Muscle Soreness – A Sign Of an Effective Workout?

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Two maniacal bodybuilders are now talking after an eigh-hour arm workout approved by Rich Piana.

– Hi, Bob! I feel soreness everywhere. It’s killing me, brah!

– Me too brah…those supersets for lower, mid and high biceps T-Nation style will be remembered forever….Maybe hit da clubs Zyzz style later, brah?

– Sure…Let’s get a really good pump before…brah

– Word…brah…bitches ‘mire them big arms…they’ll be touching…

What causes muscle soreness?

In simple terms, muscle soreness is caused by micro-tears of the muscle tissue after a physical activity to which the body has not adapted yet.

Is muscle soreness a sign of a good workout?

You can experience muscle soreness regardless of how much your workout sucks. The main requirement to get sore is to subject your body to a new stimulus. Therefore, you can get sore by doing irrelevant things like masturbating. That’s why muscle soreness cannot be seen as a sign of a good workout. It’s only a sign that you have done something new.

Infrequent training causes soreness too

If you train a muscle group only once a week, you are going to be sore every time. On the other hand, if you train a muscle group more often, soreness will not be as much of an issue. That happens because infrequent training puts you in a state of undertraining and prevents you from improving the recovery capabilities of the muscle groups that you are training.

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