The Truth About Getting a V-taper

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The Road To A V-Taper

There are two requirements to acquire a V-taper.

1. A wide back
2. A slim waist

Building the back

The latissimus dorsi plays a major role in the construction of a proper V-taper because it provides the width. You have to make your lats bigger and stronger if you want a V-taper.

The most straightforward approach is to get on a diet of pull-ups – weighted and bodyweight. However, the same effect can be achieved with other movements.

Note: Many people have trouble activating their lats and lift the weight with their arms. As a result, the back does not receive enough stimulation to grow. If that’s you, read this article.

Building the shoulders

The best shoulder exercise is the overhead press. It’s a compound movement that also works the core, the triceps and the traps.

Contrary to popular belief, this exercise hits all three heads of the shoulder, although the front deltoid is as always working the hardest.

You may also add some lateral raises with dumbbells for your side delts, and some isolation work for the rear delts, but it’s definitely not mandatory.

Losing body fat

The final step to achieving a V-taper is to lose body fat and get rid of those love handles. You will never have an impressive V-taper if your waist is huge. The only way to acquire a small waist is to get ripped trough dieting and exercising.

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