The “Are You a Real Man?” Scam

| by Truth Seeker |


I’ve been hearing the term “real man” since my childhood. In 99% of the cases, it’s used to provoke a specific reaction out of you through a shame injection.

“Are you even a real man,” said Becky after Harry failed to provide what she wanted.

Why does this expression exist?


Men have always been judged according to their performance in life. If you don’t satisfy the criteria of society for what a man is supposed to do, you are seen as a fake/non-real man.

The requirements change depending on the situation, but the mechanism never does. For example, in the past, men were shamed for evading a draft.

The shaming was so great, that some men would commit suicide even when they had legit reasons not to fight.

Imagine if tomorrow you wake up and everywhere you go in your small town, you are seen as a coward/insect. This is the kind of emotional abuse that those men went through.

Today, the expectations are a bit different primarily because the vast majority of the first world isn’t in an active war involving the territory of the country. But if a war was to start in your country, men who don’t fight will be shamed again.

In modern times, the “are you a real man” expression is targeted primarily at men who fail to spoil the people around them.

If you don’t provide for your wife and kids, you will not be considered a real man.

If you provide for them but fail to soften the rest of life’s blows, you will be classified as a fake man again. 

In simpler terms, every time you fail to satisfy your family or society in general, you will be seen as a non-authentic man.

The Order of The White Feather

In 1914, an admiral founded the movement The Order of The White Feather.

The movement was encouraging women to give white feathers to men who haven’t joined the British Army. Or in other words, the military was stimulating women to shame men who don’t want or can’t kill other men.

That in and of itself reveals a brutal side of reality.

Allow me to explain.

1. Women have always been seen as the main male stimulus (the prize). There’s a reason why the movement encouraged women rather than men to give white feathers to the “quitters”.

2. The average man is always manipulated via guilt to serve.

3. The built-in sacrificial nature and empathy of men are always abused.

In some cases, even boys as young as 15 or 16 were shamed for not fighting. I cannot help but feel disgusted by this fact.

The Hypocrisy of Society

Imagine the following: A man is shamed to death for not participating in WWs. The people around him make his life a living hell.

Today, we consider those wars “a mistake” and many of the heroes of those times are now the world’s biggest villains.

See the evil hypocrisy?

Why is society so obsessed with your “real man” status?

Many people don’t realize this, but societies are inherently based on the exploitation of men.

You read that correctly.

Without the exploitation of men, you have no civilized world.

The houses, factories, bridges, monuments…etc. are all built by men.

The welders fixing pipes while laying in the mud are all men.

The people climbing the telephone post at 2 a.m. so that Becky can call Chad are all men.

The people who die in wars are primarily men.

The people who defend the country are primarily men.

The people who fix optic lines on New Year’s Eve so that Becky can swipe on her phone are all men.

The people pouring concrete so that Becky can have a place to live are all men.

The people fixing Becky’s Tesla that she bought by uploading nudes online are mostly men.

The people paying for Becky’s nudes are mostly men.

The dirtiest and most dangerous jobs in this world are and will continue to be performed by men.

If men refuse to participate, society just falls. Therefore, to ensure the smooth operation of this world, men must be somehow educated and taught to serve. Whenever men misbehave/underperform, they have to be punished and criticized.

When men complain, society hates it and immediately ostracizes the complainer.

You work two jobs, but you still can’t provide enough money for a vacation to Paris? Are you even a real man?

You happen to be born short? Did you forget to take your “real man” gene pills while you were in your mom’s belly?

You are a shy man afraid to make the first move? You are not a man, you’re a pussy.

Your wife cheated on you in the bed that you bought with two other guys? You must be insecure about your masculinity. It’s your fault she did it. Btw are you a real man?

Your mom passed away and you couldn’t help yourself and shed a tear? What a pussy!? I’m leaving you.

You lost your job!? Can’t you just die? Real men don’t lose their jobs.

My money is my money. Your money is our money but mostly my money. If you can’t realize this, you aren’t a real man.

Getting rejected 5,455 times by women made you feel bad? Just take it like a real man.


What is reality?

People may disagree, but in my opinion, every man born as a man is a man regardless of how many wars he’s fought or how much money he makes. There are brave men and cowardly men, there are poor men and rich men…etc. Nonetheless, all men are men. Saying otherwise is a lie.

If God created you as a man, you’re a man and will stay a man for your entire life regardless of your “performance”.

Are you a real woman?

In my entire life, I’ve never heard anyone ever use the term “real woman”.

Why? Because women are seen as inherently valuable just for existing thanks to their ability to give birth whereas men are seen as servants.

Actions > Words

People, men included, will often deny the above facts or try to brush them off, but the truth is the truth regardless of what you think of it.

The world has always seen males as disposable units serving the top 10% of elite men and 100% of women.


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  1. Bateman

    Will you ever drop a new training related article in the near future? Do you still train/exercise wt the moment? If so, what’s your routine looking like? Are you still 70 kg bodyweight or have you gone up/down? Thanks for the continued service.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Yes, of course. Currently, I just do bodyweight training.

      1. Eek

        How’s that working for you, especially for arms?

        Is it similar to the End of Natty ebook minus the arm work for DB’s?

        What are you doing for legs? It’d be cool to see the details.

      2. Deb

        Can you share your current bodyweight routine in your next article?
        I too switched from weight to calisthenics a few months back

  2. Don

    how can we as a society change this mindset?

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      I don’t know. I think we can’t expect it to change in our lifetime. The tradition is too strong.

      1. Ok

        Just dont care, stop participating in this game thats only thing you can do. For yourselfs, for your mental health. Stop caring is the best thing you can do in this world. Delete social media and just fuck what others think.

    2. twp

      I don’t think we can change this mindset in our lifetime, but somewhere in the future, probably. Knowing how slow is evolution it will probably take forever.

      1. APEX

        1.) Were you born with a penis?
        2.) Have you finished puberty?

        If your answer to both those questions is “YES”, then… CONGRATULATIONS!!! YOU ARE A REAL MAN!!!

        BTW, one of my girlfriends tried to shame me for “not being a real man” once. Needless to say, she was sobbing pretty hard within minutes on account that I dumped her unappreciative ass. Don’t take anybody’s crap, guys.

  3. Simone

    Spot on as always. I always disagreed with that expression even with some of my friends. Males sometimes by conforming to society are the worst enemies of themselves.

  4. Ahmed Salem

    Amazing article man we really missed you.

  5. Leonard

    Hello, Truthseeker!
    How can you test your masculinity in this emasculated world?

  6. Mm

    How about this for nattyornot. I have a son who likes basketball but noone in our family is tall. How about some hgh for him to play in the nba? Maybe he could be goat? Added benefit making fun of losers….

    1. Magicnike

      Yes i think maybe some nbas players had hgh?

  7. Joe

    So glad to see another article from you! Don’t forget there are many many people who love your site and enjoy your work please keep them coming! Thank you it was another great article.

  8. André

    Despite all of the shortcomings of the modern world, life is just how it should be. Our only job is to try to understand what’s best for us and/or those who we love

  9. B

    Another amazing write-up. I realized this a while back from reading some of your books.

    I am much more selfish now with my time, money and attention. I’m respectful to everyone but not afraid to say “no”.

    Main goals in life are to make good money, maintain a decent level of strength at 12-15% bf, get my 8 hours of sleep and then have the rest fall where it may.

    When I wanna get a nut I hire a professional. They are much cheaper than a girlfriend or a wife. Furthermore I am emotionally dead and realized a romantic relationship destroys me mentally even more due to endless expectations.

    Thanks again.

  10. jay

    this post feels like it could be longer . thanks

  11. Robert

    I always check in to see you’ve written a new article. Hope you never stop bro!

  12. René

    This is why I am a MGTOW, because MGTOW means to follow my own interest, not society’s or women’s demands.

  13. Predator

    You troll master antimason? Tststs…. I see your small brain is well developed .. unlike the frontal lobes…

  14. Edo

    Brilliant post as always Truthseeker, I really felt the weight of your words.
    Men must be perfect all the times just to be considered “average” or “decent; women, on the other hand, are always considered perfect by default…

  15. Trutthfound

    Our world is build upon lies, generations of men exploited by vampyres with hepatitis, and fmi dogs who change their soul for a piece of bread reading lamentations, i wished more people read the necronomicon and start awakening of this shitty matrix, charge your bodies with levetiracetam and eat those nout papyrus fellas, lets clean this world before lizards freeze us or little green men turn us into soy, cut open the throads of those dogs, kill politicians, down with the system.

  16. Aoi

    Men and women use these shaming tactics to control people through their emotions. Bottom line – Emotions are a weakness.

  17. mattsk1

    Standing Overhead Press 3×5 with 135lb I have found helps me have less tension head aches by working the traps and shoulders that get really tense when stressed. You can be more of a real man when your less tense and not dealing with a head ache.

  18. Simple Simon

    Did you all know that before Joe Weider settled on physique-building as his scam of choice, he sold courses on how to be an alpha man?

    (Actually, was Weider subtly making you believe bodybuilding would make you an alpha man?)

    1. Glove

      Yes. I did. At the age of 13. In 1972.

      1. Simple Simon

        What, did you actually see one?

        1. Glove

          as a 13 year old kid I thought: big muscles means alpha man. One or two years later I understood: that´s nonsense

  19. Rocky

    Hello truthseeker im a big fan of yours, i bought all your books and wow! ur such a awesome writter.
    I want to be part of the forum section so i can share my experiences or seek help from u guys, but i cannot register, what can i do to register? God bless u truthseeker

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      The forum has some spam problems and that’s why you can’t register. I will try to fix it soon.

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