Phil Heath Destroying The Haters Online

| by Truth Seeker |

A few days ago, Mr. Olympia Phil Heath made a series of childish comments on the Internet regarding the online haters and his competition, namely Kai Greene.

Of course, nobody knows for sure whether Phil Heath is truly the person behind the comments, but the fact that he frequently posts selfies on Instagram and Facebooks makes us believe that he maintains his profiles himself. Below is a screenshot of Phil Heath’s “class act”.


The comments of Phil Heath make him look like an insecure individual who constantly needs to show others how good he is. He even went as far as saying “Grapefruit for life” in regards to Kai Greene.

For the unaware, the idea behind that statement is that Kai Greene will never win the Olympia due to his past g4p performance.

In other posts, Phil Heath focuses on material possession such as shoes and other teenage hobbies. Moreover, “THE GIFT” seems to have a really low level of consciousness. He links everything to the physical domain.

In short, Phil Heath is a materialistic narcissist.

This is hardly a surprise since we live in a world where success is measured only in money.

Material things are important, but a line has to be drawn somewhere. After all, nobody is leaving this place with anything material. The toys may be nice, but they stay here.

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