The Importance Of Having Goals Even If They’re “Stupid”

| by Truth Seeker |

A few years back, I saw a weird guy in the neighborhood spending most of his time in front of alcohol shops. He wasn’t an alcoholic, though. More often than not, he was drinking coffee or Coca-Cola with a the-world-is-about-to-end grimace on his face.

My initial guess was that he was lonely and tortured by the past and his dreadful future. Sitting in front of alcohol shops was his way of socializing and avoiding being alone.

Eventually, I learned that he’d experienced an accident at work that had partially hurt his mental capacity. Nonetheless, he didn’t appear crazy and was capable of judging his surroundings just fine.

At first, I felt sorry for him, but eventually my compassion dropped low for one simple reason – the guy was not trying to do better even though he could.

Of course, it’s easy to judge another person. Nothing’s easier, actually. But I wasn’t doing it to bring him down. I was just angry to see his wasted potential. Also, according to him, he had two sons a.k.a. motivation to live. I don’t know if that’s true, but he appeared serious about it.

If you have the physical capacity to poison your body non-stop with coffee, energy drinks, and other liquids of questionable value while also sleeping a couple of hours a day, you’re also healthy enough to do other tasks.

This is when it hit me. The guy needed what I would call a “stupid goal” in his life to dig himself out of his habits of death.

A stupid goal is an arbitrary goal that makes little or no difference to your life whether it’s achieved or not.

One simple example would be adding 5lbs to your bench press. Let’s face it. You won’t be breaking records with or without those 5lbs. The value of stupid goals isn’t the end result, but the habits that they build and the brain distraction that they create.

If you’re constantly focusing on a traumatic experience, you will never heal because you’re maintaining the wound open and preventing a scar from forming. A stupid goal greatly helps with that problem, although it cannot prevent a period of grief.

Stupid goals are NOT an immediate treatment. If you truly experience something awful, no amount of self-persuasion will allow you to avoid the initial impact. For example, if you lose a family member, you will more than likely reconsider your entire worldview. A stupid goal wouldn’t do much for you at that point.

Nonetheless, a stupid goal should be introduced as early as possible.

Think of it this way. If you break your arm, the doctors will keep you in a cast for the shortest possible period because the longer you’re immobilized, the harder it is to regain function.

It’s similar with other traumatic experiences. You want to start moving as soon as you can. Postponing rehabilitation postpones healing.

No Goals = Guaranteed Stagnation

I don’t want to sound like a motivational speaker because I think those guys are crooks. In fact, I consider myself a demotivational speaker.

Nonetheless, I can’t ignore a fundamental life rule – no goals = no direction. No direction = guarantee to end up in a place that you don’t quite like.

I know many people who drift through life thinking that a miracle is in front of them. They never set goals and consequently end up in perpetual stagnation. I’ve been one of them in some areas of my life, of course.

What if I don’t achieve my goal?

The main value of a goal is character construction as well as protection from falling into the abyss of destructive habits.

Of course, it’s normal to feel disappointed when you fail, but that kind of failure doesn’t hurt nearly as much as the pain that comes from regret and remaining stuck.

Example of My Stupid Goals

I’ve had many stupid goals. Some of them I’ve achieved…some not:

  • Learn a muscle-up (Achieved many years ago but currently can’t do 1 repetition)
  • Deadlift 3 times my BW (Never achieved. Got to 2.7 as far as I remember.)
  • Squat 2 times my BW (Never achieved)
  • Approach 100 women (Achieved 10-20x)
  • Write a book (Achieved)
  • Learn how to weld (Not really achieved but gained some stick welding experience)
  • One arm pull-up (Never achieved)


Why do I consider those goals stupid?

Because they’re hobby goals (apart from writing the books). With or without them, my life isn’t all that much different. Also, those goals are easily replaced by others.

What aren’t stupid goals?

In the grand scheme of things, probably all goals that aren’t linked to a higher spiritual idea could be seen as stupid.

In a more practical sense, stupid goals would be those that don’t have a massive, direct impact on your personal life, health, or career.

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  1. dinac

    how about this? difficult, impossible goals and they are almost or mostly achieved, and it doesn’t even matter.. (including curing 95% of diseases known to man)

    or they are unachieved because along the way they became stupid and worthless to you, and it doesn’t matter…

    because a sportsperson/lawyer/singer or whatever cooler or a gym moron think electricity comes from GOD, and internet grows out of the cell phone…

    but most of all, nothing ever happened the way you wanted, when you wanted, where you wanted, and HOW you wanted it..

    and this is why civilization will collapse… Were Nikola Tesla, Edison and all those pre ww2 geniuses alive today, they would not invent one little thing anymore, so disrespected and irrelevant would they be next to an instagram bitch and the tesla motors creep..

    I shall give you a tip.. The life as you know it will end soon… it is one of the best kept secretes known to everyone above xx of age….

    and one more thing: let us know when you find out you were working for the competition…

    p.s. my email is for real this time..

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      What do you think will happen?

  2. gwr4

    muscle up : did 3 , cant do one now
    deadlift : 2x bw cant lift now
    squat 1.5 bw cant lift now
    date 10 women (did it)
    now was those goals stupid ? yes. i hurt myself doing those. meaningless ? no. i ve learned quite a few things doing them. woud i do otherwise now if i could go back? yes…

  3. Deb

    Hello truth seeker
    Please do one article on bodyweight training
    Specifically I want to know about two things mastering high skill BW exercise necessary for hypertrophy
    2. Is BW training better for the joints than weight training (specially when you get older)

  4. Andre Dias

    There are stupid goals and there are even more stupid goals. Ironically, focusing on slaving aka working and bending to women aka being in a relationship is the worst option. The world is cursed, it changed since civilization and agriculture took place. It has been on a decline to the abyss since 12.000 years ago or so, so let us enjoy the ride to hell in the less worst way possible, and hope that it recovers in the future

  5. Nevermind

    My not so stupid goal is to learn German and be at least decent in Russian. After all I need something else to make me feel good after my muscle building quest failed badly, thanks to my shit-ass genetics.

  6. AleXandeR

    Ok. Let dicuss about number of goals.

  7. René

    Going to the gym to be in shape is one of my stupid goals. It helps me to stay out of anxiety 🙃

  8. Sy

    I recently learned to juggle. It was frustrating at first, but then soon after when i was able to do it somewhat decent, it gave me a sense of accomplishment and confidence. Doesn’t help in anything really, however, kids like it and puts a smile on their faces, good hand-eye coordination practice, and good old-fashioned unadulterated fun.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Yes. It’s a very nice skill. I remember being a kid and a young man came to us (we were playing outside) and did some juggling with tennis balls. I thought it was super cool.

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