What To Expect When Your Boyfriend Is A Pro Bodybuilder

Bodybuilders often present dedication, motivation, perseverance and passion as key elements to a successful bodybuilding career. What they offer omit from the picture, however, is the importance of the environment around you. Having people supporting you and appreciating what you’re doing can help you a lot in the pursuit on becoming the next thong hero.

“Behind every successful thong hero, there’s a wife making meals and preparing the needle.”

Bodybuilders are hard to deal with. They live like babies – eating every few hours and sleeping more than cats. A lot of competitors rely on their wives/girlfriends to take care of the meals. It’s not uncommon for a bodybuilding wife to cook more than a mother does for her children. Oat meals, eggs, fish….the bodybuilder needs to be fed and muscles need to be supplied with protein, don’t they?

While all of this is pretty hard, there’s another game changing aspect related to the drug intake of a regular pro bodybuilder. The drugs taken by bodybuilders affect one’s lifestyle a lot. While in general the so-called ‘roid rage’ has been greatly exaggerated by the mainstream media, steroids can affect your mood significantly. Many bodybuilders simply lose their minds prior to contests due to the drug side effects as well as the severe and largely restrictive diets.

On top of everything drugs cost a lot of money – especially quality drugs and growth hormone.

How are you going to explain to your wife that you need USD 10, 000 a month for your next pre-competition cycle?

An interesting thing to note is that many bodybuilders don’t actually rely on their wives or girlfriends to inject steroids in their glutes. While it often happens, there are also individuals who don’t even inform their significant others about their usage of anabolic steroids. Bodybuilders are often ashamed to admit to anybody that they rely on anabolics so much.

Going Too Far: People Tend To Do Crazy Things For Their Lovers

Many bodybuilders and powerlifters are so big that they can't even wipe their own butts.

Grec Kovacs was one of the biggest bodybuilders and that is sometimes problematic.

Back in the day the popular bodybuilder Nasser El Sonbaty gave an interview in which he revealed that the wife of another huge bodybuilder, Grec Kovacs, used to wipe the butt of her husband because he was too big and couldn’t reach it. Similar behavior is also observed among the heavyweight powerlifters who are often even bigger in diameter than bodybuilders. There are powerlifting wives routinely wiping the butts of the thier husbands/boyfriends.

So, the moral of the story is – if you have to go with a bodybuilder or a powerlifter, make sure they compete in a lower weight class unless you like wiping butts of grown men.

What kind of women like bodybuilders?


Bodybuilders tend to attract a variety of different female companions. However, for the most part bodybuilding wives are often directly involved in bodybuilding or other beauty contests themselves. Many of them seem to want a protector really bad. They see those huge men with muscles as their defense shield against the world. That reveals insecurity and the need for physical and emotional guardian.

Truth be told, most women share similar perspective on what the man next to them should be. Some put more emphasis on money, others on the pure physical appearance and some on both. The most important, however, remains security and support. Muscles could be considered a symbol of those two. In reality, however, bodybuilders are as needy as little infants.

Honey, are we going to have kids?


Another big factor in every marriage/relationship are children. Professional bodybuilders tend to have hard time having children due to the large amount of drugs they use. While there is no doubt that you can be on tons of anabolic steroids and still be able to have children, there are also many cases when people’s reproductive function is shut down due to the abuse of drugs. You can’t really know which card you are going to pick. There are people like Ronnie Coleman who are able to father two basketball teams, but there are also those who can’t have children as a result of their drug addiction. This is an important factor to consider as a bodybuilding wife.

When are you going to fuck me, honey? Can you get it up?


Bodybuilders are notorious for their sex lives. At one point they’re sex machines thanks to all the extra testosterone and the next time they can’t reach the G-spot because their legs are too big and getting it up is becoming harder and harder due to all the drug cocktails including Deca and Trenbolone. With that being said anabolic steroids don’t technically make you impotent but they sure as hell can have a negative effect.

That’s why many bodybuilders often stay on testosterone no matter what and use stimulants in order to negate the effects of all the other drugs in the mix. Technically, people with high testosterone should not have problems ‘getting it up’.

However, when bodybuilders go completely off everything, they have really hard time because their natural production of testosterone is just gone. This is the so-called PCS {post cycle syndrome} which could be considered an equivalent to the PMS {Premenstrual syndrome} experienced by women. The feeling is pretty bad.

In conclusion

Being a bodybuilding wife/girlfriend is not easy. It’s hard and you have to deal with your man’s prima donna behaviour on daily basis. Cooking, sorting steroids, shaving his back, wiping his butt {sometimes} could be considered an unpleasant slave like experience. Of course, not all bodybuilders are like that but most are indeed very needy and behave like big babies afraid to lose their toys/muscles. The mentioned characteristics, however, apply mainly to the big professional bodybuilders. The recreational lifters also share similar traits but it’s not as bad.

To summarize all in one sentence:

Girls, be prepared – bodybuilders are needy.


  1. Rudy

    Ay man you know nothing about bodybuilding lifestyle. It’s because you never in that lifestyle and you only guessing and follow the source from the media. F-off brah, it is not like that at all. Why you seems hate the bb lifestyle? Are you mirin or what brah? It’s very stupid that bb-ers can’t fuck his bf while off cycle because you said that natural testo has been shut down, lol. Not even close brah. When we are off cycle, let’s say a month. The natural testo is work as normal again brah with/without pct. why you doesn’t know that? Because you know nothing about this shit brah

  2. Christy

    As a girlfriend of a body builder, this is only half true. I’m sure a lot of guys do steroids, but not all of them. And there’s more struggles than just drugs.

  3. maria

    The woman also need her respect, as we take care of him, he also should take care of us, and no all the bodybuilders take drugs, and no all are this stupid, others know how to cook, and they care of his girlfriend or wife, or his family, is all about if the guy lose his self or no, I am proud of my spouse, he is a body builder but he listen to me, he don’t take drugs, and I support him with his food, and needs, WE are a couple is not one, is both. we have to take care of each other, is not just the girlfriend, is both, and obviously like all the relations are not easy but love isn’t easy and we have to know that, if the guy is really man he will not behave like a baby.

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