Can You Look Like Cristiano Ronaldo Without Steroids?

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Since the beginning of the World Cup, some readers have been asking me whether it is possible to acquire the muscular development of soccer players naturally.

Undoubtedly, one of the men who create the most interest is Cristiano Ronaldo. He has an amazing physique that many recreational bodybuilders would like to match. However, can you do that naturally? Can you build a similar body without drugs?

Surprisingly, or not, the answer would be yes.

Many soccer players are an example of what most people could achieve naturally.

Can You Look Like Cristiano Ronaldo Without Steroids?

In the picture above, you see the popular football player Cristiano Ronaldo from Portugal. Different online sources claim that his stats are:

Height: 6’1″ – 185cm
Weight: 183lbs – 83kg

According to’s guide for natural bodybuilders, Cristiano Ronaldo is in the perfect range.

A 6’1″ tall natural bodybuilder with really good genetics could weigh about 190lbs-86 kg at 5% BF completely “shredded” and water depleted. (Note: Very few people in the world can actually achieve this.)

Cristiano Ronaldo is 183lbs, but he is neither water depleted nor 5% BF. There is no need to get that low for sports. Besides, we all know what would happen if one tries to play a 90-minute soccer game in a dehydrated state. At the end of the day, this means that Cristiano Ronaldo is close to the high-end but still a little under.

At the end of the day, this means that Cristiano Ronaldo is close to the high-end but still a little under.

That’s why we believe that the physique of Cristiano Ronaldo is achievable naturally if you have the required genetics and dedicate yourself to the mission.

Does this mean that soccer players are drug-free?

Not really. Of course, soccer players are not taking as many drugs as professional bodybuilders and American football players who have to maintain a lot of mass, but you can never know whether a professional athlete is 100% lifetime natural.

At the highest level, people are always looking for an edge to beat their opponents. That’s why a large percentage of professional sports players use some sort of performance enhancing drugs (PED). Even people who don’t play sports do it. For example, professional musicians often take beta blockers to calm down before and during a concert.

Do you really think that when there is money to be made, people would play nice?

Yet this does not mean that the physiques of soccer players require drugs. PED come in various forms and have a much broader usage than just strength and muscle. A good example would be Lance Armstrong who had a modest physique and yet used plenty of the stuff to compete in road cycling and other events.

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