Is ‘Physique’ The Saving Grace Of Bodybuilding?

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Trenbolone – Physique competitors’ main muscle elixir

IFBB pros look grotesque and highly unattractive to the public. They have huge guts, gynecomastia and are way too big to have an aesthetic figure. On the other hand, the physique division has been attracting more and more people.The physique competitors offer the best of both worlds – size and aesthetics. Men like Zyzz and Lazar Angelov are more likely to attract girls thanks to their physiques than guys like Branch Warren for example.

The physique guys may be 50-100lbs lighter than regular IFBB pros, but sadly, most are still on serious anabolic cocktails. A popular steroid among physique competitors is Trenbolone Acetate – a drug that creates a very special “technological” 3D look.

You can take all the testosterone in the world, but you will never have that dry Photoshop aura presented by modern physique competitors. They have quality mass – not just mass. Of course, all good things come with side effects. Trenbolone is not an exception. Besides shutting down your natural production of testosterone, it can cause insomnia, cramps, internal organ damage, premature aging…etc.

Zyzz - known for his aesthetic physique and usage of Trenbolone

Zyzz – known for his aesthetic physique and usage of Trenbolone

Even though the physique division is heavily dependent on drugs, it will definitely continue to attract more and more people because we live in the era of the fitness models. Will this save bodybuilding? To a certain degree, yes. However, sooner or later, the physique competitors will start pushing the envelope even more. And as you already know, this means only one thing – drugs and more drugs. Therefore, physique is not really the savior but simply a different branch of the same chemical monster.

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    yeah these guys are the worst because they go under the radar for many people

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