Top 9 Bodybuilding Transformations as Natural as a Shark in a Bottle

| by Truth Seeker |

The world is a scary place, my friend. You are born in a body you didn’t choose and answer to laws and urges you can neither change nor understand completely. As a bonus, you are getting old in the process and every living creature on this earth is a potential antagonist. To survive this cycle of madness for as long as possible, we build different kinds of armor. When it comes to men, constructing a physique as thick as a brick wall is a common choice.

In the male mind, there is nothing as intimidating as massive muscles extracting tears from the eyes of the opponents. As a consequence, many start to see bodybuilding as a path offering an exoneration from life’s dangers and sad moments.

”If you cry inside the gym, you won’t cry outside”, say the muscle scholars while presenting us investors in muscular real estate who have already ascended and enjoy the benefits of being a muscle deity.

Today, I will show you 9 ”day & night” transformations which according to the mainstream muscle media can become your reality if you make love to the barbell and consume protein at the right moment. If the plan fails, the sages recommend adding a tablespoon of Indigo 3G to stimulate some of the extraterrestrial growth you are about to witness.

Top 10 Bodybuilding Transformations as Natural as a Shark in a Bottle


Jaco De Bruyn – WBFF Pro

From ”Do You Even Lift, Bro” To Assassin of Atrophy

Jaco De Bryun, a WBFF (World Beauty Fitness & Fashion) Pro, underwent a transformation that wrecks minds. He transformed from a regular push-up&pull-up boy into a muscular samurai carrying shoulders that trigger the security scanners at airports, for they look like cannonballs stolen from a pirate ship. The magic does not end here. The physique of Jaco De Bryun showcases lines, detail and muscle quality of the highest level proving that a pound of muscle is not always equal to a pound of muscle. If you look closely, you will notice a peculiar ”technological” glow surrounding Jaco’s musculature. His muscles have a character on their own.

According to different sources, Jaco De Bryun is 6’1”/185cm tall and weighs between 205lbs/93kg and 215lbs/97kg – stats rivaling some of the greatest bodybuilders of all time like Serge Nubret – a man who stood next to Arnold Schwarzenegger when anabolics in the land of the free were as legal as a burger.

Q: Don’t organizations like the WBFF test for drugs? There is no information about the testing process in 2017, but different online posts dating back to 2009 reveal that the WBFF did not test its athletes/models at the time, even though the organization is against the use of illegal substances.

There’s a ”rant” of Daryl Gazey, WBFF Director of Operations, posted in 2009 that says:

”Does the WBFF drug test its participants? In short… no, we do not.”

{link – retrieved on February 21, 2017}.

The HodgeTwins

From Paint to PhotoShop

The HodgeTwins are two twin brothers who went from bedroom vloggers to world-renowned comedians. In the meantime, their physiques transformed just as much as their careers as entertainers. In the photos below, you can see that at first, they looked somewhat skinny-fat and eventually evolved into two decently developed bodybuilders who can hold their ground next to a man like Kali Muscle who has IFBB Pro stats and enough juice in him to stock a pharmacy. Moreover, in many pictures, the HodgeTwins are showing clear signs of gynecomastia.

They train perfectly you say? I don’t think there’s anything special about the way they train. They do the exercises you do. Why aren’t you as big as them?

They follow a very strict diet? Hm… if so the HodgeTwins must be actually quadruplets because I have seen two other twins who look just like them and spend a large amount of their time filming themselves eating junk food in quantities big enough to feed the clients of McDonald’s for an hour or two.


Sadik Hadzovic

From a cadet to a general of the Aesthetic Legion

Sadik Hadzovic is one of the most popular IFBB Men’s Physique pros on the planet. He gained huge fame when he won Arnold Sports Festival Pro Men’s Physique contest in 2015. Now he has the world as his following, and many souls are deeply inspired by the collection of thick muscle covering his bones. Sadik Hadzovic has the physique of a general worthy of commanding the Legion of Aesthetic Brahs.

Sadik Hadzovic’s main inspiration to join the war against gravity were the physiques of characters in comic books and action figures. Before becoming a chief of muscle, he was a regular model. Eventually, he took his #dedication to the next level and today weighs approximately 193lbs/88kg at 5’11”/180cm.

Similar stats meant Mr. Olympia material in the 70s. And we all know that the champions from the 70s took Dbol for breakfast, lunch and dinner. What changed since then?

Advancement in nutrition? Sure. We have GM foods today.

Better training principles? Yeah, right… If that’s the case why is every second article found in popular muscle magazines showing us how to build arms like Arnold by following his routine?

Better training equipment? You mean naturals today can get bigger thanks to hammers strength machines? Cool story, bro.


Hwang Chul Soon

I always knew that the traditional Korean dish kimchi is powerful, but I never knew it is capable of producing real life hulks such as Hwang Chul Soon. One look at that man takes you back to the times you were a kid thinking the sky is the limit. Hwang Chul Soon has a mass that could easily dwarf 99% of the human population. An article on entitled ”Scrawny Korean Man Becomes World Champion Bodybuilder After Being Disrespected”, revealed that Hwang was only 125lbs/57kg when he turned 20. That gave him the motivation to become a professional muscle constructor turning heads on the street as if he is carrying an automatic rifle.

The article also informs that steroids are illegal in Korea and consequently it is impossible for bodybuilders to use them. Well, weed is illegal in almost the entire world too and yet… every millennial ”remembers the days”. That’s all I can say for the moment. I will let the pictures below speak for themselves.


Anton Antipov

Anton Antipov is another American IFBB Physique Pro with a striking transformation. He started as a model and eventually built a muscle fortress big enough to make guys like Jeff Seid look small on stage.

The weight of Anton Antipov is between 185lbs/84.5kg and 193lbs/87.7kg. His height is 5’11”/180cm. As many of you know, 185lbs @ 5’11” in a lean condition is a physique that most natties see only in their dreams.

Q: But it took him a long time to go from point A to point B. Therefore, he must be natural.

Have you met logic, my friend? It took Ronnie Coleman a lot of time to build his body too. Do you think that makes him natural? Many graduates from the college of YouTube believe that muscle construction is a never-ending linear process, and therefore, you can make gains forever as long as you are patient and willing to settle for just a few pounds a year. Dream on is all I can say. The reality is very different. In a few years of dedicated and progressive training, the game ends since you have maxed out the current potential of your body. Even if you train for 100 years more, nothing will happen.

It’s also worth mentioning that gaining mass is a priority only for bodybuilders. Physique competitors cannot allow themselves nor do they want to be 250lbs/113.5kg. They have to stay within a weight class, which is not the case for professional bodybuilders on top of the food chain. (The only exception are the men competing in the 202lbs/91.8kg weight class.) This is why your favorite physique models hover around the same weight.


Calum von Moger

From a Surfer to Arnold 2.0

A long time ago, a friend of mine told me that many people have twins across the globe. This seems to be the case for Arnold Schwarzenegger. His twin is Calum von Moger – a young bodybuilder who grew up in Australia and is currently living in Los Angeles. The stats of Calum von Moger are pretty much identical to Arnold’s. Calum is 6’2”/188cm tall and weighs 242lbs/110kg. But the similarities do not end here. The facial features of the two men share common traits, which makes Calum the perfect candidate to play Arnold in a biographical movie. It goes without saying that both probably share the same love for pharmacies too.

And before people suffocated by delusions start writing the usual ”I was 180lbs/82kg @ 5% body fat when I was ten years old, and therefore, anything is possible if you eat and train right.” let me tell you that Calum von Moger does not follow a perfect diet. Here’s what his followers on snapchat have written on reddit:

”How the fuck does the man stay so lean, if you follow his snapchat, he eats burgers, tubs of ice cream, chocolate covered fruits, and yet stays sub 10 bf%. I understand the fact that he’s not natural, but most bodybuilders are eating like chicken rice and broccoli and counting macros even with steroids, and Calum seems near competition ready at all times. Any reasoning behind this?”


From Lurch to Wolverine

Jon Skywalker is a popular fitness celebrity and a social media superhero living as a muscle deity in California. He transformed from a tall skinny boy into a hypertrophied tower symbolizing aesthetics.

At 6’4”/193cm @ 194lbs/88kg, he is not exactly a mountain, but the quality of his muscle mass stands out. Unlike many others, Jon Skywalker is open about his ”cycling”/drug use. According to his page on, the journey began in Uzbekistan where an ampule of testosterone was cheaper than a movie ticket. And yet if Jon Skywalker claimed natty, many would believe him easily, for the crowd is convinced that anyone under 200lbs/90kg and over 6’1”/185cm has to be natty. Not really the case. At the end of the day, it comes down to muscle thickness, ”glow”, ”dryness” and overall appeal.


Victor Pride

From the Meth Look To the Spartan Look

Nick Kelly, better known under his alias Victor Pride, is an extremely influential blogger in the so-called manosphere, which represents a community for males who have never had a real father to show them how men are supposed to live. Mr. Pride has inspired many boys to reclaim their masculinity by starting a blog and fighting gravity in the gym. He often uses his own transformation from a skinny paper boy into a spartan warrior with thick muscles to motivate the crowd.

However, Pride did not acquire his physique naturally. He is open about his steroid use, although he still pushes a program ”for naturals” called The Body of a Spartan. Undoubtedly, Victor Pride could easily pass for a natural in the minds of those who derive their ideas from mainstream muscle media.


Bradley Martin

When I want to know what kind of life I will never live, I make sure to check the Instagram of popular muscle superstars. One of them is Bradley Martin – a man who lifts motorcycles in-between sets. As expected, he wasn’t always like that. He underwent a serious evolution and mutated from a skinny rail into a muscle wonder boy. He weighs 260lbs/118kg at 6’3”/190.5cm and dwarfs even the current reigning Mr. Olympia Phil Heath.

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  1. Swabbie

    Haha, excellent article mate
    You made my morning

  2. Sam Ledoux

    Another great article. Did you ever have angry e mails from bodybuilders Who are upset that you are writing about them? Btw I did like reading your books. Thank you very much.

  3. twp

    I heard that some of these guys eat chicken, broccoli and rice four times a day. Every day.
    No surprise they are ripped to the bone and muscular af. So much dedication!

    1. Nattyfail

      Brocoli is one helluva drug, infinite gainz. They say sweetpotato has some magical qualities when combined with fish.

  4. Lasslassiter

    Truth Seeker, you must do a in depth article on Martin Berkhan.

    1. Bubbajank

      Oh god I hope he’s natty

  5. jim

    WAtch people defend these roiders…

    People are sooo dumb it is unbelievable

  6. James

    Not sure if u have covered this before: If one were to take the type of roids needed to get lean and low bf, and then take whats needed to get very big, what % overall would you attribute to roids vs lifting weights (and diet although based on this article that seems pretty irrelevant) to what they end up looking like? Take any of these guys in this article, if they barely even tried in the gym/diet from the start to today but still had their roids, what would they be able to look like?

    I’m not trolling either, I know these guys use juice and fucking suck/lie but I am just curious. OR are they all ALREADY barely trying in the gym as it is? I remember you posted a study that showed ppl who did NOTHING gained more muscle mass on roids in a given time than those who lifted and did no roids, how far can that go though? Is it like 90% roids 10% lifting/genes orrrrr???? If one were to take roids like these guys and NEVER LIFT could one look like they do (or look really good)? Idk just curious.

    1. realitybites

      You still need to lift to see significant gains from gear use. Genetics matter more than drugs since in absence of good genes, you won’t gain anything no matter what you take.

      Studies are always super optimistic – everybody gains tons of muscle doing whatever, yet reality is of course somewhat more depressing.

    2. Mustafa

      I love your style of wrtiting and commend you… long time reader and refer my brother nephews and anyone else who wants to learn about bodybuilding and powerlifting… without buying a lot of powders and potions and cocktails and false dreams. I salute you. Keep it up.

  7. Kevin

    What’s your opinion on Jason Blaha and his views on bodybuilding?

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Jason Blaha is too focused on barbell lifts and produces too much content. He is delusional as to what is possible naturally. As far as bodybuilding, he doesn’t like it. I can understand why.

  8. Jem

    Victor Pride never claimed natty but shills red supplements which he says works like steroids even though its ginseng and other bs. He’s also buddies with another roider who sells steroid guides and routines

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      In general, yes – apart from a few posts. I don’t know what red supplements are, but if they are supplements they cannot be as effective as roids.

  9. Jem

    You can find them here: the ingredients in his antidepressant he sells is phenibut and such. Victor Pride is anti drug from his blog and anti caffeine etc etc but sells supplements containing caffeine and other stuff. He seems to do alot of cross marketing with the PUA community and other guys like skinnyfat transformation and even alphadestiny. Although his site is a bit different than it was. It went from motivation and “think rich grow rich” type stuff.

    I was interested in how he made money overseas as I’m in a relationship with a Vietnamese woman and spend some time in Asia but teaching English in the areas hes lived in is only like $500/USD a month.

    Seems to be a fairly alt right guy which I dont necessarily disagree with. The problem is he seems to be shilling garbage supplements, going overseas to get rich or make a better life when he was a real estate investor before moving overseas (he had his money made just like Dr Tony Huge or Hughes whatever the fuck who went to the Philippines first he was already wealthy to begin with), positive thinking nonsense etc.

    Its not as bad as other blogs I guess but he does get a bit preachy but lets face it hes an alpha rich Chad with great genetics who does roids and sells shit like its sugar online.

    I found his blog by accident as I like vacationing in Southeast Asia and he seemed like he had similar interests to me.

    I’m not a baller or natty. But I wont lie to someones face to sell them false gods and nonsense to do.

    I could literally go on about the manosphere all day because I used to buy into that shit. I already had bad body dysmorphia before getting into bodybuilding. However unlike most white incels I guess I gave up on western women but didn’t go MGTOW.

    I dont want to write about myself too much though I have alot of online stalkers from the incel community who are pissed off at me

  10. Jem

    Just want to say I stumbled on your blog a few years ago and been hooked ever since. Your doing to the bodybuilding community what the anti PUA community did to them. I’ve been involved in both shitty scams havent lost too much money thanks to torrenting and being really aware steroids were the “answer” — although I hate to say that.

    I think recreational fitness or lifting is great people just need to pace themselves with it. Just like you need to talk to girls to get a date it’s just you dont need PUA advice. Likewise with bodybuilding I’ve seen jacked guys sell all sorts of garbage to scrawny kids and I come in there and they dont shill anything to me because they know I’m not a moron.

    SARMs seem to be the next shitty sort of scam but they work better than creatine and other nonsense.

  11. Jem

    Those guys had great physiques even before roids. Look at Dorian Yates 9 months into training 99.9% of people will never look like this or those guys before pictures. The Chad’s get Chaddier. We got white priviledge but no feminist discuss Chad priviledge

    1. twp

      No way this is after 9 months of training. Probably he already did some kind of workout or labor work prior these 9 months.

  12. E

    The fact that anyone would even consider that the above are natural is just astonishing. Are people this naive, is it willful ignorance, or just stupidity? The strange thing is I don’t even think any of the above look good. To me the above physiques are like looking at really bad breast implants, or horrible hair transplants. It looks so artificial and so blatantly fake that I actually laugh at it.

  13. Gustavo

    Not that you claim it here, but Bradley Martin doesn’t claim to be a natty. He actually has given what gear he uses a couple of times on his social networks, when asked.

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