The Bodybuilding Matrix – It’s Time To Break The Chains The bodybuilding matrix is a byproduct of this prison planet.

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The only thing that counts as success nowadays is profit. Generating money is the engine of this world. The mechanism was set in motion a long time ago, and besides a few external modifications, nothing has changed since its establishment.

The muscle industry is a byproduct of this corrupt system and illustrates how the economy operates. The fools work, produce and buy while the so-called ballers enjoy “the good life”.

The best marketers are those who know what people need and want, but instead of giving it to them in its true form, they sell us garbage and half-truths.

Most drug dealers mix their products with waste. It’s not uncommon to buy drugs containing 70% washing powder. This technique increases the profit of the drug cartel significantly, and as you already know, painted paper is numero uno in this world.

While an addiction to bodybuilding supplements won’t hurt you nearly as badly as recreational drugs, it’s still a scam relying on identical principles – the actual value is lower than promised.

If bodybuilding supplements are so effective, why are the people taking them still small? The answer of the mainstream bro would be that supplements are only a tiny part of the equation that cannot compensate for poor training and nutrition. This is indeed true, but if the magic powders are so unimportant, why are the lifters obsessed with them? Because we’ve been conditioned to love the powders.

The big corporations dictate the existence of the humanoid. The policy of the company is always geared towards the enrichment of the board and the support consumerism. Meanwhile, the working bees always get the short end of the stick despite doing all the work. If you steal a box of protein powder, the police will catch you. If you repeat the process enough times, your jail holiday will one day become a reality.

Oddly enough, the guys with the nice suits steal a lot more but don’t share the same destiny. They sell us supplements made out of pig food, put fancy labels on them, manipulate the studies and charge us 10 times the actual cost of the product. However, similar actions are not considered cheating and stealing – they call it marketing and entrepreneurship. This is something that George Orwell would consider “doublespeak” which is a language that deliberately disguises, distorts, or reverses the meaning of words to protect a minority.

They’ve convinced us that we need them, but it’s other way around – they need us. The biggest fear of every dictator are people who understand the mechanism. That’s why they put our faces as close as possible to the picture. The closer you are to something, the less of it you see.

The Loose Chickens

Why does the system continue? Thanks to the loose chickens.

Allow me to explain.

A few tourists went to visit a chicken farm. Most birds were locked in cages, but there was also a small group running around freely.

“Did those chickens escape,” asked the tourists.

“No. We set them free on purpose. If all chickens are in cages, they stop producing eggs. We need the free chickens so that the locked ones can do their job,” explained the manager.

Ironically, this is how the world operates, my friend. There is a handful of loose chickens that we look up to – celebrities, sports players, artists…etc. Can you imagine what would happen if there weren’t loose chickens to look up to? Exactly. We will stop producing. We will protest.

The Real Protest

Screaming on the street may sometimes be required, but it’s not a true protest. The real protest consists of the little choices that we make every day. Have you ever wondered why brands like Coca-Cola continue to make a profit despite being fundamentally wrong? It’s simple – there are humanoids who continue to buy. Fast food restaurants have a higher net profit from sugar drinks than the genetically modified food sold there because sodas are cheaper to produce, and people buy them in large quantities.

To stop this madness, we need to make a choice not to buy products doing more harm than good. That’s how almost everything corrupt can be destroyed – from the banks to the lying and misleading supplement companies. You can’t cheat a dog that knows the trick.

Of course, this world of duality will never be pain-free. There will always be victims. Even when we are doing the right thing, we are still hurting someone. That should not, however, stop us from improving.

At the end of the day, our support is the only thing keeping the Matrix alive.

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