Protein Bars: Do you really need waffles with protein?

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What’s a protein bar?

Protein bars are waffles loaded with whey/soy/whatever protein in powder form. Their purpose is to serve as a quick source of protein. A typical large bar contains the following:

Protein: 20-30 grams
Fat: 20-30 grams
Carbs: 25-30 grams
Calories: 450-600kcal


Are protein bars really needed for muscle growth?

The supplement companies want to you to believe that the body needs to bath in protein to grow. Of course, this is a commercial lie designed to make them rich. The body is not that fragile. You don’t have to be a protein slave to get stronger and grow. Besides, protein bars are meant to serve only as a supplementary source of nutrients. The answer is, therefore – No.

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Protein Bars – Diabetes in a Waffle

Most protein bars contain a lot of simple sugars. It’s not uncommon to experience sugar rushes after a large consumption of protein bars. This is also where the hypocrisy of the supplement companies really kicks in. They are selling waffles, but just because there’s added powder protein we are somehow supposed to look at the product as healthy.

Do professional bodybuilders take protein bars?

In general, professional bodybuilders don’t take any supplements when the camera is not working. They may drink a protein shake or two, but that’s it.

It’s not uncommon for professional bodybuilders to sell the supplements given to them by their sponsors and use the money for drugs. Protein bars have zero impact on the modern look of bodybuilders.

Protein bars could be hell on your teeth

Many protein bars feel like sugar glue in the mouth. They are sticky and can cause cavities.

But what am I supposed to do if I am at work and can’t get anything to eat?

When you are in a similar situation (hungry and stuck at work), it’s perfectly fine to eat protein waffles or whatever. I am not against protein bars in specific conditions. Problems occur when people buy the deception surrounding similar products.

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