Joe Donnelly – Natural Or a Steroid User?

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Joe Donnelly - Natural Or A Steroid User?

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Joe Donnelly is a former NFL player who switched to fitness modeling and now enjoys the spotlight again thanks to his lean and super powerful physique. The question that most people are asking is whether a body of that magnitude can be acquired naturally. Let’s see.

How big is Joe Donnelly?

Joe Donnelly is as big as they make them. According to, he is 6’2″/188cm tall and weighs 235lbs/106.8kg. His body fat is not listed, but since he has visible veins on his lower abs, it’s safe to say that he’s pretty lean. Those stats make the analysis easier since Joe Donnelly is as big as Arnold Schwarzenegger was in his prime.

Arnold is the most popular bodybuilder of all time and had the following stats:

Height: 6’2″/188 cm
Weight: 235-240lbs/107-110 kg

Note: Arnold won his last Mr. Olympia in 1980 weighing 220lbs -15lbs less than his best.

Conclusion: Joe Donnelly is a modern day fitness model who is as big as Arnold Schwarzenegger. For the unaware, Arnold was not natural.

How can a natural bodybuilder/fitness model reach the size of Arnold? (This is your homework.)

Does Joe Donnelly have the Photoshop look?

A glance at Joe Donnelly’s photos is enough to know that he has the so-called Photoshop look – leanness, dryness, 3D musculature…etc. I am sorry, but natties do not look like that in photos.

Conclusion: It’s highly unlikely that a man born on Earth will ever look like that naturally.

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