (fat free mass index) of 27 long before steroids, hormone boosters and performance enhancers were even invented. Matt Ogus has an FFMI of about 24. If he has great genetics, it is well possible for him to be natty. Im not saying he is, he could be on juice and have shitty genetics, BUT it is possible for him to be natty, also considering his long bulking periods. You sir. are really terrible and a hater of the fitness industry on all levels.

  6. Wolf

    Traps are a dead give away to steroid abuse. True natty’s might look thick in the traps from the front, but the side view almost ALWAYS reveals a very natural looking upper back/ neck. True natty’s very rarely look fucking huge and shredded and hard after a cut too. Ogus is too strong in the steroid areas as well. My philosophy is that “liars are more common than the genetically gifted” and I think Ogus is just another juiced show pony looking for credit he doesn’t deserve.

    1. Nate

      Bro this is the most ridiculous comment. Personally my traps are way bigger than they should be. Genetics play huge roles in these things. Don’t take away what some people are born with just because you were not.

  7. Matt Epstein

    Hahah this page is hilarious! I love the common sense in jt! Has anyone ever watched what he eats? Come on…. only us lifters out there who have trained naturally for years and have also experimenTed with anabolics truly understand this page. I respect Matt ogus because he is fucking hilarious! And whatever if he did gay for pay cool won’t judge. But I would have the most respect if he just admitted his use of drugs. He would not lose my support at all because what people fail to realize is that steroids don’t just make you big or shredded. You still have to train like he’ll to achieve what he has you still have to diet like crazy as well even more while on gear. You all are incredibly naive to think anyone can achieve that look naturally without any use of anabolics. All in all Matt Ogus is obviously a genius to have his fans and do what he does. He is also extremely witty and should be praised on that alone. But seriously people … open your eyes don’t be a moron.

  8. Mattew

    Wake up people.. You’ll get surprise to see how many of the fitness industry, even the ones you think their body is achievable naturally, are instead on roids or they got some. One of the best natural bodybuilder of all time is Sandow, which statue is infact the price of the Olympia.. Go see how he looked like. You may think that the training and nutrition knowledge had an evolution since then and that s why Sandow may look smaller than the natural guys we have nowadays.. Well no. He looks smaller because the onrmes we think are natty they are not, just like Matt Ogus.

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