How effective are steroids?

Many people question the power of steroids. They want to believe that miracles are possible and they can achieve the physique of Lazar Angelov and his ‘aesthetic’ friends naturally.

Uneducated people all over the world want to believe that there’s a magical routine that will help them power through the sea of mediocrity encountered in most weightlifting gyms on a daily basis.

What does science say on the this subject? Are steroids really that effective?

Here’s a study that has examined the power of steroids in great detail:


The Effects of Supraphysiologic Doses of Testosterone on Muscle Size and Strength in Normal Men


The study took 10 weeks and researchers divided 43 guys into four group.

Group 1: no exercise, no steroids;

Group 2: no exercise, steroids;

Group 3: exercise, no steroids;

Group 4: exercise, steroids;

The steroid group injected 600 mg of testosterone a week.

The guys who actually exercised did the same workouts.

The nutrition of all 43 guys was the same.


Group 3, the people who exercised without using steroids,
gained 4 lbs of muscle in 10 weeks.

Meanwhile group 4 – the guys who exercised and took steroids reported
14 lb of muscle gain in those same 10 weeks.

Group 2, the people who didn’t workout, but took steroids gained 7 lbs of muscle in 10 weeks.

Conclusion: People can do nothing and yet gain more muscle than those who workout thanks to usage of anabolic steroids. The study just proves the effectiveness of steroids one more time.


Another way to educate people how effective are steroids when it comes to gaining muscle mass and strength is to look at female bodybuilders.

Most of them look terrible despite their huge muscular bodies. Truth be told most high level female bodybuilders are bigger and leaner than what an average man can actually achieve naturally. Sad, isn’t it?

So, if a woman can transform from a delicate flower into a mass monster, don’t you think that roids are kinda ‘overpowered’ in terms of ‘gainz’?

kevin-levrone-on-steroids-kevin-levrone-off-steroidsFinally, to see the real power of anabolic steroids you need to go and study how professional bodybuilders actually look after they stop taking all the ‘gear’.

Usually, they shrink pretty fast and turn into a ‘normal human being.’

In the picture you see the extremely gifted bodybuilder Kevin Levrone who was one of the best during his prime.

Many consider him one of the so-called ‘uncrowned Mr.Olympias’. You can see that his physique went downhill when stopped doing massive cycles of anabolic drugs. In the after photos he looks like an average guy who workouts from time to time.

If steroids are so effective, does that make steroids cheaters?

Yes and no. If steroid users try to sell people the idea that their impressive musculatures have been accomplished without anabolic steroids, than those guys are cheaters and liars. However, taking steroids is a personal choice and when you are not affecting anybody negatively under any shape or form, you are technically not cheating other people, except maybe yourself.

For example, we all know that virtually all bodybuilders in Mr. Olympia are on insane amounts of steroids that cost thousands of dollars each month. Since that’s the case with all of them there is no unfair competition because all the guys are doing it. However, if a person using steroids is competing in a ‘natural show’, that’s a pure case of hardcore cheating.

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