The Real Reasons Why Bodybuilders Put Synthol In Their Arms

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1. Bodybuilders are insecure

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Bodybuilders hide from the scary world behind a shield of muscle mass. And since the arms have been accepted as the universal symbol of strength, the biceps and triceps receive extra attention.

It’s not a coincidence that most bodybuilders inject synthol and other substances primarily in their arms. A common example would be Rich Piana – a man known for his intense relationship with PMMA.

2. Bodybuilders are stupid and delusional

People who inject synthol in their arms are not exactly the brightest individuals. Those “geniuses” are risking infections as well as internal organ injuries for the sake of fake arms. How do you justify this behavior?

Ultimately, synthol makes you look like an idiot. Injecting synthol is a crime against your body and soul. If you love synthol, get your head examined.

3. Covering a weakness

Most IFBB professionals use synthol. It may be subtle and hard to notice, but it’s there. The purpose is to cover a weakness and “balance the physique”. The arms, shoulders and calves are the most common places where bodybuilders inject synthol.

Examples of bodybuilders who have most likely used synthol:

Nasser El Sonbaty

Notice how the shape of the biceps and the shoulders seems to be unnatural.

Notice the unnatural shape of the biceps and shoulders.

Flex Wheeler

Notice how the triceps lack definition and look like bags holding oil.

The triceps lack definition and look like bags holding oil.

Jay Cutler

Notice the unnatural biceps shape and lack of definition.

Notice the unnatural biceps shape and lack of definition.

Nonetheless, professional bodybuilders have a somewhat logical explanation why they rely on synthol, unlike the recreational users who just want to look good for the club. Moreover, most bodybuilders try to limit synthol as much as possible because even a slightly higher dose can spoil a physique.

In conclusion

Don’t use synthol or similar substances. Sooner or later, it will end badly.

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  1. nbvkhbkh

    well i can tell by this text that the one who wrote this dont lift..

  2. Abdul

    RIP Rich Piano. Synthol victim 2017.

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