Modern Bodybuilders Are Big But Not Aesthetic

| by Truth Seeker |

Modern bodybuilders may be big, but they are not aesthetic. They have about 50lbs (22 kg) of muscle on top of the previous generation, but look soft, bloated and carry a growth hormone gut that makes them look like pregnant pigs.

According to insiders, this grotesque picture is due to the abuse of insulin which was popularized by former IFBB pro Milos Sarcev. Prior to the insulin era, the bodybuilders were 50lbs lighter and looked much tighter and healthier.

Of course, the use of insulin is just part of the problem. The large quantities of low-quality steroids and growth hormone form the other.

During the times of Mike Mentzer and Frank Zane, steroids were legal, and it was easy to obtain quality products. Today, bodybuilders buy steroids online that are often fake.

Ultimately, the excessive drug use has killed the interest in modern bodybuilding. Even the current Mr. Olympia Phil Heath does not look impressive at all. His muscles look soft, inflated and during the offseason, his aesthetics completely disappear.

The reason for the continuation of this phenomenon is that the bodybuilding mafia wants to keep people interested in the sport by constantly producing mass monsters.

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