Is Kane Sumabat Natural? Can you have his sick physique?

Kane Sumabat a.k.a. Timbahwolf has one of the most aesthetic physique the world has ever seen. Most people are blown away by his thick and lean body. This is to be expected given that he looks like a spartan warrior ready for a battle.

The best part of all is that he claims to be a natural athlete. However, it sounds a little too good to be true, doesn’t it?

How big is Kane Sumabat?


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According to his profile on he is 5’10” – 178 cm @ 177 lbs – 80 kg. It’s also safe to say that he has super low body fat – 5% or so. Those kinds of stats put him 7 lbs above our expectations for a natural bodybuilder at his height. 7 lbs is a lot of weight – especially when it’s pure muscle.

An intermediate lifter will need a year to build 10 lbs of muscle. An advanced lifters will need over 2 years to build 7 lbs of muscle. That’s why we shouldn’t disrespect 7 lbs, even though it does not sound like it’s a lot of weight.

Conclusion: There maybe some 5’10” genetic freaks that can build the mass of Kane Sumabat naturally, but they are among the minority. Most people won’t get to that level.

Brah, give me conditioning…

What stands the most about Kane Sumabat’s physique is his conditioning and muscle quality. It’s not that he is that big – it’s just the muscle pop that attracts the eye. Kane Sumabat has the classic Photoshop look that makes him appear larger than life. He is full, veiny and muscular. He will have no problem claiming to be 200+ lbs. That’s how large the illusion is.

Kane Sumabat is already in his 40s…

Kane Sumabat is not 20 years old anymore which makes it harder to naturally maintain similar physique that is pushing the limits of what’s possible without drugs. Unfortunately, age does matter for those kind of things and older people have harder time building and maintaining similar out of this world physiques.

But Kane Sumabat trains like a madman…

That’s good to hear, but all the training in the world cannot overcome the shortness of being natural. Naturals are small not because they don’t train as frequently or as hard as unnaturals but because they don’t use steroids. All the training in the world won’t change that one bit.

Kane Sumabat has been following the If-it-fits-your-macros (IIFM) diet for years…

For those of you who don’t know the whole idea behind IIFM is that as long as you get the needed macro nutrients (protein, carbs and fats) for the day, it does not matter what kind of food sources you rely on.

Kane Sumabat has been known to follow this diet for years and eats donuts, burgers and all kinds of junk food quite often. Yet, he remains as shredded as they make them. Is it the diet, or is there more to it? It’s a well known fact that there are many forms of steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs (PED) that help you get shredded while eating junk food.


Conclusion: Kane Sumabat’s mass and overall conditioning are highly uncharacteristic for true natural bodybuilders. There is no doubt that he looks phenomenal and has great genetics and dedication for lifting, but we have seriously hard time believing that he is a lifetime natural.

Probability of being lifetime natural: 0,01/5;

References: /Retrieved June 04, 2014/



    LOOOL, the content on this page made me laugh, so much bulshit lololol, just a bunch of skinny motherfuckers pissed with a natural bb that is bigger, fuck me

  2. Ryan

    LMAO “eating junk food while staying lean”. You obviously haven’t ever tracked macros and possibly ever lifted. Kane is within his FFMI and really doesn’t look “big” as much as lean. Not all people are created equal and lose test ng count at the same rate. Asians/blacks are infamous for looking/staying younger and it should be no surprise just by looking at his face/skin that he falls into this group. His physique is great, but for 35 years of training and proper diet, is definitely achievable.

  3. Soco

    I tried IIFYM and it worked for me. I was 6’1″ 200-205 at 9.8% bodyfat. I don’t consider myself as advanced as Kane. Not everyone that’s ripped is unnatural. That being said, Kane did admit to cycling at one point in his life. You can find that on forums

  4. Sara Howell

    Just a bunch of racist hillbillys that’s cant get rid of the beer belly hahaha timbawolf is pure dedication haters

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