Was Mike Tyson Natural Or On Steroids? Can you have the physique of the boxing champ without drugs?

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One of the driving forces behind Mike Tyson’s incredibly intimidating appearance was his physical development – he was strong, muscular and thick. Most people on the planet were scared to death by his muscles.

Besides carrying a frightening musculature, Tyson was also pretty lean for a heavyweight boxer. His muscular definition used to render his appearance even more terrorizing.

Most people attribute Tyson’s thickness to his mythical genetics. According to many, his potential for growth was far beyond the natural capabilities of most people.

A long time ago, when I was frequenting the forum of Ross Enamait, one of the posters did exactly that – he wrote that the secret behind Tyson’s size was the quality of his genes. He said that Tyson was a genetically gifted specimen that can build muscle by breathing air and was bigger than life even as a teenager. Cool story, bro!

Cool story, bro!

image via: bodybuilding.com;

image via bodybuilding.com

People have forgotten the art of simple logic. Actually, people have not forgotten the art of simple logic. We’ve forgotten the art of any logic, even the type that can classify as less than simple.

When Tyson fought Frank Bruno, he was about 218lbs at 5’10”. At that point, Tyson had 35 wins and no losses. This was one of his prime moments. Since boxing is not bodybuilding, it’s hard to find out Tyson’s actual body fat level, but it’s safe to say that it was somewhere between 9-15% throughout his career.

Muhammad Ali, “the greatest of all time” was 210-215lbs at 6’3″. In other words, he was 5 inches taller than Mike Tyson and a few pounds lighter.

When we dig a little deeper into the past, we find a guy like the legendary Rocky Marciano who was born in 1923 and weighed about 184lbs @ 5’10”. That did not prevent him from winning the heavyweight title. Today, he would not be able to compete in that weight class.

The logical question is – what made the difference? Why are the newer guys bigger?

Some like to explain the size increase with the weightlifting boom, but according to many sources, Tyson didn’t do hypertrophy based training. He relied primarily on bodyweight exercises such as pushups, situps, dips, neck bridges and running.

When asked what he thinks about the bodybuilding work of Frank Bruno, Tyson replied as follows:

“Lifting weights has about as much resemblance to punching as cheesecake.”


Tyson’s regime in the 80s was something like this:

Daily Regime (7 days a week)

5am: get up and go for a 3 mile jog
6am: come back home, shower and go back to bed
10am: wake up; eat oatmeal
12pm: do ring work (10 rounds of sparring)
2pm: have another meal (steak and pasta with fruit juice drink)
3pm: more ring work and 60 mins on the exercise bike
5pm: 2000 sit-ups; 500-800 dips; 500 press-ups; 500 shrugs with a 30kg barbell and 10 mins of neck exercises
7pm: steak and pasta meal again with fruit juice
8pm: another 30 minutes on the exercise bike


Note: Since the above is the official mainstream information, we can never be completely certain of its validity. A lot of the info presented to the masses is made up.

The last thing that bodybuilders would think of the above schedule is “hypertrophy training”. If anything, the muscle worshipers would classify it as “catabolic training” due to the high amount of cardio.

The routine is more of a ”leaning out” schedule than a muscle gaining program. Most people would just get ripped if they focus so much on endurance and boxing work. Undoubtedly, a normal man cannot get to 218lbs @ 5’10” in a lean condition just by hitting the bag and running.

Mike Tyson Has Admitted To Drug Use

A long time ago, Mike Tyson admitted to using a fake penis to pass drug tests after his matches. This suggests that he wasn’t exactly natural. If he was, there would be no reason to use the fake penis.

Of course, one could argue that powerful people may have forced Tyson to make a similar statement as part of a blackmail operation. Whenever something hits the mainstream, it never hurts to look at it with a suspicious eye. {more info on that topic}

As you can see, Mike Tyson had the “I want to be the best at whatever cost.” mentality. There are people like him willing to put everything on the line to win and achieve their goals.

They don’t see the usage of steroids and growth hormone as cheating. They see it as another necessary step to improve and reach beyond your potential.

Truth be told, taking steroids is one of the least worrisome things that happen in sports. There are a lot more dangerous events such as hitman attacks, illegal gambling, orgies, drug trafficking…etc.

Wake up, sleeping beauty! They lied to you!

From the local supermarket to the big stadiums: it’s all a scam. The official ideas and concepts on any topic are beyond laughable. There are two sides to every story – the truth and the thing they’re telling us.

The controllers are doing their best to manipulate the masses. The program starts at a very early age with the “innocent” kids movies loaded with subliminal messages. Then, the propaganda continues throughout high school and college until the average man is a humanoid deprived of individuality and convinced that paper money is real, the police is here to protect us, and the military is “fighting for freedom”.

All important sectors are controlled by dark occultists who have prepared a long plan, which they follow meticulously. You think that you’re free until you actually attempt to do something of significance that can make a difference.

The most ingenious thing about the system is that the slaves love their servitude, and those who dare to criticize the regime are often put down by their own brothers a.k.a. the other slaves. The left hand stops the right from hitting the attacker.

Sports do not make an exception. All popular events carry an occult meaning that we rarely comprehend properly. From boxing to baseball, all sports are carefully elaborated practices with a deeper significance. It’s not about who is going to win. It’s about mind control as well as human and moral sacrifice.

For example, boxing pays honor to Saturn, which represents time and space. In the world of the elite, Saturn has a special throne.

The symbol of Saturn is the cube, and as you know, ”box” is just another word for ”cube”.

Consequently, we have BOXing which represents a battle between two men or women fighting in a square BOXing ring. The word “ring” is also linked to Saturn, which is the only planet that has rings around it.

The idea is that the box represents time and space – the trap in which humanity is. The actual boxing match illustrates a fight for survival and an escape out of the cube (box). Only the winner of the BOXing match can get out. The loser is trapped in.

The whole concept is also a symbol of how underdeveloped our minds are. Instead of getting out of the boxing ring (cube) TOGETHER we fight each other.

At the end of the day, sports are not here to entertain only poor people but also those at the top who experience a high level of satisfaction from watching us fight each other in the cube.

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  1. John

    That doesn’t explain why he was so large at the age of 15 then. He was already around 200 pounds of muscle.

    1. dan

      Yup, but I dubt that at 15 he did the “catabolic regimen” of a professional boxer

      1. Aaron

        I saw a picture of him when he was young he looked NOTHING of the size he would later.

      2. Not a flamethrower

        If you’re serious about the Saturn analogy then you need to see a psychologist. You might have schizophrenia.

      3. StC

        Tyson was about 190 pounds when he came out of prison 1995. Four months later he was 219 pounds and his leanest ever, against Peter McNeeley.

    2. Gareth

      He was probably on gear before 15..he was a street kid, they saw the talent early and chucked him in the deep end. Arnold Schwarzenegger was on gear at 15..

    3. Your momma

      For sure on gear by freshman in hs if not sooner. My buddy held the record High School leg press as a freshman…even he wouldn’t have ended up with that much mass naturally by age 19.

    4. StC

      His managers probably had him on steroids from age 14.

  2. Hilda

    Saturn? The Elites? Together? Looks like I’m on the weird side of the ‘net again…

    1. Goat

      LOL, you’re not wrong! The author seems to have been abducted by aliens in the second half and starts talking like a paranoid schizophrenic! 😀 #Weirdo

      1. deadbutdreaming

        Goat, your response proves his boxing ring analogy to be correct.

        1. hilda langenberg

          How does his response prove the boxing ring analogy to be correct?

  3. MARC

    Tyson’s fake dick was dick was so he wouldnt get his coke and pot drugs detected, he said as much in his book. Have you seen how massive he was at 12 years old? That is muscularly massive. So yeah you need to get your facts right mr writer.

  4. Tyler

    He used the fake penis so he wouldn’t get caught doing his drugs like coke etc etc not press get your facts straight

      1. Goat

        WTF was all the #TinfoilHat bollocks in the second half, nutter? Go and give all your paper money to charity, seeing as it’s not real. Get a grip and take your lithium.

      2. Cut the Crap

        I’m 6′ tall. At 22 I was around 210lb, styled my body on Tyson’s & it was all done naturally. He states the set diet but there are energy & protein drinks & snacks between it all…and the portions are vast. Also, Tyson would do more in a gym in an hour than most do in 4.

        Wishing you all, all the best =)))

        1. Truth Seeker Post author

          Pics? Oh, wait…

          1. Cut the Crap

            I got that wrong, I was 15st7lb (220) but I’m 48 now & my back fell apart a decade ago. 14,4 now with a little more body fat. My heritage is Viking/Norman, had pecs and a 6-pack by the age of 8-9, but as stated, the back didn’t hold up. Think I was supposed to die in glorious, bloody battle in my late 30’s 😉

  5. Dan

    Tyson was big at 12 years old, so he had genetics on his side. However, I still believe he used steroids in addition to recreational drugs. Come on, with that much money at stake, many professional athletes use and have used steroids. I guess some people just have heroes they don’t like to admit used them

  6. who cares

    People always believe it’s nonsense when the truth is told but there is so much more to everything we think is true.
    For instance I laugh my ass off when people say they donated money to charities. The countries where those donations “go” were sucked dry by the same charity bastards. Instead of teaching 3rd world countries how to be reliable on their own, they give them food for temporary needs. There is a reason for that, that’s because people of a nation who seek help from others will never work together to build their own future.

    Sports and entertainment busness in general (games etc) are created to keep the masses busy with nonsensical time wasting stuff. That’s what roman empire did for instance.

    Also elections are by no means meant for people to chose, it’s meant for people to think they chose. For the elite to evolve they needed a new system and thus they introduced voting. It only increased the gap between the elite and the people, before they could blame the king, now they blame the politicians who are brought by others (a defensive layer).

    Same goes with how our lives changed. Industrial revolution needed to happen for them to get one step closer to their goal. After that mass education was necessary in order to progress and gain the technology we have today.

    Today almost everybody has a device like a smartphone and it is not for charity either. They don’t need your money, money is nothing for them, its just a medium to interact with us. Slowly we’re being dragged into the upcoming revolution where everybody is tracked, where there is crypto currency and where the gap between the rich and the poor, the government and the people is even greater.

    This is where the AI and robotics development comes in. We’re about to make a leap to a new lifestyle where masses are even more controlled without them knowing. We will be pitted against each other, whilst they do wathever they want.

    There is so much going on you wouldn’t believe it. Our social life is completely engineered by them.

    Nevertheless it was funny how the author went from roids discussion to the elite hehe

    1. Rob

      I fucking agree. I also agree with the last sentence. lol

    2. Frank

      “Whilst they do what they want.. ” and what do they want?

    3. Rob

      You’re an idiot. Humans love entertainment, and that include the HUMANS who are rich and powerful and ‘elite’. In fact half the reason anyone has to get rich and powerful is so you can sit around and enjoy things like entertainment rather than constantly working your ass off. There’s no ‘secret order’ of people at the top who’s nefarious goal is to mind control the masses, and if there was, what exactly would their goal be? I’ve never heard a good answer to this question, what is their end goal? If they’re already at the top of society, what exactly do they get out of ‘controlling the masses’? And you know what, if someone is ‘mind controlling’ the masses, and its the reason we are in a society where we can actually walk around in large, diverse populations and not be basically murdering each other all the time like we have for much of human history, then sign me up. So many people who don’t seem to realise the miracle that is modern Western civilization, go live in the middle east or Africa if you want to see what life can be like, and has been like for most of human history.

  7. Alex

    Hoo boy I stopped reading right around the “dark occultists” part.

    Whoever wrote this is a fucking nutjob. Sad.

      1. Alex

        Don’t fall asleep At night or the illuminati occultist reptilians will get you

        Seek help

  8. SnoopDopeyDogg

    One of the strongest arguments for Tyson’s use of performance enhancing drugs is his complete annihilation of Olympic Gold Medalists’ Tyrell Biggs and Henry Tillman, BOTH of beat him earlier as amateurs. It’s certainly possible to beat someone who beat you as an amateur, but it’s just about impossible to destroy them like Tyson did inside the three-round amateur time limit.
    The heavyweight division is one of the few divisions where steroids CAN be used (in the others their use simply puts you in a heavier division with bigger fighters). Coupled with his tremendous speed and skill, a bigger, stronger Tyson was almost invincible. Most ‘roid freaks are big meat bags who are easy prey for skilled boxers…
    BUT, until it is PROVEN otherwise Tyson should be given credit for his remarkable reign of terror in the 1980s most of which had to undoubtedly be due to his great skill, speed, and punching power.
    No comment on the latter half diversion from reality…

  9. Bukun sharnov

    Good god, what started as a good read decended into a crazy lunatics rant! Illuminati? Fuck off

  10. Simon

    Tyson left prison weighing 181 lbs approx. Was this due to relative starvation in prison or no drugs in prison? Also, in more recent photo’s he looks much, much lighter.
    I used to put Tyson in the same category as athletes like Jonah Lomu and Tuigamala. It all seemed to make sense – they have thick bones, perfect levers, full muscle bellies etc. Now I’m not so sure that any of them were clean.
    Tyson’s routine that was made public is insane. You’re begging for joint problems doing that. It is one of the worst cases of chronic, gross overtraining I’ve ever seen. It would ruin the vast majority of athletes. It’s pure stupidity. ”Why was he so successful then?” you may argue. He was successful despite the routine not because of it.
    He could tolerate the abuse and prosper. Also, he may have been on steroids even then.
    I agree 100% with your Illuminati comments. Pay no attention to the ad hominem attacks.

  11. Ronnie

    Of course he was on roids. To weigh 220lbs at 5’10 and with low body fat is huge! It is bodybuilder territory.

    I don’t buy any of this genetic monster nonsense. I’ve seen pictures of Mike Tyson as a kid with Cus D’Amato and no way in hell did he weigh 200lbs at 12 or 15. He said he was a fat kid at one point and maybe at that point he could have been 200lbs but as a lean teenage fighter he was never 200lbs.

    ‘Big’ George Foreman only weighed 220lbs at 6’3 when he fought Ali and he was considered a monster.

    If you look at all of Tyson’s opponents in the 1980s he looks a lot thicker than all of them, even the bodybuilder Frank Bruno.

    All heavyweight boxers have been juicing since the 90s – Tyson, Holyfield, Lewis, Briggs, Klitschko brothers, Joshua, Povetkin, Fury.

  12. carpen7er

    Tyson already admited that these days he is a happy person and he doesn´t need all the things he had in the past to make him better, steroids included. His own words, so…

  13. MC

    Yo did fuckin Kanye write this??!!

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