Real World Bodybuilding Tips, Exposed Myths and More 2 Year Anniversary Edition Post

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The one and only website came to this world 2 years ago, but the events that led to its creation go back a whole decade.

A decade full of mad stories, sick obsession, retardism, delusions, frustration, endless hours in forums, starvation, bulking, culking, cutting, screams, grunting, sweat, mockery, and emotional pain.

Believe it or not, it all started with a simple Google search.

In the summer of 2005, I typed ”exercises for good posture and wider back” in Google, thinking that I was a total genius for doing so. Since then, I have been on a journey that continues to this day.

On this occasion, I present you an extended post.

1.Profit is the king of this world.

In Hanoi, under French colonial rule, the masters had to find a way to diminish the populations of rats in the city. They decided to pay for each rat tail.

The results?

People started breeding rats for the tails, and the country ended up with even more rats than before.

Stories like that prove that profit is the king of this world, and people are going full madhouse to get paid.

As a result, crazy, sick, illogical things occur. Things that are hard to explain to the kids.

Some blame the Illuminati, others blame the government and religion.

And while there’s no denying that every ruling element has an important role and influences the course of events, pointing the exact culprit is difficult because the masters hide behind many proxies. Finding the real IP is as hard as it gets.

However, there’s one thing that’s 100% certain and never changes.

The world is a business.

We often search for occult explanations, but more often than not, the industry is simply trying to generate more earnings which often result in more and more rats.

Legal or not, it doesn’t matter. If a practice is making real money, it’s going to continue one way or another.

That’s why you should expect just about anything from anyone – sometimes even your family and friends are going to stab you in the back.

I’ve seen crazy things.

One time a woman stole my phone while I was teaching her son how to ride a skateboard.

I know a woman who tricked an old sick man into signing forged documents and took his land.

I know a man who spent 15 years of his life being friends with a guy who turned out to be a distributor of heavy drugs.

Examples like that are just the tip of the iceberg. There are more brutal atrocities happening as we speak.

Once you know all of this, you won’t be as surprised when you learn that all bodybuilders are lying about being natural.

Compared to the rest of the abnormalities in this world, fake natties represent a kindergarten mafia.

Nevertheless, I still hate the guys from the industry who never stop spreading lies in order to pump their bonuses.

2. Perception is key. A dream has to be created.


A man bought new tires for his car and put the old ones in his backyard. Since there was very little life left in the old tires, he placed a ”FREE” sign on top. For weeks nobody cared about the tires. They were invisible.

Later, the guy replaced the ”FREE” sign with ”$25”.

The tires were stolen in a few days.


Perception of value.

When people are convinced that something is valuable, they want to have it.

Virtually all marketing strategies are built on this principle. Marketing experts are paid to create an otherworldly aura around products.

For example, most pre-workout supplements are nothing but a combination of fast carbs, sweeteners and vitamin B6. You can eat a cheap waffle or a fruit, buy vitamin B6 at your local pharmacy and get similar or better results.

But that’s not good enough for us. We want to be lied to. We want to have the boxes with the roaring lions on them. We want the dream.

And that’s what the master give us – artificially amplified value. The minute we enter a store selling bodybuilding supplements, we feel bigger thanks to the placebo effect.

But if you learn how to cut through the movie effects, you will get ahead and preserve your independence. You won’t be tricked and owned.

Another example worth mentioning in this section would be kettlebells.

While kettlebells have some great properties, the reason for their success is the marketing plan.

Those iron bells are presented as a secret weapon of Soviet ninjas.

The result?

An army of people who do humping motions with an iron bell in an attempt to build Soviet ninja muscle.

3. Bulking builds muscle only in the mentally ill minds


Bulking to build big muscles is the equivalent of buying more bricks to build a house faster.

When you are natural, and sometimes even when you are unnatural, bulking results in an accumulation of material, not in a faster progress. Neither your house nor your muscles are built faster when you buy more building blocks.

But people don’t want to listen because observing the scale go up is incredibly addicting. The numbers increase and a delusional voice in your head starts telling you that hypertrophy is taking place.

Bulking lifters look in the mirror and see a bigger man. Sorry, but that size is nothing but a union between fat cells and water. If that’s what you are after, you can call it a success and be a proud participant in the wet dreams of permabulkers around the world who have a portrait of Mark Rippetoe next to the squat rack.

4. Hard Work is a misunderstood phenomenon.


Regular hard work is a facade behind which the psychopaths hide. The masses have been convinced that all it takes to get to the top is hard work. The result? A bunch of guys who follow Donald Trump’s and Steve Jobs’ schedule in an attempt to become millionaires.

Here’s the deal. Hard work works. It gets you ahead. In fact, it gets you so far ahead that most wouldn’t believe it. But you will not get to the peak of the mountain as a regular human being. It takes a special kind of trick to kiss the sky. And that trick, baby, is not hard work. It’s more than that. It’s a soul contract. You have to come from the right lineage too. Nothing ever is random in the kingdom of the elite.

The same happens in bodybuilding. Naturals try to replicate the schedule of high-level bodybuilders, thinking that measuring your meals and adding an extra bench press session will give you an Arnoldesque chest.

Truth be told, you will reach the point of diminishing returns very soon. Once you are there, every gram of extra effort starts to lose its value. You work more without getting further. Why go to the gym 5 days a week if you can get the same results from 2 workouts a week?

The real hard work in pro bodybuilding has nothing to do with training and nutrition.

Any moron can go to the gym and do a half-decent routine.

Any moron can learn how to perform 10 exercises with proper form.

Any moron can follow a routine with a built-in progression.

Any moron can eat clean.

Any moron can squeeze his muscles and feel the contraction.

The most difficult element of pro bodybuilding is neither training nor nutrition.

The hardest part is dealing with the side effects of anabolic drugs as well as finding the funds to support your steroid based character in this world. If you lose the chemical warfare, you are out of the game.

You think exercising is hard? Try this: bitch tits, insomnia, hair loss, evaporation of testicles, premature aging, kidney problems, toxic liver, drug addiction, dealing with shady dealers, running from the law, finding sponsors, routine blood work, lies in the family, gay for pay…

When bodybuilders talk about hard work – that’s what they mean.

Lifting and eating?

That’s kindergarten talk.

5. You need very few exercises.


Lunatic bodybuilding gurus such as Charles Glass and John Meadows are the reason why many naive lifters believe that you need to hit the muscle from all angles. That’s a lie. You can get away with one exercise per muscle group.

The goal is to find compound exercises that your body accepts. Once you have that part covered, it’s all about progression and consistency. Leave the exercise inventions to the mannequins.

Below are the exercises I consider kings:

Chest – Weighted Dips, Push-ups, Bench press

Back – Weighted Pull-ups, T-bar rows, Deadlifts

Upper legs – Leg Press, High bar Barbell Back Squat, Deadlifts, Leg Curls

Calves – Standing Machine Calf Raises

Biceps – Dumbbell/EZ-bar Curls

Triceps – Dips, Close grip bench press, Pull-ups

Forearms – Nothing or wrist roller

Neck – Neck harness work

Abs – Nothing or ab pulldowns

6. Steroids make incompetent idiots look like experts.


Steroid users lie to themselves that they are big thanks to special training methods, strict eating, and good genetics. That’s why they always fill the heads of the kids with things like: ”squeeze the muscle and feel the pump”, ”full range of motion”, ”burnout sets”, ”giant sets”, ”pre-exhaustion”, ”anabolic windows”, ”BCAA at the right time”, ”bull testicles for breakfast”, ”nitrogen balance”, ”drinking milk to get big”, ”squatting to get big”…etc.

Here’s what really happens. Boys take steroids, get results from the steroids and invent new ways to build mass.

When you have powerful hormones backing your thesis, you can make people believe that they can get a Ronnie Coleman approved chest by doing wall push-ups.

7. Youtube is a modern day soap opera.

All YouTube guys think that they are really important. They believe that the whole world must know what they eat every day because they are special and give so much ”knowledge” for ”free”. Like I am supposed to care what those Internet money whores put in their bodies…

This prima donna behavior has produced millions of shallow vlog videos in which spoiled online millionaires rub each other’s dicks and dance in their mansions. Good for them, I guess. But fuck them nevertheless.

I call this phenomenon YouTube inflation. You have tons of videos, but little value. The bigger part of the material is every day low-quality drivel without a fire in it. It’s like all YouTube videos are made in China now.

Honestly, I would rather watch a professionally edited brainwashing, Illuminati approved, indoctrinating, brain-dead TV show with real actors than YouTube videos entitled: ”Sticking my *** in his ***”, ”What I ate for breakfast”, ”How to Lick Her Properly”, ”What I ate for Lunch”, ”My Wife Is Fat”, ”I Don’t Have PMMA in My Arms”…etc.

8. Bodybuilding is the perfect activity for sociopaths and psychos.

What did Travis Bickle (DeNiro’s character in Taxi Driver) do when he reached his catharsis?

He started eating right and training hard.

Here’s the quote:

June twenty-ninth. I gotta get in shape. Too much sitting has ruined my body. Too much abuse has gone on for too long. From now on there will be 50 pushups each morning, 50 pullups. There will be no more pills, no more bad food, no more destroyers of my body. From now on will be total organization. Every muscle must be tight.

Let’s face it.

The character in the movie is a total sociopath living a lonely life.

This is not a coincidence.

Surprisingly, or not, bodybuilding/exercising is a perfect activity for sociopaths because it goes against the status quo in a big way. You have to transform into something else. You are required to if you want to succeed. You can’t be eating ice-cream and drinking beer like the rest of the morons out there. You have to be different. You have to get on a planned schedule. This is not socially acceptable because people hate schedules even though we are always following one whether we realize it or not.

Furthermore, bodybuilding is a sport for individuals. It’s not a team sport. It’s about one person and one person alone. Since sociopaths like to be unique and individualistic, muscle construction suits them just fine.

Is this bad? In my book, no. I am naturally attracted to things that go against the main mechanism.

Besides, what’s normal in this world? Everything considered normal is nothing but a mixture of poorly understood principles and prejudices. Sometimes you have to go against the mainstream to return to normal.

9. High reps, low reps, pump

The senior muscle constructors always teach the muscle building apprentices to chase the pump. They say that the pump is your friend and the number one reason why bodybuilders are bigger than powerlifters.

It’s somewhat true, but…

High rep training does not stimulate more hypertrophy. It simply increases the capillary density and gives the illusion that your muscles are bigger.

But is this real growth? No. That’s pumping – a very temporary thing indeed.

And yet in the heads of many, the pump equals alienesque hypertrophy. Baby, it doesn’t.

In reality, pumping is an equivalent of brushing your hair – it makes you look pretty but only for a few hours.

10. 5×5 sets across are for bottom feeders.

Don’t get mad so early. Let me explain.

5 sets of 5 reps are fine when you are a beginner squatting with sticks and air on your back, but when the weight gets heavy, 5×5 becomes impossible. Workouts take about 2 hours and destroy you for the rest of the week.

I don’t care what the mentally challenged fans of the Texas Method or StrongLifts say. This is the truth. It is much better to do ramping sets. One or two heavy sets are enough for progress and take less time. In fact, this was the original 5×5 back in the day. The rest is modern day perversion and marketing.

11. A calorie is a calorie, but they all wear different clothes.

Many fitness models and bodybuilders rely on IIFYM (flexible dieting) to explain how they remain lean despite eating junk food all the time. Of course, the fake natties’ secret to perpetual leanness is not flexible dieting but a monstrous amount of Trenbolone and other steroids imported in their sensitive glutes on a daily basis.

And while a macronutrient may be a macronutrient regardless of the foods it resides in, junk food comes with many other substances that can have a negative impact on your health. Simply put, the macronutrients in junk food are dressed in shit clothing.

For example, a candy bar may have the same amount of calories and carbs as a small rice meal, but it is also accompanied by garbage such as soy, gluten and whatever else was on the floor that day.

12. You don’t have to be a saint to get the job done and thrive.

When I first got into this muscle building game and learned about ”proper nutrition”, something in me broke. I started looking at the guys eating junk food and not exercising with a sense of disgust. I thought they were insects who just don’t get it. I was both – right and wrong.

While it’s true that most people are too lazy to commit and do the work, being an obsessed crazy person can destroy you just as easily. Sometimes the goal is not to do everything perfectly but to get the job done and move on.


During one of my epic cuts, I was super hungry but didn’t want to eat and interrupt my diet.

What did I do?

Man, you will hate me for this.

I bought a pack of cigarettes even though I hadn’t smoked since 7th grade.

But tobacco was not enough to satisfy my hunger. I also bought low-calorie drinks filled with aspartame and friends.

This decision was neither healthy nor smart but guess what?

Smoking and Coke Zero do not come with calories, and technically, I didn’t break my diet plan.

I lost my saint status, but I was still on a diet, getting the job done, thriving.

13. Another year, another pro retires, another supplement line comes into this world

The retirement of a professional bodybuilder equals the creation of a new ”super-innovative” supplement line that supposedly works better than anything you have seen.

They want us to believe that every scoop of powder comes with drops of anabolic sperm extracted from the dick of the pro bodybuilder on the label.

But why are we surprised?

Protein dust is what this industry is built on. This mechanism will never be replaced. It’s impossible. In 2050, people will still be asking questions like: ”How many scoops of protein powder should I take before bed?”

14. Bitch tits never lie

Many fake natties will try to convince you that they are natural.

They will show you blood results, swear on their mother’s grave, find scientific data proving that Ronnie Coleman is 100% full natty brah, pass a polygraph with green colors, ride a unicorn…etc.

Their stories will be so convincing that even you will start to believe them, or at the very least question your initial conclusions.

But as it always happens, the truth will reach the surface. Sooner or later, you will see the bitch tits on those guys and sink into your chair after comprehending the magnitude of the con game with every fiber in your body.

When that happens you will be able to reconnect the dots.

15. Fasting works, but why are we acting surprised?

Intermittent fasting works.

You will lose weight by fasting throughout the day as long as you don’t eat more calories than you need.

What a surprise…

To tell you the truth, I like intermittent fasting but not because of its fat losing properties. What I like is the focus it gives you during the fasting stage once you adapt. It feels a little bit like a “focus” drug.

I will never forget one afternoon when I experienced something extremely weird while I was in fasting mode. Time slowed down for me that day. People around me were acting like one core processors whereas I had an octa-core brain slicing through trivialities like a katana. Every detail was extremely vivid, and I was super-efficient at work.

16. You won’t lose much muscle on a cut unless you eat grass for weeks.

Naturals are always terrified of diets. Lifters believe that their precious muscle mass will evaporate in a month if their food intake is reduced a little bit.

Hyperventilation begins right from the start because the first weeks of a diet inevitably result in water and glycogen loss. With each day, the guy in the mirror gets smaller and smaller. This could lead to a severe depression when you are a natty. At this point, most people quit because ”being lean is for faggots”.

Don’t be so scared of diets. You have to do some pretty spectacular starving to lose real muscle on a cut.

17. People only sell what others are willing to buy.

Selling is an art. You have to know how the brain of the crowd works. Being capable of mind decoding elevates you to the next level. You become the strategist, the chest player controlling the pawns. You become the investor. You become the guy in the suit whose mouse clicks on a computer screen decide the destiny of people who have no idea how this world operates. This is what happened in 2007-2008 when America’s economy collapsed, and the banks and Wall Street had to be bailed out.

How did it happen? According to the official statements, the heart of the crisis were bad mortgages sold to people who couldn’t pay for a dog house.

The reason?

People were selling what others were willing to buy.

Is bodybuilding any different? No. The muscle game is also built on bad mortgage bonds.

Some say that the guys who saw an opportunity to monetize bodybuilding and make millions through supplements were geniuses. I guess they were to a certain degree. They knew what would sell and gave it to the crowd. For that alone, they deserve some credit even though their strategy was not entirely moral.

Was there a manipulation? Of course.

You think the supplements of today are garbage wrapped in crazy claims?

Well, back in the day, supplements were much worse (think bio-waste), and yet the lifters were still buying them.

But this is not where the true genius hides.

The neatest thing about the plan is that they make us ask for a solution.

They show us the dream (body like Arnold’s). We ask for a path to it.

”How do I get big? Tell me, master.”

No problemo.

Just take this…

They make us want what they want us to want by exploiting the built-in human inability to ever find contentment.

18. Cultural Hegemony in Bodybuilding

One of the ultimate goals of the elite is to mold your worldview. All the ideas, explanations, values, beliefs and mores that we often take for granted are the means to this end.

The elites are the parents. We are their children.

They teach us how the world is supposed to work, and we absorb every piece of information because we don’t know any better. This results in the formation of totalitarian systems in which most people are nothing but subjects to cultural hegemony.

The scariest part is that most remain in that state forever. Recovery never takes place. The child never grows.

And why would bodybuilding be any different? It can’t be.

It’s the same thing all over again. Since the very beginning, the masters have been forming our understanding of bodybuilding.

We believe what we believe because the magazines say we have to believe it.

We are afraid to skip a meal because of the myths they’ve told us.

We are afraid to be happy in a way unapproved by the system.

But what’s the main motive for this master plan? Is it a sick joke?

Believe it or not, it’s not all bad.

The elite may be cruel and immoral, but in some cases, the strategies of the masters have a positive side effect.

I don’t know how to tell you this, but controlling the entire human life on the planet is not easy. People are rather difficult animals to restrain.

Many wannabes falsely believe that if we are free to do whatever we want as long as it doesn’t hurt other people, the world will be fixed.

What would happen if parents give total freedom to their children? Most kids would eat garbage food all day, masturbate until permanent genitalia deformation is achieved, play video games and never learn anything meaningful. There will be exceptions but not too many. That’s because we are lazy and inert by nature. We don’t want to do hard things.

How do you fix that as a parent? You demand more of your child. You show it that a better life is possible through progress.

Sometimes the stimulus to work harder comes from the system. Rewards like money and social status put people in check and create some kind of order in this world. Obviously, it’s not perfect, but it’s not all bad either.

Not everything that comes out of the current system is negative.

Not everything is a dream.

Not everything is a scam.

The question is, where do you draw the line? When do the necessary strictness and order transform into exploitation, slavery, and total manipulation?

That’s the problem.

The masters never stop.

Consequently, the slave never learns ”reality” and remains dependent on his parents for answers.

But, honestly, nobody knows what the true reality represents anyway.

It may very well be the biggest dream of them all – the one that enfolds all others.

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  1. John

    The UN recommended daily protein intake for active males is 0.82 grams per kilogram of body weight. That’s the same number being quoted by the supplement companies. Are you saying the two are somehow in league? That these “masters of reality” have a hand in every hobby, no matter how insignificant to the general culture?

    1. Marcus

      No supp company, fitness app or fitness guru has ever recommended something as low as 0.82g/kg, thats 0.37g/lb. They sometimes even go as high as 2.5g/lb. Your comment is retarded.

  2. BigEasy

    Yeah, I’ve never seen anyone in the fitness industry recommend less than 1g per kilo…

  3. Rich

    I’d say the bitch tit theory will work for 99% of the fakers. I however, had bitch tits going through puberty and still have some remnants of it so to say all bitch tit owners are steroid users is not quite correct. There will be some very few exceptions.

  4. Oz

    “guys who … [made] …millions through supplements were geniuses”.
    Making millions through scamming people makes you a genius? I thought it make you a con artist.
    I just realised, supplement sellers and exercise machine peddlers are really just modern day snake oil salesman. And the people in their ads are just modern day shills (stooges).

    1. Honey

      Making millions through scamming indeed makes you a genius.

  5. Harps

    To the author of this post:

    “Illuminati approved”……You do realise the so-called “illuminati” is made up nonsense created by conspiracy paranoid nutters on the Internet right?

    1. BoomShankar

      Are people actually this retarded?

    1. Truth Seeker

      Seems like a high volume, high rep, light weight routine. It could be good for a little while, but you can’t do that forever unless you are already strong, old or injured.

    2. Banter

      Marketing is a proven thing, if you’ve got money, you can market and therefore you can influence. You don’t need illuminati to work out that if you have the means (money) you can have the results (influence) in shaping the world.

  6. lasslassiter

    Your website is a breath of fresh air!

    1. Truth Seeker

      Thank you for the support.

  7. lasslassiter

    Your work is a breath of fresh air and the book is worth more!

  8. Harry

    I really enjoy your website and your views on training. In your listing of favorite lifting movements, you don’t have anything specific to the shoulders. Are you considering that the other movements provide enough work to the shoulders?

    1. Truth Seeker

      I don’t train shoulders directly because they always work during upper body movements anyway. However, you don’t have to train the same way.

  9. Carlos Alexandre

    You’re amazing.

    I endured so many ways to achieve some of your point of view, seriously.

    This site is a awesomeness pleasure to a guy like me that lived the life seeking the real self-improvement without lie to myself about the real world.

    Thanks, again, man.

    Best regards from Brazil.

  10. Ken Stark

    So your logic is that if a guy has a good amount of muscle and also bitch tits, he most definitely took steroids. I really hope you were exaggerating because I can’t fathom how stupid you are if you were being serious. A lot of guys go through puberty and develop gyno naturally through hormonal imbalances, and most of them never saw a gym before, let alone juiced. I’m not offended by your opinions but I am just throwing it out there that it’s really condescending to just make bold statements like that to suit your own prejudice.

  11. Thuth Keeper

    I dont know why, but I feel like this guy is VERY small and very frustated. He might be telling a lot of things that make sense but he is also telling a lot of shit that doesnt and seems pretty mad about it.

  12. steve lashway

    I love this article. Thanks for all you do.

  13. Robert

    Thanks for your website! Do you have advice for guys who ONLY want to do dips, chins, squats, and sprints to failure on every set in the 5 to 20 rep range? Not sure whats the best volume, frequency, and spilt is for my preferences. I love training!!!

  14. Robert

    Im thinkong maybe push legs
    Push legs
    Just like in your calesthics routine post. If so can i increase the sets to 6 instead of 5 and perhaps do 3 sets of squats followed by 3 sets of sprints on every legs day (every 96 hours)? Or is it best to stay at 5 sets?

  15. Gladiator

    Keep up the good work bro. Your research far exceeds mine and I am a practicing physician. There are a lot of dumb comments above and it is better to avoid them like one avoids a barking dog on the roadside. It is very difficult for people without ‘real education’ to grow up. They have all been taken and do not have the necessary grey matter to understand the truth. Keep writing….

  16. Topkek

    Interesting website at first but then you carry on reading and realise it only complains about other people and rants over what doesn’t work in an overly cringeworthy, pessimistic attitude. Not one sentence gives advice on what to do. Nothing works according to this website, everyone is a liar according to this website. Ironically criticises YouTubers of trying to draw attention yet slams every bodybuilder as a means of drawing attention. Most of these criticisms are done for the sake of criticising because you fail to tell us what actually works after ranting paragraphs about what doesn’t.

    Only the parts where you complain about the how much politicians and marketers fuck people over is good and that’s not what most people are here to read.

  17. MB

    At the end of paragraph 4 it says ‘ gay for pay’ and ‘lies in the family’. What does this mean?

  18. Phil

    Do you have to keep lifting when you’re cutting? Cause I noticed it just makes me a lot weaker. The hodge twins said its a ticket to snap city.

  19. Tom A

    Just discovered this site. You have a nice turn of phrase and an uncanny knack of squeezing truth out of the smallest cracks!

  20. MB

    @ truth seeker
    In nr.4 you talk about drug addiction. Does this mean that a steroid user can’t stop using steroids for good? And what happens when they do stop? What makes it so hard?

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