Who Will Be Mr. Olympia? The Best Man On Stage Or….

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The most popular bodybuilding competition Mr. Olympia is one month away, and everybody is making predictions. This leads us to a logical question – what was the deciding factor behind the previous Mr.Olympias? Has the best man on stage always been the winner? Of course, not.

Since bodybuilding is a beauty contest, the placings can be arranged under the dictation of personal preferences and behind the curtains events. It would be naive to think that appearance is the only deciding factor. The judges take into consideration the history of the competitors, their sponsors as well as their behavior offstage.

A good example would be the last Mr.Olympia when Jay Cutler placed 6th even though he didn’t deserve to be in top 10. Guys like Mamdouh Elssbiay a.k.a. Big Ramy were better than him. In the photo below, you can see that Big Ramy destroyed Jay Cutler, and yet Ramy was put in 8th position.



Obviously, Jay Cutler received the higher placing thanks to his former glory rather than shape. This is not a surprise since the industry is good to those who have played by the rules.

The same practice has been going on since the days of Arnold Schwarzenegger who was heavily promoted by Joe Weider. It seems that both men were equally important to each other’s careers. Arnold was the face whereas Weider was the brain. Weider used Arnold as a model for most of his products – from bodybuilding supplements to training courses.

In the poster below, Arnold advertises a bracelet designed to increase the size, power, and strength of one’s arms. Similar statements are not only deprived of logic, they’re simply irrational and misleading. Your arms won’t grow by wearing bracelets. Arnold did not rely on similar gimmicks to build his massive pythons. He lifted and took steroids. Ironically, the ad says “No exercise – no sweat to create arm power!”‘ Keep dreaming.


In 1980, Arnold Schwarzenegger was allowed to compete in Mr. Olympia even though his participation was technically against the rules. Arnold decided to join at the last second whereas the rest of the bodybuilders had registered a month prior to the contest.

Here’s what Mike Mentzer said on the topic:

The 1980 Mr. Olympia was definitely fixed. The promoter of that contest was Paul Graham, a very, very close friend of Arnold’s. As it turned out, while the rules stated that individuals had to officially enter their application to compete one month before the contest, the IFBB bent the rule and let Arnold enter the day before! He waited that long because by that point he knew who the judges were. CBS, who was there to film the event for future televising, was convinced it was fixed and discovered that a majority of the judges had either close personal or financial ties with Arnold. Well, so convinced – and pissed off – was CBS Sports that, despite the time, money and effort required to send a film crew half way around the world to Australia to film a sporting event, they refused to air that contest. As further evidence, I suggest you view the video of the 1980 Mr. Olympia.”

Paul Graham, the promoter of Mr. Olympia 1980, and Arnold arm wrestling in 1974.

Paul Graham, the promoter of Mr. Olympia 1980, and Arnold arm wrestling. Good buddies indeed.

In addition, the competition was postponed by one hour, and the audience was already bored when the bodybuilders came out. Nobody was expecting to see Arnold, but he was there.


The muscle duo – Joe Weider and Arnold

A year later, Mr. Olympia was once again a very controversial contest. The winner was Arnold’s best friend and long time training partner Franco Columbo. Many consider his title undeserved because he had an obvious gynecomastia and poor leg development due to an accident a few years ago.


Franco (middle) with obvious gynecomastia on the right nipple and poor leg detail won the Olympia while Padilla (left) and Dickerson (right) placed respectively 5th and 2nd.


In 1983, Mr. Olympia had its fair share of controversy once again. At that show, a man under the name of Bertil Fox placed 5th even though he was good enough for the 2nd and maybe even the 1st place. Bertil Fox had more mass than most competitors, and yet even Frank Zane placed higher.

According to one of the judges, the reason for Bertil Fox’s placement was his personality. Logic? None.

In the video below, you can see that the whole crowd was not “ok” with Bertil Fox placing 5th.



According to the unwritten rule of Mr. Olympia, the current champ has to be in the worst shape of his life to be dethroned.

A good example of that principle took place in 1997 when Dorian Yates won Mr. Olympia for a 6th consecutive season. Dorian took the 1st place over Nasser El Sonbaty despite competing with torn and deformed arms. Many believe that the only reason for Yates’ victory was the fact that he was the reigning champion.

Nasser and Yates in 1997

Nasser and Yates in 1997


In a more objective world, the best man on stage wins regardless of what he does in his free time, as long as it’s legal and does not affect the competition. However, this is not the case. Your offstage behavior is crucial.

Kai Greene is a good example. In the past, he’s participated in porn movies. There is a video of him having a sexual intercourse with a grapefruit.

While activities like that are hard to ignore when you form your opinion of someone, they should not be taken into consideration when judging a bodybuilding contest. However, the powerful rich societies behind bodybuilding do not want the face of the sport to be associated with similar material even though they’re well aware of the fact that many bodybuilders are relying on prostitution to pay their drug bills.

A few months ago, the current Mr. Olympia Phil Heath posted a comment on Facebook stating that Kai Greene will never be the champ because he will remain a “grapefruit for life”.

Ultimately, we don’t expect Kai Greene to take the first place ever unless Phil Heath breaks his leg or something.


Phil Heath is the most likely winner of Mr. Olympia 2014. He is the reigning champion and that puts him 20% ahead of everyone.

Regardless of the Big Ramy hype, the main rival of Phil Heath is still Kai Greene. Ramy is the biggest guy currently, but he lacks thickness and conditioning. He may carry the most muscle mass but doesn’t have the quality since he is the youngest of them all and lacks muscle maturity. On top of everything, he has a really hard time getting shredded. Furthermore, Big Ramy is not marketable.

The sponsors of the Olympia - taken directly from the official website.

The sponsors of Mr. Olympia 2014

The majority of the sponsors are supplement companies with English names targeting primarily the US market which is currently the biggest. Who do you think would be more marketable – the guy from Egypt (Big Ramy) or USA’s very own Phil Heath? One could argue that Kai Greene is also an American, but as you already know, he has a dirty past and compromising video clips.

Ironically, one of the sponsors of the Olympia is Phil Heath’s very own and recently launched Gifted Nutrition. In other words, one of the competitors in Mr. Olympia is sponsoring the event. Conflict of interests much?

Meanwhile, the current sponsors of Kai Greene, MuscleMeds and Flex Magazine, are not on the list. Makes one wonder, doesn’t it?

Of course, all of this could be considered just a speculation, but as truthers, we always question everything.


The judges speculate with the fact that bodybuilding is subjective and do as they’re told by the rich men behind the scenes. The winner of Mr. Olympia 2014 will most likely be Phil Heath. Kai Greene has a very slight chance to win.

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