Is The Logo Of the IFBB Derived From Freemasonry?

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There are two types of Freemasons – dark and light.  The dark masons use their power and knowledge to enslave the world through various forms of mind control whereas the good masons want to free themselves and others from the chains of spiritual slavery. Whatever the case is, however, there is no doubt that members of secret societies are pulling the strings in all major corporations, governments, military organizations…etc. Does bodybuilding make an exception? The logo of the IFBB makes you wonder since it shares many similarities with the square & compass symbol in Freemasonry

In the first image, you see the official logo of the IFBB. It shows a man and a woman in a lunge position. Their hands meet at the top and form an angle or a peak. Their feet meet at the bottom to complete the square. The abbreviation IFBB is in the middle.


In the second photo, you see The Masonic Square and Compasses – one of the main symbols of Freemasonry.


In the third picture, the Masonic symbol is inserted underneath the logo of the IFBB.


The letter “G” and the abbreviation “IFBB” fall at the same place. The upward and downward peaks of both symbols serve a similar purpose.

Could this be a coincidence?

I can’t give a definitive answer to this question without a little more evidence. The above is just a freestyle analysis of the two logos.

Nonetheless, there is no doubt that most powerful organizations are never run by “strangers”. Power goes to power.

In general, the members of secret societies rely on occulted symbols to communicate and mark their territory. As a result, symbols alluding to Freemasonry are often used by major brands, organizations, and companies. Why would a large body such as the IFBB make an exception? You decide.

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  1. Troy

    Hey Friend,
    I think you are spot on regarding the symbolism. I have rather enjoyed studying and investigating the subject of these types of societies and the people around them for quite a few years now. I dare say how many years total (haha).
    So, I can’t help but notice how your outlook/view on the fitness, strength, supplement industry is tied to the understanding of how the world and virtually every industry known to man is carefully controlled and utilizes a type of mental warfare on the masses.
    As the saying goes, “knowledge is power.” But specifically, the ones that have the knowledge and understanding of human nature (of both male and female natures). Our human wants, desires, needs, thoughts, curiosities, drives and senses.

    In the late 80s there was a movie called “They Live”. Most likely you have seen it. I can’t help but notice that in the movie if the character (Roddy Piper) had the special sunglasses on, he could see the manipulation and subliminal messages being used on everyone around him. Meanwhile, if a person didn’t have those special sunglasses (the vision to see the true reality) they would go on in life in a continual state of hypnosis and being mesmerized without even recognizing that it’s happening to them.

    Fortunately for myself, I learned at an early age how to see the same way you are seeing. Especially the things in the industry in which you write about. I won’t go into my story because this is not about me, but, I will say that virtually everything you have written about that I have read on your site is EXACTLY what is going on.

    I see some comments of some of the uninformed and realize that they have not yet “woken up” and may never wake up. You are trying to give them the special sunglasses to see the truth which I believe is a noble cause albeit sometimes a futile one. Hats off to you for your efforts.
    I know all too well how frustrating it can be to shed light on the darkness but it’s obviously a part of you just like it is a part of me and you can’t help yourself lol.
    Anyway, years ago I came across an individual named Alan Watt (note: not Alan Watts). This man has tirelessly and eloquently revealed many of the hidden truths that go on around us in our society today. If you have not heard Him, I believe you would be interested in some of the things that he reveals. If so, go to and enjoy.

    P.s. One more thing. I have always used the natural approach to strength training, fitness and health. I am saddened to say, that I have been accused for almost 30 years of being on some type of steroid because of the results I have attained through a very specific low volume strength training approach coupled with the understanding of mastering the basics of eating “real food” to manipulate as best as I can my body composition.

    Yes, I am sure my genetic potential has a lot to do with it, actually I’m positive it has a lot to do with it. Because when I put my info into a fat free mass index calculator, I am above a 22 and dare I say 23. I never understood why people thought of me in such a negative way and accused me of using some sort of enhancement drug until I came across this index. I have been with my wife for over 27 years and she has witnessed my lifestyle, low volume, and at times very minimalistic approach to fitness and health. She also witnessed my very early years of high volume, nonstop over training, sickness, injury and the like, which goes along with following the lies of a drug induced industry. It did not take me long, but it was long enough, to figure out that the regimen and supplements these idiots were promoting could only be handled if a person was doing drugs. A natural individual has literally nothing to gain (and much to lose) by following such madness promoted by an industry of deceptive liars and cheats. At the same time she has witnessed the accusations and knows how it affects me inside. When I am accused of such things, I take it as a direct insult to my manhood, character and integrity because I know all too well that I am a drug-free individual. I guess this is a testimony of the fact that we live in a society of liars, cheaters, and unethical people but also skeptics and cynics. Actually, I can relate all to well to the skeptics because a good amount of skepticism has taken me into a wonderful place called truth.

    But, what saddens me is because drugs and the un-natural manipulation of the body is so prevalent, a normal individual misses the truth, and fact, that they too can become stronger, leaner, bigger and dare I say more aesthetically pleasing, than they might be right now if they just basically break off from the herd and go on an individual journey for themselves.

    It’s True that they will never look like those juice monsters/ fluff fitness models but they can attain amazing results within their natural genetic potential while working within the parameters set for their own body and type. It does take hard work, it does take logic and self experimentation, it does take consistency and discipline but these are all wonderful qualities to becoming a better man anyway.

    Anywho, I deeply apologize for this long winded comment. But, in someway I feel there is a connection of our minds in the way we think and I wanted to not only acknowledge you for your wonderful and astounding insights, but also your tireless effort’s in revealing the facts as you have discovered them throughout your years. This is a great service to those who are in search of clarity and a better awareness.

    I will be showing my appreciation by ordering a book or two of yours as a form of this acknowledgement and to help fund your efforts. Oh, also, I am truly interested in your take on things so I’m not ordering as a charity case lol ?.

    Godspeed my brother of the mind and iron pile.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the massive support. I hope the site continues to be useful to you. I appreciate your help.

  2. Grant James Ottewell

    There are two types of freemasons dark and light. Could you explain this more?

    I don’t see many good guys tbh.

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