Mike Chang Is a Scam Artist

| by Truth Seeker |

Mike Chang has been spamming the Internet for years with six-pack videos. Besides the endless amount of online advertisement, there are also hundreds of sites purposely created by Chang and his crew to craft an illusion and sell shady supplements, and training routines. The whole phenomenon can be summarized in two words – whore marketing.

The routines and supplements presented by Mike Chang are nothing special. Most are deprived of logic, professionalism and before all – honesty. Mike Chang and the whole PR team behind him do not care about you. They only care about your money. They are willing to sell you lies and supplements with highly questionable effects.

In the beginning of his career, Mike Chang used to advertise his products by saying that they are based on ancient Chinese secrets. This was nonsense designed for the naive kids brainwashed by Kung Fu movies. What were the secrets? Towel rows? Get serious.

Furthermore, Mike Chang probably isn’t even natural. The bloated face and his overall Photoshop look are pointing in that direction. Of course, his weight and height are the real factors, but that information has been hidden from the online space. This prevents eventual analysis of Mike Chang’s muscle size to height ratio.

At the end of the day – it’s all the same. Every day there is a ”new” training routine. A new guy doing the push-ups, a new guy doing the crunches, a new guy doing the pull-ups…it doesn’t matter. It’s the same old recycled material.

Mike Chang is a representative of our standards. Today, we judge the success of everything by the financial return. If it’s selling good, it must be good. Yeah, right! If the value of a product is only financial, it’s not worth very much. As soon as we realize that, we will no longer put on a pedestal guys like Mike Chang. When is that going to happen? My answer is never.

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  1. Sean

    Quite some years ago, Mike Chang had a video on his channel in which he claimed 5’9.5″ as his height (I’m positive that’s what he said), and I think 170 lbs as his weight (but I’m much less sure on that). He also told me that he was 9% about 5 or 6 years ago in a private message conversation I had with him. He could have been lying about any of those figures though, since I’m pretty sure he was lying about his body fat. I don’t think there’s any way to confirm that though, as Chang regularly deletes old videos.

  2. T

    I agree all his programs are a scam they are poorly made and the content is a total sham. They conned me into buying 3 online workouts. It,s all about the “UPSELL” for them. They don’t give a shit about you and they also follow up so they could sell you some more. BEWARE there money back quarantine does not mean anything. I tried to get it my money back after 1 month (30 days) after realizing how bad it of program it was and holy “expensive as hell” for a fricken low budget online download??? Needless to set they stalled me to 60 days and said they can no longer refund because the system would not allow to refund after 60 days . SCAM SCAM SCAM BEWARE OF THESE CROOKS.

    1. Ronald

      you’re fuckin dumb dude. if you actually gave mike chang and his cronies your money because you couldn’t tell his shit was a scam until after you bought it, then you deserve to get conned. nobody conned you, you’re just a fuckin idiot. you actually bought 3 of these workouts because they told you to? i guess you’ll do just about anything won’t you? the fact that you naively assume some random people from the internet would give a fuck about you is pretty retarded. if you knew anything about anything you’d have spotted this “scam” a mile away and would never have bought these dumbass workout programs. shame on you for being a retarded sheep.

  3. greg stokes

    He is a marketing genius and made millions and sold the business. Still rocking on with next phase. Am surprised at all the “haters” and stupid comments………but such is our world these days. Some work, some hustle and others sit on sidelines and make excuses.

  4. Cesqui

    Greg Stokes, you are an imperfect idiot…

  5. joint booty

    booty joints are booty

  6. smithy

    You scammed yourself in a way. Still, there were a lot of benefits to be had if someone followed his workout vids and joined in at home. Also, despite trying to make money off people any way he can, he does have a lot of good things to say which can help someone.

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