My Wrists Are Skinny. Can I have Big Arms, Please? There is a direct correlation between bone size and muscle mass.

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Your natural potential is heavily influenced by the width and the thickness of your skeleton. A bigger bone equals a bigger muscle by default. Moreover, it’s easier to lift heavier weights when you have robust ”rhino” joints. A guy with 8-inch wrists has a serious advantage in the bench press over someone carrying antelope joints.

Due to the obvious connection between bones and natural muscle size, many people have been looking for a way to make their joints thicker. However, this is impossible to achieve in a meaningful way. The joints are made out tendons and ligaments, which can become thicker as a result of training, but their circumference will not increase in size tremendously. The joints are not supposed to grow.

There are two major ways to increase the circumference of a wrist visibly – by gaining fat or taking growth hormone for an extensive period of time until your joints and head mutate.


My Wrists Are Skinny. Can I have Big Arms?

The answer is “Yes” and “No”.

Technically, skinny wrists don’t prohibit hypertrophy. The problem, however, is that a man with smaller joints will naturally have smaller muscles connecting to those joints. That’s because the body is programmed to have proportions. If your wrists are 8 inches thick, your arms and forearms won’t come with the natural development of someone whose wrists are 6 inches. They will be bigger by default.

Small joints – the key to aesthetics?

Many people consider small joints favorable for bodybuilding. The idea is simple: when your joints are small, the muscles look bigger. A 16-inch arm on a guy with small joints could look like an 18-inch arm. Also, guys with small joints don’t look as blocky.

Vince Talor has some skinny wrist and yet looked bigger than life.

Vince Talor was known for his small joints and aesthetics.

That’s why some of the most aesthetic bodybuilders have small joints. Men like Flex Wheeler and Vince Taylor are considered the epitome of good bodybuilding genetics.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case with natural bodybuilders. A lot of people who have small joints are usually ectomorphs who face a harder time putting on size.

Unlike the enhanced bodybuilders, those guys don’t have drugs helping them, and therefore, their muscles can’t grow beyond the natural limitations.

As a natural, you can still build bigger muscles when your joints are small, but you can’t pull off the heavy contrast presented by steroid users with thin frames.

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