All You Need To Know About Bodybuilding In One Article

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All you need to know about bodybuilding in one article.

1. Lifting weights causes micro tears. The body repairs those tears. Part of the recovery process involves the synthesis of muscle protein. This is how you get bigger.

2. Set and rep ranges are not as important as the total workout volume and intensity.

4. Training alone is not enough. You need a sufficient amount of protein and calories to build muscle. You can’t build a house without materials.

5. You don’t have to consume as much protein as the supplement companies are telling you. Unless you are tall and big, you will rarely need more than 100 grams of protein a day to grow.

6. Natural bodybuilders see the fastest body composition changes when they stick to low carb diets.

7. Whey protein, creatine, glutamine, and BCAA are overrated supplements. You don’t need them to reach your natural potential.

8. You can’t build muscle and lose fat at the same time unless you are on steroids or a beginner.

9. The best exercises for the chest muscles are dips, bench press, and push-ups. On the other hand, flys, cross-overs, pec decks and machines suck and only cause shoulder injuries.

10.The best exercises for the back are pull-ups, deadlifts, rows.

11. The best exercises for the legs are squats, sprints, leg press, Romanian deadlifts, standing calf raises.

12. The best exercises for the arms are dumbbell curls, dips, close grip bench presses.

13. 99% of the people advertising supplements are on steroids.

14. You don’t need cardio to lose fat. Being in a caloric deficit is all that matters in most cases.

15. As a natural bodybuilder, you cannot expect to gain more than 20-30lbs of real muscle during your career.

16. Bodybuilders don’t make a lot of money.

17. Most bodybuilders do G4P (gay for pay) to cover their drug expenses.

18. There are no special training routines.

19. GOMAD makes you fat and farty.

20. Low bar squats are not really squats, they are cheated barbell good mornings.

21. Professional bodybuilders are not natural.

22. The reason why modern bodybuilders are 50-70lbs bigger than Arnold are the extra drugs (insulin and growth hormone).

23. Steroids are not as dangerous as people think. Problems arise when the user becomes an abuser.

24. Bodybuilders are insecure sissies hiding behind big muscles.

25. Kettlebells are not that special – just another marketing tool. They’are not even as Russian as the promoters say.

26. The overhead press is the ultimate shoulder exercise.

27. Side lateral raises are among the most ineffective exercises ever.

28. Most people who think they are 10% body fat are often 15% body fat.

29. Naturals look anorexic and fragile at 5% body fat.

30. All fitness models who make money with their bodies are not natural and take Trenbolone, T3, Clenbuterol and even growth hormone.

31. If a woman looks like a man, she is not natural.

32. The packaging and the labels of the supplements you buy cost more than the actual content.

33. Bodybuilding is a worship of oneself, therefore it’s narcissistic.

34. Professional bodybuilders remain forever on TRT.

35. If you investigate, you will see that most pro bodybuilders who are fathers have girls. Ronnie Coleman, for example, has over 5 children (hard to know the exact number), and they are all girls. Since the sex of a child depends on the male, we all know that the father’s drug protocol has a saying.

36. Bodybuilders pretend to always eat clean, but the truth is that they eat junk food constantly.

37. Steroids are very effective when it comes to building muscle mass and the main reason why bodybuilders look the way they do.

38. The HIT method sucks for most people and only causes CNS burnout. Even Mike Mentzer himself did not use HIT to build his physique. Rumor has it that he did 12 sets per body part but only counted the last two as work sets.

39. The money in bodybuilding comes from the noobs buying supplements and going to pointless seminars. Another source of income is illegal distribution of anabolic steroids and growth hormone.

40. The winner of Mr. Olympia is known prior to the contest.

41. Calves can grow but are genetic for the most part.

42. You can build big legs without squats.

43. Push-ups are easier on the shoulders than dips and bench presses.

44. Most gym rats take low-quality gear.

45. Every professional bodybuilder either lies about his steroid abuse or reveals only 1/10 of what he or she actually takes.

46. Most female bodybuilders are ugly and grotesque looking. They need psychiatric help more than the male bodybuilders.

47. Most bodybuilders get into bodybuilding because they don’t have a father figure in their lives. They start bodybuilding to un-pussy themselves. It rarely works.

48. Many Mr.Olympia winners have taken the title without deserving it.

49. Dorian Yates set the new standards thanks to insulin and growth hormone.

50. Mark Rippetoe makes people fatter.

51. CrossFit may be popular, but for the most part, it’s nothing more than mainstream garbage based on people’s need to fit in a mainstream garbage.

52. The snatch and the clean&jerk don’t build as much muscle as the slow lifts.

53. You should never read bodybuilding magazines except for amusement.

54. You can’t have 21-inch arms naturally unless fatceps count in your book.

55. You can’t bench press 405lbs naturally unless you weigh about as much or represent a mutant of the highest order.

56. All weightlifting records past the 50s have been set with the help of anabolic steroids.

57. The popular muscular old men taking selfies are all on drugs.

58. You can’t gain an inch on your arms in a month unless sumo is your sport.

59. People usually don’t make a lot of friends in the gym.

60. Powerlifters, just like bodybuilders, are on a lot of drugs regardless of what they say.

61. Straight barbell curls can cause wrist pain. Use a wide grip or switch to dumbbells.

62. Vince Gironda’s dips and neck press are some of the most disgusting things you can do to your shoulder joints.

63. You can’t gain muscle and lose fat at the same time without steroids.

64. Eating red meat does not make you a real man. It makes you a meat eater.

65. You can reach the maximum muscular potential of your chest and lats without going to a gym. Weighted dips, chin-ups and push-ups will get you there.

66. The muscle pump does not equal growth.

67. Training more than 4 times a week is pushing it.

68. Push, pull, legs is one of the best training splits.

69. Ronnie Coleman’s biceps routine sucks for naturals.

70. Branch Warren’s exercise form is terrible.

71. Most fitness celebrities on YouTube are on drugs.

72. The diet method IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) could work but is not healthy.

73. You need pre-workout drinks only if you can’t eat bananas.

74. A workout should not take more than an hour.

75. Training to failure is as stupid as watching TV to failure.

76. Deadlifting heavy more than once a week is an overkill.

77. Squatting every day is not needed for progress. Those who insist on doing so have too much free time.

78. GTG is one of the best ways to improve your pull-ups.

79. Ring pull-ups are the best variation and will keep your elbows and wrist healthy.

80. Close gip pull-ups hit your lats harder than wide grip pull-ups.

81. Functional training is a highly subjective term.

82. Big muscles are not meant to compensate for other things that could be small. Sometimes, however, muscularity does wonders.

83. Swallowing BCAA when you are already eating high protein foods is the equivalent of taking sugar pills after eating a cake.

84. Women with 8-packs and 3D delts are not natural.

85. You don’t need bodybuilding books.

86. Bodybuilding will not make you a good fighter, but it can help.

87. Even vitamins and fish oil are not needed if your diet is good.

88. Placebo is the best joint supplement.

89. Tendonitis is often caused by emotional pain. Look for TMS solutions.

90. Masturbation won’t hinder gains provided that you do it in moderation.

91. Big muscles could make a girl stay for the night. A nice face can keep her for a month. When you add in a good character, you have her forever…almost.

92. In 99% of the cases, fat people are fat because they eat a lot of food (not because of genetics).

93. When you are lean, your penis appears larger because there’s no belly hiding it. Congrats.

94. Most ectomorphs are skinny fat.

95. An IFBB pro could spend up over USD 10, 000 a month on drugs.

96. Bodybuilding is controlled by secret societies.

97. Most IFBB pros don’t even take the supplements they advertise. They prefer to spend their money on drugs.

98. You need deload phases to progress. One step back, two steps forward.

99. Geared powerlifting is a pointless activity.

100. Bodybuilders are too materialistic.

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  1. pete

    absolutely love this list! funny but truth at the same time tho.
    only thing i dont agree with is the training to failure. i might be wrong. explain please so i might get a better idea why you meant its pointless.

  2. Nate

    Pete failure training burns out your CNS which is where strength comes from. The CNS also takes much longer to recover than your muscles will. Training to failure on the last set of single joint movements isn’t so bad but it definitely shouldn’t be done every set or with compound movements.

  3. Nattykidsuck

    The Bcaa/protein, sugar/cake analogy was goofy on a few different levels, both in terms of writing style/ word choice, and on a bio/chem level which will allow an astute reader to ascertain how much you really know about the subject matter.

    Keep it ”natty.”

    1. M

      Do you even know what BCAA is?

  4. TheDude

    This list is awesome!
    But i have a simple question whats the best push pull leg variation for example push-rest-pull-rest-legs ?

  5. Paul

    “54. You can’t have 21 inches arms naturally. A realistic goal for a natural would be 16 inches.”

    Only 16 inches ? That’s simply false. I’ve had 15 inches when I was 15, after a year of wrestling. A kid, not fat at all, quite the oposite. At 26 years old (95 kg, 1.76 m) I’ve had 19 inches arms after some years of bb.

    “55. You can’t bench press 405 lbs naturally unless you a fat fuck or some sort of real mutant.”

    Really ? 🙂 I wasn’t a fat fuck nor a mutant and I bench pressed 430 lbs (195 kg) at my 26. No steroids. Didn’t have, didn’t want. For what ? I was the best in my county (from a distant east-european country).

    “56. All post 40s weightlifting records have been set with the help of anabolic steroids.”

    That’s realy false. I’m 42 and I still bench press 440 lbs (200 kg) with a little to medium training (because of my job). My peak was at 36 (485 lbs, 220 kg). Never used stero. Believe or not some rare things still happen.

  6. Paul

    “75. Training to failure is as stupid as watching TV to failure.”

    Wrong. I always trained the last 2 sets to failure. Failure means that I’m not capable doing one more rep without help. Very good results expecialy in strenght. One week rest for body part and you are safe to do it.

  7. Emix

    101. Train to be fit, healthy and strong rather than for appearance: unless you live in the tropics your muscles are hidden under clothes 90% of the year.

    102. Cardio may be an enemy of your muscle hypertrophy but it is a friend of your heart: do it.

  8. Weekend Goth

    What the heck happened to point 3?

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