Lu Xiaojun Performs Heavy (260kg) Paused Squat

| by Truth Seeker |

In the video below, the Chinese weightlifter Lu Xiaojun performs heavy 260 kg/572 lbs paused high-bar squats.  He is an Olympic and three-time world champion. He is also the current world and Olympic record holder for the snatch and the total in the 77 kg category.

Note: The goal of the paused squat is to kill the stretch reflex at the bottom of the squat and remove the so-called ‘bounce’ at the bottom. This technique develops supreme starting strength and tests the legs even further. Most likely, Lu Xiaojun is doing the exercise this way to strengthen his squat jerk.


FAQ: Can a natural man reach the strength of Lu Xiaojun and his rivals?

A: I am sorry, but most professional weightlifters are not 100% natural.

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