Is Jonnie Candito From CanditoTrainingHQ Natural?

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Jonnie Candito is a young powerlifter with a phenomenal physique and squat strength. He has gained massive Internet fame thanks to his YouTube fitness channel. He gives advice to natural bodybuilders, but is he truly natural? Let’s investigate.

1.Jonnie Candito is a super strong squatter

Jonnie Candito has squatted 510 lbs-231 kg at about 177 lbs-80kg personal bodyweight with just a belt. This is a 2.88 bodyweight squat – a world class number.

To give you a further perspective, the author of Starting Strength, Mark Rippetoe, has squatted 600lbsx3 in a single-ply suit at the bodyweight of 220 lbs-100 kg. This is a 2.7 bodyweight squat done with the help of powerlifting gear. He has also admitted to steroid use and is not a lifetime natural.

In addition, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s best squat was 470lbs.

Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

What are today’s natural monsters doing to squat 2.88 bodyweight at the age of 22?



2.Jonnie Candito is a super strong bench presser

Jonnie Candito has done a 314 lbs-142 kg bench press at the bodyweight of 177 lbs – 80kg. This is a 1.77 bodyweight bench press. In general, a 2BW bench press is word class, especially at that age.

3.Jonnie Candito is a super strong deadlifter

Jonnie Candito has deadlifted 606 lb -275kg at 180 lbs – 81 kg bodyweight. This is a 3.36 bodyweight deadlift. Enough said.

4.Jonnie Candito is lean

The fact that Candito is lean makes his lifts even more impressive.

Conclusion: Jonnie Candito is a very gifted powerlifter with a great understanding of the lifts and training. His advice on form and programming is detailed and useful. However, his natural status is highly questionable.

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  1. Eli

    Canditos numbers are very attainable naturally lmao. Have you looked at his programming compared to marks? Starting strength may do well for beginners but using programming without the use of a percentage based system wont get you far. Also Arnold trained for looks not strength. If a roided bodybuilder is squatting once a week with high reps focusing on mind to muscle connection and then doing a bunch of leg press and and extensions of course he wont get a a big squat like the natural who squats 3 times a week and in the lower rep range.

  2. Fuck off

    Nice article, you must be retarded lol
    >Truth Seeker
    oh this is some troll shit huh

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