The Reason Why Bodybuilders Wear Tank Tops

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Why bodybuilders wear tank tops?

Jay Cutler in a tank top;
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The number one reason to wear a tank top is to inform the human world of your affair with the barbell. After all, most people wouldn’t lift if the activity did not result in admiration from others.

Therefore, in the heads of most bodybuilders, it makes perfect sense to choose clothes that enhance the musculature. The tank top makes your arms, shoulders and chest visible. And as we all know, developing those body parts is fundamental if you want to look like you lift. In a sense, the tank top is no different than a push up bra for lifters.

Ultimately, however, the tank top reveals a deeper message – we don’t want to do anything unless it brings us some sort of validation. People want to be worshiped. Vanity is king.

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