Building Muscles Like Laron Landry Without Steroids?

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Laron Landry is an American football player with an incredible physique. His biceps are so big that even Arnold Schwarzenegger would look at them and approve. However, is it possible to achieve a physique of that magnitude naturally? Can drug-free bodybuilders get to this level of development? Let’s look at the data.

How big is Laron Landry?

According to Laron Landry’s profile on, he has the following body stats:

Height: 6’/183 cm
Weight: 226lbs/102.7 kg

There isn’t precise information on Laron Landry’s body fat levels, but the pictures reveal that he has visible veins on his lower abs. Therefore, his body fat is probably no higher than 8-10%.

To compare Laron Landry to old school bodybuilders from the past, we have to calculate his LBM (lean body mass) at 10% BF and 5% BF.

Since most bodybuilders compete at about 5% BF, we can’t use Laron Landry’s weight at 10% BF as the main reference point.

To calculate how much Laron Landry would weigh at 5% BF, we’re going to use the model of Lyle McDonald presented here.

The formula made by Lyle McDonald goes as follows:

Goal Weight = Current Lean Body Mass / (1-Goal Body Fat percentage as a decimal)

When we apply it to our case we get:

Laron Landry’s Lean Body Mass at 10% = 226 lbs x 0.9 = 203.4lbs

Goal weight (Landry’s weight at 5% BF) = 203.4 lbs / (1-0.05) = 203.4/0.95 = 214lbs

In theory, at 5% body fat, the body weight of Laron Landry will be around 214lbs.

This is a lot of mass given the fact that there are former bodybuilders who used to weigh less than 213.6 lbs at 5% and stood next to Arnold Schwarzenegger. We’re talking about the legendary bodybuilder Serge Nubret who at his best was 217lbs at 6′.

However, Nubret never competed at 217lbs. Most of the time, he was about 200lbs – 13lbs less than Laron Landry’s estimated weight.

A few years ago, Serge Nubret started an online campaign and posted regularly on all popular bodybuilding websites. In one of his posts, he said that his best weight was 217lbs, but due to Joe Weider’s politics, he was unable to compete initially and lost 12lbs prior to the contest. The shape of Serge at 217lbs can be seen here:

Serge Nubret's best form. Photo take by: Lucien Demeilles

Serge Nubret’s best form (6′ @ 217 lbs @ 5% BF). Photo by Lucien Demeilles


Laron Landry has almost as much muscle mass as Serge Nubret on his best day. The two men are of similar height.



What about all the drug testing in professional football?

In case you haven’t noticed by now, this world is a fucked up place. Innocent people are forced to work 18+ hours shifts in factories while others receive million dollar contracts to hit a ball and run in a circle. The wealth in this world is not divided properly, and there are many people who end up on the losing side. Most of them never had a chance.

The governments of all countries pretend to be working hard towards a nirvana, but the only thing they’re doing is keeping the system (prison) running. Ultimately, everything is done in the name of money.

The truth is that most athletes who win gold medals are on drugs. The new records cannot become a reality without PEDс.

The video below explains that even baseball players who are far less jacked than NFL players use steroids. What do you think those NFL monsters are doing? Eating carrots?

In conclusion

Laron Landry has the stats of an elite bodybuilder from the 70s. So far we have never seen someone who can build as much muscle mass as an elite bodybuilder from the Golden Era naturally.

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