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The Truth About Getting a V-taper

| by Truth Seeker |

  There are two requirements to acquire a V-taper. 1. A wide back 2. A slim waist Building the back The latissimus dorsi plays a major role in the construction of a proper V-taper because it provides the width. You have to make your lats bigger and stronger if you want a V-taper. The most […]

Use a Thumbless Grip To Avoid Wrist Pain During Pull-ups

| by Truth Seeker |

One of the main reasons why bodybuilders experience persistent and often chronic wrist and elbow pain during pull-ups is an improper alignment of the joints. When your elbow, wrist, and shoulders are not in an optimal position to take the load during the exercise, the connective tissues are irritated. One of the ways to fix that would […]

Deadlift Myths Revealed

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The deadlift has a legendary status due to its effect on the body and central nervous system (CNS). However, there are many misconceptions surrounding the exercise that cause more harm than good. It’s time to bust the myths. Myth 1: The deadlift makes your waist thicker and spoils your physique The idea that deadlifts and squats […]