The Truth About Visualization and Bodybuilding

| by Truth Seeker |

“If the mind can conceive it, the body can achieve it.” is one of the most popular quotes in motivational bodybuilding videos.

This ideology is part of the New Age movement which consists of people who put a lot of value in visualization and the so-called law of attraction. Today, in the era of the smartphone, many believe that anything can happen if you have a positive attitude. This is, of course, a scam thinking and has only one goal – to take your money by promising you an easy success.

While positive thinking may seem like the bomb, your thoughts are not the most powerful way to communicate with the universe. The only language that the universe understands are our actions. As a result, they have the strongest impact on the outcome. Thoughts are cheap. Actions speak way louder than thoughts.

People like the story about Arnold Schwarzenegger who used to visualize that his arms are as big as mountains. Many even believe that similar thinking is one of the fundamentals behind his massive arms. Well, this seems reasonable to accept if you are still in kindergarten. You can visualize all you want, but if there are no actions behind your visions, nothing will ever happen. Conversely, if your bodybuilding goals are backed by the required effort and action in the physical domain, you don’t need to visualize at all.

Which one do you choose?

I am not against positive thinking or visualization, but I definitely don’t support the mainstream law of attraction propaganda which transforms people into brainwashed creatures who choose to believe that the world is all sunshine and rainbows.

If you want to solve a problem, the first step is to understand it fully. You can’t do that when your eyes remain closed for everything negative.

Enough visualization. Doing is better.

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