The Brainwashed Psychos You Meet On Training Forums

| by Truth Seeker |

source:; Sometimes we need some time alone to see the truth.

source:; Sometimes we need some time alone to see the truth.

Visiting training forums/cults could be a highly dangerous activity when you don’t know what you are doing. Every training forum has an exclusive vibe and a bag of broscience that all recruits are expected to embrace. Since you are always judged according to the forum’s prejudice, it is very difficult to have a meaningful conversation with the cult members.

Sooner or later, every poster starts repeating the same old phrases without the slightest sign of critical thinking. It happens all the time. People just write what the popular guys on there have already said. Being skeptical is considered a danger and a trait that only a hater or a troll could possess.

Those who don’t exercise political correctness could easily be silenced. I have been banned from virtually every popular training forum multiple times.

Undoubtedly, this also happens in many other aspects of life that are way bigger than the training niche. The mainstream media is willing to mute anyone seen as a danger to the general trends supported by big money and politics. It’s very easy to do so. Just never invite experts who are critical. Stick to those who are willing to play the game. That’s why the same people stay on TV for decades. They play the game well and keep the wheel going.

This attitude is critical for maintaining a well working sect. Once every member starts repeating the same nonsense, you know that the magic is working. When all individuality is gone, power is secured.

This is why we should be very careful where we gather information from – brainwashed mediators or the real source. In general, there are three ways to acquire knowledge – from your own actions, from somebody else or by reading, listening or watching videos. As you can see, two out of three can be corrupted to the point of no belief.

This is why I never trust history. How could you possibly know what has happened thousands of years ago? The media today, which are considered modern, rarely report accurate information for various reasons, but somehow I am supposed to believe that the history books are the real deal. It can’t happen. All mainstream sources are flawed when it comes to important events. Most of what we believe to be true history is a lie.

The fact that a lot of people are saying that the Earth is a globe, does not mean that it’s actually a globe. I am 100% serious. How can you actually be sure? An ordinary person cannot access classified information. I am not saying that the Earth is flat. I am just saying that with enough misinformation we could be made to believe that the Earth is a triangle.

Each infected person increases the speed of the virus. The more sick people there are, the faster the damage. When more people are manipulated into agreeing on a subject, the less likely it is to convince the general population of an area that the opposite is true. Sometimes even undeniable evidence can’t do the trick.

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  1. Ptit Suisse

    History is 100% falsified. It is viewed through the prism of progress, but nothing could be further for the truth. The only “progress” we experience is technological, but all the rest is going down (spiritual, social, etc.) But we are forced to believe that we live in the best society ever. One of the best examples is the way the Middle Age is presented to us, like if everything at that time was only chaos, suffering, slavery, dirt, etc. Actually the Midle Age was a period of peace and order due to high spiritual knowledge. This knowledge was revivied at that time in the Christian civilisation by the Muslims that invaded spain (Saint Tomas D’acquin and Averroes).
    If you have the time, dig into it, it’s fascinating.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Recently, I have been asking myself similar things. What’s the difference compared to 10 years ago? What changed? The first word that came to my mind was – the smartphones. It’s true that besides the technological changes, the world is largely the same. I also believe that the human relations have never been colder despite the fact that we have almost unlimited ways to communicate.

  2. Nattyornotsavedmefromgymcelling

    You changed my life truth seeker. Thank you.

  3. Pablito

    ”Since you are always judged according to the forum’s prejudice, it is very difficult to have a meaningful conversation with the cult members.”

    That’s the gnostic mentality (or gnostic mind-set), which tends to divide humanity between the aware, the awakened, who have received a form of knowledge (or ”gnosis” in greek language) from a wise old man, who may also be an internet forum guru (mmmm, do you remember the Gh15 phenomenon and the ”bible”?) or collective community, and the unaware, who simply want to continue to live in a lie (and yes the internet redpill culture froma that very gnostic movie Matrix show the traits of that gnostic mind-set).

    Sorry for my english.

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