Why Trans Women Have No Business Competing Against Real Women

| by Truth Seeker |

There are only two genders. Male and female.

When I was a kid, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. But there was one fact that I recognized with the certainty of death – I was a boy. At the time, most children were like me – we were either boys or girls. No one was identifying as something they weren’t. When I became an adult, a startling shift began – more and more young people realized that they’d been representatives of the opposite gender all along.

Ridiculous? Yes. Gender jumping is the equivalent of a lion rationalizing that it’s a hyaena or vice versa.

You can certainly identify as whatever you want (e.g., a gorilla, a tiger…etc.), but ultimately, you are what you are. If you have male genitals, you are a man; if you have a vagina, you are a woman.

Of course, there are manly men and girly men as well as girly girls and manly girls, but the main types remain the same – male & female. [A smaller lion is still a lion; a big lioness is still a lioness.]

This sick world, however, decided to turn things upside down.


To encourage degeneracy and volatile behavior.

We live in a gruesome, twisted cage where those who don’t engage in premarital sexual activities are shamed. Proof? Just say that you are a 20-year-old virgin in front of a crowd, and you will know what I’m talking about.

What is the source of virgin shaming? The societal code of conduct pushed on us.

Do you really think that the people who virgin shame others would do so if it wasn’t socially acceptable? Of course, not. The average human brain is nothing more than an immature fruit of TV shows, low IQ blog posts (unlike mine, of course), memes, vlogs and other nonsense. It’s an organ conditioned to believe in various cultural and physical theories that serve the agenda.

Most of the realizations and conclusions that we stumble upon are nothing more than snippets purposefully inserted into our collection of beliefs. If the powers that be wanted us to praise virgins instead of hate them, they would have engineered us to do so. Yet people think that the “sexual liberation” was a victory won by the proletariat rather than a plot orchestrated by the rulers.

The “gender” policy is also a form of source code editing. Once the society is bent enough to embrace this nonsense, it will soon become “normal” just like promiscuous sexual behavior.

The architects of this world want you confused, my friend. The further you are from your true nature, the better and safer they feel. They would rather be kings over slaves who are too busying corroding their own souls than strong individuals in tune with their authentic side.

It all began with the destruction of the family unit.

Most people don’t get married anymore. And I won’t either because it’s a very bad deal when you are a man, but that does not mean that I’m against marriage on a spiritual level. Honestly, that’s the only level that makes sense. Marriage is/was called a sacred union for a reason. Now, it’s a disaster.

Why did they do it?

Because “united we stand, divided we fall.”

The system profits greatly from broken families.

An Illustration is in order.

When a woman and a man work as a team, they fight together against the system’s blows. When they are separated, every institution comes to take a bite. E.g., the court, divorce lawyers, consultants…etc.

Separation always doubles consumption. When a man and a woman live together, they need a single home and one set of furniture. In free for all mode, everyone has to buy/rent a separate place which in and of itself comes with a multitude of bills.

The system wants to do similar repartitioning on an individual level too. They want you to divorce your true self in exchange for a copy with improper mental defragmentation developed by them. Individuals who truly know themselves and the world are significantly harder to control than androids wondering if they’re men or women.

Another part of the blueprint is the artificial glorification of human power. Through corrupted positive thinking, they’ve convinced a large chunk of people that mankind has the liberty to affect almost every property of life – even the absolutes.

The game doesn’t work like that; no amount of feelings will change that. You may believe in whatever you want, but you can’t change natural law.

Regardless of your feelings and effort, you can’t effectively gender switch any more than you can change your height or your birthdate. One’s gender is a constant regardless of the mental gymnastics that the flexible modern behavior encourages.

What if we are feeding a mental illness?

We’ve all heard it. The Internet is the greatest blessing. All the knowledge in the world is at your fingertips. A few clicks separate you from libraries of information that even kings couldn’t enjoy before.

That’s what I call technical speculation. It’s true, though. Even a basic smartphone can store millions of books, but is that data worth much when you can’t process it?

The bottleneck of knowledge assimilation is not storage capacity – it’s our time and mental energy. When you add the societal influences forming our habits and the short attention span stimulated by technology, you have a recipe for retards.

One of the Internet’s deadliest traits is its unhealthy toleration of sickness. Regardless of how perverse your thoughts may be, the net provides channels through which you can connect with others, just as mentally deranged as you, and build a community around toxicity.

During the pre-Internet era, this kind of tolerance was smaller and more difficult to achieve. You couldn’t find unhinged people as easily. If you were a man feeling like a woman or vice versa, you couldn’t just join a group comprised of others like you and continue to feed the weird notions in your chest. You were forced to suppress those feelings.

Many would label this as “limitation of freedom” and I would agree. But here’s the thing – not everything is meant to be liberated. Sometimes you have to be tough on a kid or else you risk ruining its character forever.

Excessive liberation results in bad habits and the enslavement of the soul.

When I was 17, I worked as a mail spammer. I was one of the motherfuckers filling your inboxes with all kinds of brochures. One time, while I was on duty, I exited an apartment building and heard a kid crying as if it was about to die.

A father, some dude with a gravelly voice, was telling his son rudely to organize a pile of toys before returning home. The boy refused. He went next to the figures and began throwing them around. His dad told him that the door will remain locked until the order is met. I passed by the same place one hour later; the kid was still there, but this time, it was sorting the toys by type. The cars were parked; the robots were lined up like an army.

At the time, I thought that the father was a nasty son of a bitch, especially at first, when the screams of the kid reached my ears. But today, I have a different view – sometimes people need to meet resistance in order to grow. Kind of like lifting weights.

Wrapping up

The system takes advantage of our spoiled and amoral sides to brainwash us. The environment that you live in will always overpower your family, especially if you come from a broken home. In those cases, the venom reaches you really fast due to the absence of a firewall. If your peers are already infected by that virus, they will more than likely transmit it to you.

Example: A girl is saving herself for marriage. She wants to be a virgin bride, but she keeps hearing how the women around her are multiplying their “body count”. She sees the degenerate text messages, the pornographic “snaps” and the after-fuck selfies.

One day, she finally falls in love with a guy. But that guy is a “slayer” who sleeps around. Her love endings are fresh and willing to intertwine with his, but she doesn’t know that to him she is just another potential “lay”. Eventually, she has sex with him. Then, he dumps her because he has other options. She’s heartbroken. Her girlfriends console her and insert the commandments of the slut in her head.

To me, the tranny epidemics are the result of the same forces, namely:

  1. People give too much liberty to their craziness.
  2. The system takes advantage of mental instability in its goal to produce controllable souls.

Sorry, but no.

Trans women, a.k.a. men on estrogen, shouldn’t compete against other women because males are more efficient at everything on this planet besides giving birth. (If men could give birth, we would be better at that too.)

Trans women competing against regular women enjoy more advantages than fakes natties at naturals shows because male efficiency is not based solely on hormones. Bones and brains matter too.

How to Achieve Ultimate Fairness

In the best scenario, sex changes won’t be encouraged anymore. But since that is not going to happen, the only way to make the game as fair as possible would be to include a rule forcing trans women to compete only against trans women. This is the only way to engineer a level playing field.

P.S. If you are interested in similar philosophical topics, check out the books A Hater’s Synthesis I and A Hater’s Synthesis II: No More Dreams.

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  1. MattW

    I read more and more about people coming around to this idea, that we currently overvalue “liberty” or “freedom”, I’ve seen it called it the cult of freedom. Freedom (and democracy) are seen as unqualified goods, “as long as you’re not hurting anyone” is the phrase always attached. But it’s just wrong, even you’re not explicitly harming anyone (and bc what we say and do influences those around us there is harm at some level) you’re harming yourself by giving in to this do-whatever-makes-you-happy mentality.

    We need a new morality. Our common sense of right and wrong that came from christianity has been done away with and that will not come back. It has been replaced with liberalism whose natural result is the social justice movement. The only way to change things to to create a new more dominant moral code. Until then we will continue to see the decay from the fringes spreading through the whole.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Great comment. And the ironic part is that this false pursuit of freedom actually makes us oppressed, unhappy and depressed.

    2. Oldboy

      Why so much bitternes? Come on, go and live your life and live the trans and fake nattyes behind. If you don’t like the environment that USA îs offering, mové to another country. Belive me, there are better places on this World.

      1. Brett

        Wrong question,

        The real question for yourself is “why so much apathy?”

        Strong men create good times, good times create weak men, weak men create hard times, hard times create strong men.

        Right now we enduring relatively good times on average for the large majority of the western world. Get ready for some hard times. Times so hard that the weak will perish.

        1. Truth Seeker Post author

          The times are good if you are talking about the absence of official wars in the first world, but they are pretty bad from many “fight club” perspectives. People, especially men, are depressed and far from happy.

    3. Brett

      Christianity is the enemy of zionists.

      All zionists are globalists when it comes to christian white countries. They very nationalist though even when living abroad.

      Zionists control/own the ‘printing press’. Who owns facebook? A zionist.

      How powerful is facebook? (Rhetorical question).

      Who owns hollywood and produces, directs, acts in, co-produces, and scripts 99.9% of hollywood films?

      How powerful is hollywood?

      Who murdered Jesus?
      Why has their agenda changed?

      Short answer, it hasn’t. Christians are still public enemy number one.

      White, male (physically and mentally) ‘far right’, straight, masculine christian family orientated man is now their prime target and enemy.

      Don’t believe me?

      Go on social media and proclaim to be all of those things and that you are proud to be those things. Watch as you become – bullied, isolated, verbally attacked, demoralised, made fun of, and accused of racism and hate speech. Just for stating who you are.

      Go on social media and proclaim to be anti-white, gay, pro-feminist and globalist. Watch as you receive all the admiration, compliments, ‘friends’, inclusion, likes, retweets, etc.

      1. Aegirr

        Hey Brett, I think that it goes beyond zionists vs christians. Rather, it is zio-talmudists vs goyim. If you’re not part of the “Tribe”, you are worse than a pig.

        1. Brett

          Zionists – I am referring to Jews yes (that tribe).

          Zionists don’t care about islam. They know its no threat. Do they ever take mohameds name in vain in a hollywood film? Do they ever demoralize or insult islam or mohamed in a hollywood film?

          You don’t waste time and energy on whats not worth your time or energy.

    4. Nick

      I’m fascinated by your ‘new morality’.

      I’m certainly no Christian and have never been baptized (and at the age of 53 now have never any intention of being so).

      What on earth do you mean by ‘liberalism’? Are you an American? Your ‘moral code ‘ sounds like a virus, and we are all seeing where this leads at the present time.

    5. Mass Bixo

      This makes sense. But I don’t think “a new more dominant moral code” can be created by human will and reasoning. It may be created, but as an organic result of an infinitude of conditions, probably after the current system collapses.

  2. What's Good For The Goose

    I want to see every single women’s sport event be won by a dude in drag. Women will never stop opportunistically supporting feminism and all the associated plagues on society until they start to feel some consequences for their actions. When they’re on the losing end of this bullshit, they’ll change their minds really fast about feminism, diversity & inclusion, intersectionality, etc.

  3. Álvaro

    just one word…BRAVO, mixing red pill trues with biology and science, you know what you are saying my man

    1. Brett

      The sad part is a few hundred years ago everything truthseeker said in this article would have beem common consensus.

      Its just that in our times he and fellas like myself are seen as the problem. We fight the status quo. Dead fish swim with the current, just like the global bankers like it (Rothschilds for example).

      These days its trendy to be globalist, nihilist, bisexual, tran, ant-white, pro-zionist, black (interracial couples), feminist, gay, and open borders.

      Essentially all thats debauched.

      “Tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society”.

      1. Truth Seeker Post author

        All of that will pass too. Everything does. One day, children will be reading about our times and shake their heads just like we’ve been doing about other historical events.

        The circle never ends. Every generation has its sickness to fight.

  4. Mitch Rapp

    We all know these truths you have articulated. We fear reprisals, rejection s and ultimately the loss of job if we speak up. The mechanism keeps us docile and afraid by using media pressure and shaming. At some point we have to speak the Truth and consequences be dammed. Way to go truth seeker.


    Transwomen? Just call them faggots for god sake. You arent here to satisfy the general public dude.

  6. tranny_right

    Who gives a fuck? Women competition is a joke anyway, it’s now all about wearing tight and skimpy clothes so men would get a boner watching it. Let it die, let the trannies in so it would just mess everything up, make for a hell of a show to watch.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Fuck yeah.

  7. Edward

    You’re an idiotic simp who cares about women and masturbates with big muscle men while making articles hating them for taking steroids and lying to children! You want fairness and equality well this is fairness and equality! Feminists say women are equal to men in every way! Well it’s about time we proved it! So why are you protecting women and feminists and bash transgender women when feminists and women think and claim they’re equal in every way to men? Because you’re a simp and you proved it with this article! Biology doesn’t need your opinions to be true and it neither needs the feminists opinion!

  8. Grinch

    There are not enough transgenders to compete against each other, so let them compete against men, not women. Read about Matt Kroc, it is very painful to be transgender. And it is not always easy to tell male from female. Think of the East German athletes, when they were examined, the doctors were not sure if they were male or female. Some people are born with two sets of sex organs. Some have X or Y chromosomes, or xxy, or xyy, or other variations, not xx or xy. Women who take enough anabolic steroids are effectively transitioning to male, even if they still have a vagina. Drugs have ruined high school, college and professional sports, male and female.

    1. Brett

      Exceptions don’t break the rule they enforce it. Men are men and woman are woman.

      A small percentile born with both sex organs are not the vast majority of the human population. The people who are getting ‘sex changes’ are normally not from that small percentile either.

      Transgender ‘woman’ cannot compete against men, in fact most of them ‘switch’ for that very reason they are very average when competing against men.

      A man on steroids is better (98.9% of the time – there might be some exceptions) than a female on steroids provided the dosages and compounds are the same.

      Alot of transgender people not competing in sport do it for the social benefits – woman are treated better than men and trans woman are treated even better than woman by our sick society and debauched desensitized mainstream media.

    2. Truth Seeker Post author

      Matt Kroc is a man who clearly has identity problems which imo should not be fed, but since this world approves them it goes on.

      They say that you are free to do whatever you want as long as you don’t harm others. Well, that stuff harms others. It feeds their craziness too. There’s nothing normal about that.

  9. mattsk1

    People who change their sex to get a competive edge are in my opinion the same as those taking steriods to get an edge. Its the win at all cost mentality which is far from ethical and fair to those who want to compete but blown out of the competion for those who follow the rules.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Some probably but not all. For example, why did Matt Kroc do it?

      1. mattsk!

        From the articles I read of his, Matt Kroc had some serious unresolved issues from his past he had not dealt with. He has hinted that he had a alcholic dad who might of been abusive physically, sexually, verbally, or all the above. Never know. Just my take on his articles.

        1. Grinch

          I watched a movie about him on Netflix called Transformer.
          He was always the star of his family growing up poor in a mobile home in Michigan. The straight A student, the star athlete, the Marine, then the pharmacist. He was a champion power lifter until he had testicular cancer, then, since he had to take hormones, he became a body builder. He said even as a child growing up he felt something was wrong. Probably the saddest part of the movie is when he say the love of his life left him when he decided to transition, and he felt he would never find love like that again.

  10. Glove

    Is it a real matter that trans women want to compete in sports? Or is it a mind game?
    I mean: is it a problem? Unbelievable! In the 3. gender class? Not in the normal men or women class. That´s for sure.
    A real matter is the fact that in Germany we have 250 (!!!) chairs for gender studies. Costs a lot of money which should be invested in meaningful projects. Unbelievable. Is it worth to think about it? No!
    For my opinion it´s a big fault to get tangled up to much with all this bullshit!

  11. Matt Hawkins

    Yes it is a mind game. “They” are messing with our minds. Partly as a display of their raw power, partly to confuse gender norms, reduce marriage, and thereby reduce the population. Soon we will not be allowed to have this discussion or we will be convicted of “toxic masculinity” or similar crap law. We live in George Orwell’s 1984:

    “Big Brother is Watching You.”

    “Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.”

  12. Random Guy

    I actually like the concept of trans competing against women…
    For years we heard female athletes such as female soccer teams complaining that they are paid less for “the same job”… so some mediocre male athletes on estrogen are finally proving the obvious reallity.

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