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Fake Natural Bodybuilder Exposes the Industry Part 2

| by Truth Seeker |

Six months ago I posted an interview with a fake natural bodybuilder undercover. His nickname is Mr. Trenbolone. Today, I present you another quick chat with him. Note: The material below contains explicit content. Q: How are you Mr. Trenbolone? Still big and shredded? A: Yes. I had a minor setback, but it is all fine […]

Fitness and Bodybuilding Motivational Quotes: Lies Exposed Reality is stranger than fiction. You need vision to see.

| by Truth Seeker |

I’ve spent the last 10 minutes looking at motivational posters on a popular bodybuilding website. It’s safe to say that the fitness motivation fiasco is a series of illusions manipulating the individual. Motivation is fine but not in the form of propaganda geared towards the benefit of a minority. Below are a few motivational quotes that […]

Six Pack Abs – How Long Does It Take To See ‘Em Bad Boys

| by Truth Seeker |

If you go to any bodybuilding forum, you will see that a large portion of the topics is dedicated to the quest for ripped six-pack abs. This is hardly a surprise. We have been living in the era of the six-pack abs for a long time, my friend. The image of defined abdominal muscle is […]