Why Pick-up Artists (PUAs) and Red Pillers Promote Lifting as one Of the Ultimate Solutions

| by Truth Seeker |

source: https://pixabay.com/photos/crossfit-determination-difficult-3564719/

The system is relying on a net of fairly sophisticated strategies to extract maximum profit from single men. The mechanism is simple and very subtle – various establishments create venues and blueprints that seemingly contain a pathway that could potentially produce the desired female interest, companionship, meaningful sexual experiences and maybe some of that mythical feeling known as love.  

The most basic example would be night clubs and bars. The collective human consciousness has been led to believe that those are the places where it is socially acceptable to meet someone. The number of movies, books and articles agreeing with this notion is pretty high.

Where does the character in a film go when his lust kicks in? To a club or a bar. Then a woman winks at him, and the rest is history. 

Back in the day, when I was still approaching women the PUA way, one of them reacted well but told me that I have selected the wrong scenery. When I asked her what would be a more appropriate context, she told me – “a night club”. 

She was wrong and only fooling herself. In a club, she wouldn’t have been as impressed/triggered by my approach because in similar settings women have their bitch shields activated to the maximum and your efforts are diminished. Most females go there with their girlfriends to reject men, showcase their new clothes and generate some adrenaline within a body that has spent the entire week sitting on an office chair doing mind-numbing work. 

Yet the system wants you in those venues, but not because the powers that shouldn’t be are concerned about your personal life. There are two main goals. One of them is cultural and aims to segregate the family unit – a strategy that makes the individual members weaker and prone to ideological manipulation. 

The other goal is pure resource extraction. The architects know that single males are very likely to have a fair amount of savings. Many unmarried men live alone or with their parents which allows them to accumulate savings even if their job positions are not well paid. Various institutions and businesses are after that cash. 

The evidence of the money-grabbing tactic is practically everywhere. On many occasions, it is free for women to enter a club whereas men have to cover an entry fee. Why? Because women act as prey for lonely men willing to pay to get some action.  

Dating apps operate on the same principle. The vast majority of women do not purchase premium features because they don’t have to. Some do, usually to unlock the option to hide their age or because they are too fat to secure Mr. Fantastic, but those represent a small minority.  

Ultimately, most men who go out to find a woman end up with the following night: 

  1. Overpay for alcohol that costs 5 times less at the supermarket.
  2. Get rejected by pretentious and annoying women dancing to low IQ music.
  3. Go home at 2 am. 
  4. Wake up tired and demotivated to do anything.


The self-improvement sector, which is almost entirely male-dominated, shares a similar design – a bunch of gurus are guiding you on your way to some miraculous ascension that is always one step ahead. If things are not working out, the problem is always you.  

The promoted solutions vary from beard boosting products and pumps for dick enlargement to books designed to upgrade your “text game”.

One element that is always included in the manual is lifting. 

According to the experts, if you are not fighting gravity, you are not trying and consequently deserve entirely your defeat on the dating battlefield. Yet those professors forget that bodybuilding is a new phenomenon that just recently got mainstream. More than likely their fathers and grandfathers secured their brides without knowing the differences between a biceps curl and a bench press. But today – it is expected of you to deadlift three times your body weight to earn your right to not be single anymore.  

What are the biggest benefits of lifting for naturals? 

  1. You will gain some muscle – up to 35 lbs throughout your entire career. (Very rare).
  2. You will become stronger – the newly acquired strength has a positive effect on your confidence and performance. 
  3. You will get leaner – only if you don’t follow the permabulking advice of delusional clowns promoting squats & milk. 

Leanness is a major benefit. Probably the greatest of them all for a natty. Many men become significantly more attractive once their jawline starts to pop. There’s a high number of fatsos who mutate into Mr. Fantastic upon burning the lard partying under their skin for the better part of their existence. Somewhat ironically, low body fat is more dependent on your diet than training. You don’t have to lift to be shredded.  

In terms of attractiveness, the gains end here. Naturals will never have the Zyzz physique regardless of how hard they train. Truth be told, most natties look like retro swimmers while displaying strength above the low level common for the modern atrophied person. 

The main reason why PUAs and red pillers want you lifting is to create the feeling of accomplishment within you. Once immersed in the activity, men feel in charge of their destiny. But weights cannot fix the major shortcomings behind the treatment that you receive from the modern entitled woman who fails to see beyond the superficial. Your new deadlift PR will neither make you taller nor augment the cash in your pocket.

Steroids don’t modify those properties either but have the capacity to create an otherworldly physique that can potentially do more damage. Sadly, injections come with another set of nasty bills – expenses, health issues, hair loss, premature aging…etc.  

At the end of the day, lifting is limited and far from the reason why most men are kept in a cage. If anything, many repressed boys spend a large portion of their free time moving iron without experiencing the promised social benefits.  

But the self-improvement experts would rarely talk about this because it doesn’t suit the narrative that you can become anything you want to be. They would rather have you spin your wheels while hoping that a miracle will come to life. They want you coming back for their advice until the end of times.  

The idea that you need to constantly self-improve is flawed and serves the very demon creating the imbalanced situation on the dating market. The competition today is getting ridiculous. Men all over the world are constantly dancing in the hope that women will pick them out of the lot with other clowns.  

How many of our actions are the result of manipulative false promises disguised as personal choices?  

Imagine that you wake up today in front of a magic ball that ruthlessly informs you that you will never be capable of attracting a woman. Would you still do what you are about to do today? Would you preserve your habits? Will you continue to dance? Will you keep the same apps on your phone? Would you visit the same places? Would you watch the same movies? Would you read the same books? Would you subscribe to the same YouTube channels? Would you read the same subreddits? Would you dress the same way?  

Would you go to the gym? Will you perform the same exercises?  

The actions of the modern man are directly or indirectly meant to improve his chances to be with a woman. Will this ever change? Like I told you in A Hater’s Synthesis 2, change is mostly an illusion. Very often people confuse a personal shift in their life with a global tendency.  

I don’t think there is a base for new developmentThe virus has reached the bone. Many of those tactics have been here before you were born and will remain here for a long time.  

Besides, women will never admit that the system has been playing them since the beginning. They will never take responsibility for their mistakes and superficiality. They love their illusion of power and will try to hold on to it 

To understand how unlikely change is, ask your girlfriend to delete her social media accounts for you.  

Tell her the following: “It’s either me or them.” 

Look at her actions. Unless you are providing massive value for her (bucks&genes), she will transform into the most passionate lawyer she could be to preserve her digital presence intact. She loves her profiles more than she loves you. 

Ultimately, men will continue to suffer from poor leverage – a vulnerability that creates the necessity for PUA and red pill antics. And while the advice of the coaches may be useful occasionally, it does not address the real underlying issues behind the dynamics that created the need to transform into a superhero to date an average girl that rarely brings anything of value to the union.

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  1. John

    Another great article, please could you do a David Goggins post, or maybe a strongfirst post in the future, cheers

    1. Curious Buzzard

      After reading half of his book I was speechless. Basically he’s a guy with mental issues, top genetics and left traumatized by his father. He keeps calling him a bastard and saying that he’s moved on but literally all his life is some kind of effort to impress his internalized father figure. I really enjoyed reading the book because for once I genuinely felt smart. You truly have to be stupid to fall for Goggings.
      Still great motivational instragram page and very funny. I also like the guy.

  2. what is this BS?

    This guy who writes these articles for Nattyornot.com obviously lacks will power and is a total cynic. He sees negative in everything and don’t see any positive in improving himself and everything around him. He obviously lifts because he writes about lifting but is such a week minded beta scrawny pussy that he can’t make any gains. He obviously can’t get any pussy as well because what girl would want to fuck a negative emotional beta fuck like this guy. Guys don’t let these negative articles affect you, be positive and strive for unreachable. Believe in yourself. Self doubt is biggest weakness for a man and these articles definitely don’t motivate to keep pushing. What is this guy agenda? Doe’s he offer for men to stop lifting and approaching women or strive for money and instead just sit on the couch and eat french fries and become a total potato? Get the fuck out of hear you weak minded negative beta pussy. This site won’t help any guy.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      And yet you are still here.

      1. Oath

        Hahaha truth seeker, don’t worry, real ones know man. You know. This guy hasn’t made full transition to the truth yet. If you seek the truth you’ll find it

        1. what is this BS?

          your pitiful truth is not my truth. Alike attracts alike. Since you are a loser you identify with another loser who is the author of these negative articles. OP lifted himself but couldn’t get the results he desired and was too big of a pussy to jump on sauce so now he bashes all lifting community and lifters who achieved more than him. He probably hasn’t seen a real pussy in long ass time.

          1. Alphonse

            dude, I agreed that one should not fall into the “pessimism pit” but you have to be realistic. And well, he is being realistic. Social Media destroys families and relationships and like he said “One of them is cultural and aims to segregate the family unit – a strategy that makes the individual members weaker and prone to ideological manipulation. ” Its true that it seems to be an anti-family movement, China did this during its cultural revolution. And having a bunch of sheep blind about the situation helps the system. And he is not telling you to stop lifting and become a couch potato, he is telling you to be realistic. In short, sorry bro, you will never look like Jeff Seid, but lifting is fun, Its like cumming

      2. what is this BS?

        I just found this site recently. I admit you have interesting topics but still what I said is truth. If you believe in something or you don’t in both instances it’s truth if you catch what I’m saying

        1. CJ

          One of your best pieces yet. Both in writing and delivery and insight. You hit the nail right on the head with this one

        2. Oath

          Dude you’re a fucking retard, please re-read what you said to me. Because OP decided not to take steroids he is a pussy? Lmfao
          I hope you never have the opportunity to raise a son man. Your toxic outlook on what makes someone a pussy is both disgusting and shameful.
          This site says have realistic expectations, within the boundaries of you genetics, and stop getting sold bullshit by brainless cunts like yourself

      3. René

        Hello! I am a gravity warrior for 2.5 years. ? Your training focus books are okay for me or you wrote those for less advanced lifters?

    2. Hoyos

      This site has helped me.

      When you see that a game is rigged it helps you to not play.

      I’m not as cynical as the author, but there is a strong dose of reality. Deep in your heart you know and I know that there are cons being run on us all the time especially in any industry that runs on male insecurity.

      Not being a chump IS AN IMPROVEMENT. As opposed to being a human crane, working out to feel better and be healthier IS AN IMPROVEMENT. Hell, stop trying to “get laid” like a mental 14 year old and either pursue a meaningful relationship or do without if need be IS AN IMPROVEMENT.

      Positive thinking is only good when it’s real. The author nukes “false positive” thinking and I’m glad he does. Online every guy is always seeing mad gains and slaying the ladies. One guy who stands up and says “The emperor had no clothes” and reality and real positive action can take place. Aristotle and Aquinas reckoned that prudence trumps fortitude.

    3. Brett

      How can he get the fuck out of his own website?

      If you took the time to write all of that emotionally driven garbage then I am sure its not because the author is so faulted in his reasoning but rather your estrogen driven compulsion that triggered a paragraph.

      Seems like the usual response we see here in the comment sections of this website. Typical responses from middle class youtube educated humanoids.

    4. Oldboy

      I lived în usa once, and yes those women have a fucked UP mentality. I’m feeling pity for The american guys. I’m glad that i’m back to eastern Europe. Women are normal în these parts of the world.

  3. Rafael

    Love your black pilled content. Do you still lift or you completely gave up?

  4. André Dias

    So very true…
    I had a chance of experimenting all of this female bullshit quite recently.
    Oh well

  5. Edward

    MGTOW is the light is the way! MGTOW IS FREEDOM!

    1. Brett

      Do you like feminism?

      Well mgtow is just feminism in reverse.

      So therefore it it not a solution.

      I am tired of people misinterpreting these articles.

      The author is exposing the perversion, deception and lies of the world. He never once says that men and women are not meant to be together or that the family unit is wrong.

      So please take your incel (I will use that term because you are familiar with it) remarks and get lost.

      1. Edward

        What a moron that you are! MGTOW is just like Feminism when Feminism gets promoted everywhere! Saying MGTOW is just like Feminism is the same thing as saying the 1900’s Bodybuilders were on the same amount of steroids just like today’s Bodybuilders! 1900’s Bodybuilders were the same as today’s Bodybuilders! And I thought smart people read this stuff!

        1. Brett

          If you cannot see how feminism and mgtow are two of the same idealogies, I have some sad news for you – you a moron.

          But I will in agony lay out the simple common denominator found in both – they both strive to break up the family unit.

          I will let you stimulate that one braincell and figure out the rest.

          Your analogy between bodybuilders and ideaology makes no sense at all.

          You can text all the exclamation marks you want, it still doesn’t make you smart or make you right.

  6. Steve

    The issue is capitalism. Once gone we will have different relations. I do not refer to any existing regime as beyond capitalism. Amerikkka, the Chinazis, all capitalist.

    1. Edward

      Good luck living under communism while eating a crust of bread! Are you all retarded here? Are retarded people usually obsessed with bodybuilding? Cause I have lived under communism in Poland when I was 20 years old and it wasn’t fun it was a living hell! We had to keep line for food and water you idiot! So if you enjoy being in line for food and water be my guest! If you don’t like your office job but you prefer mostly to eat a crust of bread and live in poverty be my guest! Communism failed for a simple reason! Communism doesn’t work it creates poverty and more poverty! There are no jobs even in Communism! Go ask people in Poland or Moldova about how great and wonderful Communism is!

      1. Brett

        Communism fails because of human greed.

        Human greed is a factor under all political systems. Hence the ever increasing global wealth gap growing between the elite and the piss poor.

        Come to South Africa where I live and take a look at what capitalism has done.

        The more you write the more you make it obvious you know very little living in your soft safe bubble that resides in I presume a first world country.

        1. DonneTheConquerer

          Capitalism: Upon being born, welcome to the race. It’s an uneven economic playing field, but for the most part, you alone control your destiny. Work hard and smart and you can achieve much, and live much better than 99.9999% of the world’s population. Whether you will be a millionaire or billionaire, drive a Porsche or own a yacht, is TBD, but varying levels of success, prosperity and comfort are well within your very reach. Learn financial literacy, apply it intelligently and reap the financial rewards.

          Marxism/Socialism/Communism: Abandon all hope all ye that enter here. Welcome to unrelenting and unapologetic darkness, loss of physical self and soul, and embrace eternal spiritual, social and economic misery. Your only comfort is in the presence of such similar company, and in the wallowing of other damned souls like yourself basking in disparity and never ending sadness. (Note: This system excludes the corrupt and wealthy oligarchs controlling this society).

          The moral of this story: If you want to spend your remaining days a loser, smoking doobies in a stained shirt while sitting on a dilapidated front porch, and watching time and life itself pass you by, then go ahead and proceed to do so. But STFU about wishing social and economic hatred and destruction on the rest of us just because you’ve chosen to be a perpetual douche. The only whiners about capitalism are those that are fortunate enough to live in such a society that provides them with the benefit of being in one and being able to affect your own destiny. As a footnote, it’s telling that these same losers never move to a place that has real socialism instituted, only piss moan about it not being here as well.

          F**K THEM.

        2. Edward

          Yes Communism fails because of human greed! I never said Capitalism is great because it isn’t! Communism is the right thing to do but it doesn’t work because of human nature! So it’s the people who are the Real problem! As for the article he is right lifting weights is a LIE and a SCAM! Even if you build big muscles your value is not bigger than a rich model or a rich actor or a rich banker! Money has far more value than muscle or lifting weights or working hard!

        3. Jack

          South Africa was always capitalist and it economy thrived.ANC fucked up SA.

          1. Brett

            Its economy thrived because we produced everything ourselves until the ANC took over.

            True they have fucked us beyond repair. But thats what happens when you put people in power just because of their skin colour – you get one big fuck fest on the gravy train.

            Capitalism wasn’t the reason for our success it was actually the the rest of the worlds sanctions against us that made us strong. However evmlen though we are still the only white settlers to not have wiped out the native population – the globalists and their heavy propaganda ended segregation.

            Its funny though – back then our Rand was as strong as the dollar and pound. Now its garbage. So looks like those globalists still valued our currency but not our policies. Hypocrites maybe.

        4. Alphonse

          Capitalism also fails because of human greed. When people talk about economical systems they forget to talk about the human factor. Like if capitalism and communism could be built without taking into account human nature. We forget that power corrupts, that bitches love power, and this creates a feedback. Women want powerful men and men want curvy beautiul woman. In both systems there is an elite that uses their power to get what they want. If we all become angels any system would be fine, but we are not, so any system will have an elite and a bunch of guys fucked.

  7. eltiopitoluz

    These articles are very true, but the OP should try a mild cycle of steroids to finally see some of the gains he so very much desire. Steroids are not the boogie man you may believe they are. Done carefully and responsibly they are not harmful.

    1. jim

      Real men don’t need to….I have more than enough natural muscle and strength. No need to pinn. THank you

    2. Sam

      And when you stop using your gear, your muscle mass obtained in an unnatural way will disappear. That is going well!

      1. humancrane

        except it wont just “dissapear” over a course of few months. Profesional bodybuilders do steroids in on/off cycles and sometimes they are clean for even half a year. And even if they start losing muscle it takes some time, untill we talk about the top 5% in mass. Yeah, those guys would shrink pretty fast but still be more muscular after a few years without steroids than the average natural bodybuilder. Please dont spread mythos about PEDs, thanks

        1. Sam

          You are too ignorant to enter into a dialogue. Have a nice life!

      2. Pete South

        It only disappears if you got it lifting light weights.

        I went from 135 to 240 in a span of 2 years, quit lifting and settled down to around 200ish, which is where I always am if I don’t train at all and eat normally

        When I start lifting again, within 6 months I’m around 220ish, without using anything.

        When I’m totally lean and in shape, I’m around 190. It’s permanent, I couldn’t get to 135 again unless I was starving to death.

        That’s a permanent gain of about 50lbs.

      3. yes

        Quite the BS though. I did one cycle (500mg test E / week) and I put on 15kg. I lost 5kg since I stopped – and stopped losing weight. I did lose some muscle, but the net gain was 10kg of muscle – in just 3 months. 10kg would’ve taken me 1-2 years!

        I worked my ass off in the gym, and gained some decent muscles. Now I weigh 80kg (from 63-65).

        You have no idea

  8. Clubby

    For the people getting aggrevated by these articles .
    If you feel offended, it just means you still lack alot of confidence in who you are.

    If your trully confident, people will know.

    A loser with a nice physique,house or car. Will still be a loser in the eye of the beholder.

    Always enjoy the articles, there a fun read.
    Keep them comming.

  9. Loverboy

    Incredible the morons like Edward and the paragraph rant guy who come out.

    Truth Seeker your writing is great. Everything we write as humans will be colored by our own emotions, it’s inescapable, but you do stick to the truth in what you write and I enjoy both your style and your truth.

  10. Lan

    You made my month, cant wait for another post Cheers

  11. JIM

    Believe it not guys…there are some really good women out there. Kind, caring and not about money, looks, status. etc..Very few. But they are out there. To give up and paint them all with the same brush is wrong.
    The key is where you are looking. It’s all about odds. You won’t find many in bars, clubs, social media etc. Work,church, social events that do not involved getting p***’d more so.

    If you are looking good luck. I think it has changed massively since I was on the market…Sadly.

  12. Aegir

    A lot of truths in this article, no doubt. This said, the hard part is to keep a cool mindset in a social environment that got uglier and uglier over the years (thanks to social media, aggressive marketing and manipulation of all kinds for money, status, etc). Once you stop worshipping the “golden calf” and accept the ugliness for what it is, there is still room for enjoying things and people so long as you keep enjoying _yourself_ to being with. Self acceptance is key, whether you lift or not 🙂 Be real about who you are, stop whining and have fun no matter what the circumstances. More easily said than done but still possible. Just keep it real.

  13. Curious Buzzard

    Nice article TruthSeeker, even though you get too much into absurd conspiracy theories but I guess it’s your style and humour.

    On one thing I disagree. You (the individual) are the problem.

    I suspect that one of the causes of widespread depression in the developed world is the lack of death. Most of us were supposed to die at birth or shortly afterwards and now we’re stuck with sub par bodies and minds trying to compete with highly functional normies.

  14. Marky Mark

    Another great post Truth Seeker. I have a feeling you & I would get on like a house on fire irl. Look forward to the next article

  15. marlon

    Goggins is damaged…but like an oyster has made a pearl out of the sand. For this he is to be greatly congratulated…and emulated.
    I am not sure he has elite genetics…he has elite will power.
    (If you say he has elite genetics because he is lean then run as much as he does and watch yourself become lean and cut).

    Someone mentioned the few good women…they do exist, yes…but they are grabbed up very early. I am friends with one such woman…I met her when she was around 30…she was taken off the market at 15.

    The high quality woman is taken off the market early. The high quality woman stands out from her fellow women from very early. Any woman past 20 has been damaged in some way shape or form. If she has a kid, or has been with thugs, it’s best you move on.

    MGTOW isn’t feminism; its a historical reaction to feminism. As civilization moves from patriarchy to matriarchy, God worship moves to woman worship, and those who do not have enough offerings (money, height etc.) to offer the goddesses leave.
    This happened in Rome, and according to Glubb (The Cycle of History, I think, a short book online), happens to all decadent cultures.

    Can’t agree with Curious Buzzard entirely…yes the individual is a PART of the problem…but the rest is society. We can’t change society so we have to step up, and here people like Goggins do provide examples.

    The problem is space…the unrelenting competition for stuff bends us all into unnatural shapes. Those who bend and blend the best are the normies (who keep coming here to insult Truthseeker), and then there is the elite class that blends and bends everyone else.

  16. Matt

    Confidence is not about I am bigger, stronger, faster, smarter, richer, powerful, charahsmatic , etc than you..Hahahah!!!!. Thats Ego. Ego pushes people away. Who wants to be around a judgmental asshole no matter how accoplished they may be. Confidence is, I am my own person and ok with myself, I make mistakes and I learn from them. I don’t constantly judge myself or others and I love others the same as I love myself. Yes, training in a gym with some buddies and learning how to communicatate healthy will build confidence, not building impresive bodies that the gods would envy and would attract Women like nothing else like some believe.

  17. Austin

    It’s not that serious, man. Getting a girl isn’t the end-all be-all of life. It’s just a nice addition that comes along sometimes. Sometimes girls are just a waste of time and cause stress.
    I lift for myself. Because I want to look good and feel good, and I just really enjoy it. Yeah, it does help with the ladies, but that’s not the whole point. Women aren’t even that hard to get. They have a helluva easier time picking up guys that we do picking up chicks, but whatever. Just talk to people, be nice, and if it goes somewhere then cool, if not, fuck it. It doesn’t matter. Cheer up. Life had good and bad. What you focus on is what counts.

  18. Mike

    Men need to learn to make themselves the center of attention. Men enable women to behave the way they do. Men have the true power and control. Most do not know this due to feminist indoctrination at young ages in the school system.

  19. Mark Brown

    Its funny how ya’ll assume man (the author) doesn’t get bitches (desirable women), or quit lifting. From what he writes it seems he’s taken the same route any male looking for truth has taken.All seeking self improvement at some point have lifted weights with the hope of becoming like Thor only to realise they can only become the best version of themselves. At some point all real ones (men) i know have dabbled into PUA and if you haven’t, eventually you will know the true nature of women. He’s not saying they are bad but this is truly their nature. It’s the same thing with a world run on profit maximisation. I’m as cynical as the author but you wouldn’t know it by interacting with me. I just live life and play the game. I don’t juice or go to stupid night clubs unless my friends force me to. Instead i’m trying to run a night of my own. I don’t juice but i’d gladly sell steroids. The world will never change so enjoy what little time you have. It’s nice to know the truth but like Jack Nicholson said “You can’t handle the truth”. I commend the author for spreading the truth even though he knows he will face a lot of back lash. This is the only blog i read … use to read chateau heartiste way before the hate rhetoric became too prevalent (and i’m black. lol) I don’t waste time trying to get people to see the truth i believe everyone has their own journey to lead in life but keep up the good work “truth seeker” and keep those articles coming way more frequently than once a month. Thank you all for listening to my TED talk. :))

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the comment and support. I appreciate it.

  20. Pete South

    “Imagine that you wake up today in front of a magic ball that ruthlessly informs you that you will never be capable of attracting a woman. Would you still…”

    Or imagine that pussy is taken care of…a lot of things changed for me when I discovered “professionals”.

    I became extremely demotivated in some ways, in my free time I started doing whatever I wanted or just plain nothing.

    Great article, spot on.

  21. matt

    Wow. I never knew what PUA stood for till I read about in this article then looked it up. Too me I interpreted the definition of PUA’s that they are those focused on sex and willing to do what ever is possible to achieve this and reliying on Control, Deciet, and Manipulation. Thanks to these ass holes, they are and have been tainting good beautiul women with physical and emotional scars that alter their expectations of men to the point decent men having a hard time finding a good women. Wait a minute. Its actually been like this since the begnining of time, so I it just reality. I count my self a lucky one to find a good woman. I would not trade her for anyone else.

  22. Doe

    Your words help me a lot and you are an example for young men to live by. Trying, failing, finally seeing the truth and not afraid to tell the world for what it is. The world just has too much lies around every corner.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for your support. The sequence you described is very accurate.

  23. MoneyMusclesSex

    This article reads like it was written by an incel.

    To get laid honestly just be smart about the work you’re putting in.

    This means gym wise; MAKE IT A PRIORITY TO: Get to under ~12% body fat, visible abs, and decent chest/shoulders/arms.

    Beyond that is mostly bonus however it does make a difference… Two of my fuck buddies had commented on how my chest was looking bigger recently (I’ve been bulking). Also sending girls an actual impressive Ripped Selfie (Lighting+Angle+Pump) that she’ll feel proud sharing with her group chat = sex for sure.

    You also need to make sure your money is right, and you’re living a fun life/ fun to be around.

    Once that stuff is in order you’ve got a sex worthy product.

    Then it’s just about playing the game to build up leads.

    Still, aways be improving

  24. matt

    I was an incel till I I was 31 when I met my Wife. I was an incel due to fear of women and being conflict avoidant. Lifting weights, 12% body fat with nice body did not help me. Girls would flirt with me and I would not even know because I was too anxious. I would not have met my wife if I had not stepped out of my personal Dungun and started going out to bars and inviting myself to tables with people hanging out and making friends that way. I got more comfortable with my own skin and less anxious around women. At least that’s my experience.

    1. jerkin twerkin

      you’re full of shit bro lol

      1. matt

        Their are two sides to the dudes that have trouble getting ladies from my experience. One group feels they deserve it, but don’t get it. So they get desperate and do what ever it takes to get the lady. When they get a lady and are insecure control freaks scared to loose their prize. The other feels to ashamed (The I will never be good enough feeling) to the point they feel they do not deserve a woman in their life. They give up looking for a woman and do their own thing. They might meet a woman in their life or they might not. When they find a women they are greateful for what they have but have a greater potential that women might take advatage of them. The world sucks. There are decent people out their.

  25. Dani

    Great piece as usual. You look more and more like a social scientist (a good one) than a lifting expert.
    If one looks honestly into the whole system, it really looks like a nightmare, it seems designed on purpose in every single detail to promote slavery and exploitation, psychological and social slavery, at the same time creating the illusion of fullfilmnent in a (false) pursue of fulfillment…
    In my opinion, the way to survive to slavery in this society lies exactly in taking the courage to look straight in the eyea of reality, letting go of expectations and (false) ideas of happiness.
    Accepting the reality of society is the first step to learn about the reality of oneself and this is what leads to freedom.

  26. Donald

    I don’t know the problems of the author, but i know a ton of natural ectos who gained 40-50 pounds, yes 15-20% body fat, not 8%. But a lot of ectos can carry 15-20% and still have a flat stomach and a hint of visible abs.

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